Day 2: Best Part of the Weekend


My usual sushi chef had the day off, which turned out to be a wonderful thing, as it was the big boss sushi chef who made my sushi! Part of going out for sushi is the fun of having the chef make anything he thinks I'll like. The chef needs to carefully clean the work station, as my roll cannot be contaminated by gluten and the place we go takes extra care. I love the attention to detail and the beauty of their art. This cucumber wrapped tuna and Japanese striped yellow jack was one of the most delicious and freshest bites I've had. The chef followed with two more amazing rolls. The best part, however, was visiting with a friend I only see a few times a year. 

Halloween was spent alone watching the World Series. We never have kids come by so candy wasn't a worry. I'm a fan of good baseball and because every game has been great baseball, I don't honestly care who wins, although Monica and Susan will call me a fair weather fan. (Susan already did!) 

I enjoyed a visit with Cheryl, as we were the only two to show up at SnB. We knew a couple of friends were traveling so it wasn't a big surprise. I have to say what a good friend Cheryl is, as she did her best to comfort me and cheer me up, as she knew I'd had a bad day. 

The weekends give me a chance to spend time with friends, and friends hold my world together, especially when Smith works late night shifts. Spending time with you, dear friends, as we go though a month of posting together, being there for each other, and play off each others ideas, should be very fun. 

How was your weekend? I'm off to read all about it. 

Long Weekend

In order to use up some vacation time that's just been sitting around collecting dust, I took Friday and Monday off.  There were several "need to do" things on my list, a few errands, and a whole lot of time to do as I wish. The highlights were, as usual, left undocumented, something I'm going to need to change if I decide to do NaBloPoMo.  


Friday, Cheryl and I had a lovely breakfast while my car was spiffed up. If I had any wits about me I'd show you the beautiful breakfast I had at The Oasis Cafe. I was so pleased to find they can easily make a gluten free meal. That afternoon I spent time in the garden talking with friends who were cleaning out their garden beds. I ate a dozen dozen beautifully ripe raspberries from a neighbors garden (with permission), which were the best raspberries I've ever had. 


Saturday I spent the morning with a wonderful bunch of knitters and knit on a sweater, a project I have kept a secret from you for no real reason (other than I never get around to it). That night I had sushi with a friend and she suggested we see Meet the Patels. It was laugh out loud funny and sweet, a movie I would highly recommend. I didn't think to take a picture of our evening until we were walking out of the theater. 

Sunday morning Smith made me a breakfast of potato latkes, a real treat as he had just picked the potatoes the day before. I feel very spoiled when he takes the time to make up a batch of deliciousness, especially his very own home grown, hand picked delicacies. Because this meal was impromptu, we did not have apple sauce on hand, so I minced up an apple and served it on the side and it was better than apple sauce as it had some crunch, was sweet on its own and tasted just like apple (what a revelation!). 

Sunday night I went to The Martian with another friend. This year I have been to very few movies, maybe one or two all year, and here I am seeing two movies in one weekend. My heart was in throat the whole movie. I felt his loneliness, I felt his exasperation, sorrow, and his determination. I usually don't care for blockbuster, sci-fi genre anything, but this movie was really good (if you suspend disbelief).  

My movie recommendation weekend is over, but my weekend continues though today. Smith has the day off, too, and we have loose plans to DO something.  If I can get enough coffee into him we might be able to set off early on an adventure. 



You may, or may not, have heard I have a new car.  RIP poor old Toyota. There should be a picture of my car at the top of this post, but I never got around to making that happen. Other things that you won't see today are the gimlets (basil lime gimlets) a friend and I had Friday night and I have no pictures of my Saturday night. I am a terrible blogger (but, I hope to get better).  You will see, the pictures I took Sunday while visiting Red Butte Gardens for first time in a couple of months. 


I arrived mid-morning to clearing blue skies and warming temperatures, as there had been a little rain the night before. Strolling through the grounds it was easy to see fall was winning out over summer. I stopped to take a picture of the spectacular view and, as I turned around to continue my walk, I spotted this fuchsia in a nearby hanging planter. It was an unexpected delight, with its delicate blossoms of pastel lavender against silver green background.  


The plants are either fading to burnished tones or turning exceptionally bright colors. I was impressed with the hibiscus as produced one last glorious blossom while its leaves were on their last gasp. 


In Utah, most of our fall colors are shades of gold, but once in awhile you run across a tree that stands out. Our autumn is just beginning here in the valley, although it's long past on the peaks. As the days cool and the nights grow shorter, the trees will drop their colorful clothes and start to show their bones. Over the next few weeks we'll watch as autumn gives way to winter. I just hope the descent is slow. 

Five Things About My Weekend


1. Friday counts as part of the weekend (in my estimation) and the rain and thunderstorms that day were impressive and exciting. My view, as I returned from lunch, was of a huge black cloud full of lightning and thunder. I tried numerous times to capture the lighting, but it evaded my camera lens. 


2. Saturday, just as I was driving away from the library, and heading to dinner with a friend, the tiniest part-arc of a rainbow appear at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon. You can see I was stopped at a red light and not snapping pictures whilst operating my car. This little bit of rainbow delighted me and I, for once, I was happy to stop at the light. 

3. I have no picture to share for number three, but the the churros I had for dessert, following a delicious taco dinner, were wonderful. I ate them before I remembered to take a picture, but the crunchy outside and soft warm center (dusted with sugar and cinnamon, dipped in whipped cream and/or chocolate) created a mouth full of joy. 

Do not worry, I am not dead or ill as the next photo might suggest.


4. I had a bit of a disaster while trying to fill one of my fountain pens. I wanted the last drop of ink from the bottle and ended up squirting it all over my hands, my face, and my shirt. I am a novice fountain pen owner (my pens belonged to Smith's mother) and I am trying to get the hang of filling cartridges and converters. I am grateful the ink washed out of everything except my fingernails (which will be clear of blue soon enough). 


5. Sunday dawned clear and cool, with beautiful blue skies and entertaining clouds. Smith had the day off (yay!) and after breakfast, we took a walk, taking time for a little photo shoot (which you'll see later in the week). Because we had most of the day together, we were able to take advantage of the beautiful day and spend time on the patio, grilling dinner and making the most of our day. 

How did your weekend go? Did you have a lovely one whether rained on or no? 

Weekend Viewing


I had a room with a view this weekend at the Rocky Mountain Knitter's Retreat. We took over Alta Lodge and had a great time knitting, talking, laughing, eating, drinking and then doing it all again. I had a fabulous massage on Saturday that calmed down many of my back problems. 


From the dinning room we could see a sliver of a view of the sunset and the valley below. Leaving all the news, the running about, and the day to day of life down in the valley was quite a treat. I hardly looked at my phone and took very few pictures. It was just a fabulously relaxing weekend. 

21580399938_398457ee9a_kBefore I left the canyon on Sunday I drove up the road to look down on the city of Alta and it's scenic beauty. The colors of the aspens were as bright and golden as can be and the sky gave all it could to the weekend, too. 

Last night I watched the moon come up near total eclipse and kept watching until the shadow passed and the moon was whole again. Being able to watch this stunning phenomenon was a wonderful cap to my weekend.  Today I have the day off and I'm going to run my usual errands, But will also take a few minutes to relax and keep the calm beauty of the weekend within my heart. 

Packed In Weekend

This past weekend was an anniversary of sorts, and I decided I had to pack as much into my free time as I possibly could. It was a weekend full of joy and love, happiness and celebration (of life!).

Cheryl and susan
A few months ago Eileen, Susan and I took an art class through Life Long Learning at the UofU and we enjoyed it so much we decided to reprise the technique at some point in the further. Well, Eileen took it upon herself to gather supplies and host us for a day of playing with alcohol paints. Cheryl and Deb joined us, as we met in Eileen's peaceful backyard where she had every little thing we could ever need. We created to our hearts delight, as Eileen had paper, dominoes, paints, and even, delicious treats. 

DominoesIt was a delightful day full of the laughter of friends who fed each others creative juices, and we came away with warm feeling of friendship and very cool creations of our own making. If you want to know more about the medium of alcohol painting (no imbibing) I suggest you search with your favorite search engine and check it out. No prior knowledge is necessary to make a mess and enjoy yourself.

Saturday night, Cheryl and Larry joined us for the season opener of the Jazz SLC  season. We enjoyed the stunning and amazingly versatile voice of Miss Dianne Reeves. It was a delight to hear live jazz again and we look forward to the rest of the season.


First thing Sunday morning I took myself up to my favorite place, a place I haven't visited often this summer, and I walked around the Silver Lake. The colors are changing and it feels as if the season has come upon us suddenly. By the time the Knitter's Retreat arrives (in a week and a half), the colors could be mostly gone. 

Sunday I had some time alone and I spent part of the day working on my Alabama Chanin T-shirt. All night I'd thought about what to do with the neckband, as I was fairly sure a band without beads would take away some of its elegance.  The minute I sat down to sew I knew the bugle beads would be easy to sew into place and they would be the right sort of embellishment for the neck. Happy am I.

How was your weekend?

A Week in the Life

Hallo Blog Friends-

The last two weeks, as well as the week ahead, have been overly busy both day and night. Decidedly, chronicling is not my forte and I have been negligent in keeping up with photos and/or words. 

Last week Smith and I went to one of the last Bees games, courtesy of Susan who was away on an amazing adventure. We had a great time watching our team lose. Near the beginning of the game the opposing teams pitcher didn't like the mound and it took over 15 minutes to fix his problem and add a new pitching rubber.  How many Iowa Cubs does it take to fix a pitching mound? Ah well, we had a good time regardless of our 8-2 loss. 


The next night we had dinner with my sister, Jana, who is marrying her partner, Kaylee next week. I will do my best to take picture of the brides, as I think they will be beautiful together. We're looking forward to welcoming Kaylee to our family.

The skies have been smoky, which creates a pall of yellow over the skies. Some nights the sunsets are spectaular colors of red and orange, but most of the time, at least where we sit, the skies are a ghastly haze of gray and yellow. We're hoping for a south wind to help clear the air. 


Sunday I did something you'll never believe (I barely believe it myself), I finished AND BLOCKED my TTT Mystery Shawl (which Kirsten has renamed Liz Christy). Liz was a "gorilla" community gardener in NYC and the shawl could not have a better name (imo).  

I'm busy, and happy, and having a great time away from you all and hope you're having a great time celebrating the last month of your summer, too. 

Mood Indigo


My weekend was broken up into segments, the total of which left me no time to do the usual errands and chores. It was a fun weekend and I wouldn't trade it for anything.  I had...

  • two in a salon chair, one with girlfriends. I love my blue hair which has mostly been given the thumbs up. I figure if someone doesn't like it, well, it's their problem.
  • two with Cheryl shopping at Utah Natural Meat, and one with Smith. We fit in lunch one day and worked in the garden another. We now have enough meat in the freezer and produce in the garden, that I could skip grocery shopping altogether. This is the best time of year, imo.
  • 3 evenings of fun...two with girlfriends, one alone. A friend and I saw the movie Mr. Holmes and liked it very much. The scenery alone was worth the time and I loved all the set director's attention to detail.  My night alone was great, as between rain storms I walked the labyrinth in our garden and, after that, read on the patio while rain wet my toes. 

The weekends, while fleeting, give us strength, time to share love with friends and family, and enough time for relaxation and recreation. I love my weekends.

So, my friends, what do you think?

Weekending After a Break (Did you miss me?)


My weekend was 3 days long, due to the celebration of Pioneer Day  Pie 'n Beer Day. Smith and I had lunch together, enjoying pizza (The Pie has great GF pizza) and home brewed root beer. We spent as much of the day together, doing errands, working in the garden, and, also, fit in a trip to the local nursery to pick up seed potatoes for fall crop. I found elegant stones and shadows of plants, stamped into the cement and enjoyed looking down to find the treasures, as we walked around and looked at the plants. 

Friday nights plan to go out with a friend fell through, so I spent the evening on the patio reading, sipping wine, and watching the occasional firework that filled my night sky. The neighborhood loves their fireworks and I did not feel left out of the celebration. 


Saturday I made a trip to my favorite garden, Red Butte Gardens and found a wealth of beautiful blossoms, buzzing bees, and even a baby bunny hiding out behind an information sign. 

Sunday Smith had the day off and we made a Farmer's Market run just to have an early lunch of delicious tamales. We bought salsas for our afternoon snack, and enjoyed wandering around looking at the beautiful produce, but we did not buy, as our garden is bursting with the goodness of the earth. Later that night we had a lovely dinner and prepared ourselves for another work week.  

Why is it that even a 3 day weekend is gone in lightning fast time?

Only Two Days


Many of us bemoan the oh-so-short weekends that leave those of workin' a job only two days to play.  But, my weekend was kicked off in great style, as I had dinner with a friend, even ate churros for dessert, and then watched as the setting sun did its best to amaze us. 


My Saturday was filled with a family reunion, time Uncle Cliff, my mom's brother, and a visit with my sisters.  We played Bingo, the traditional game of our family reunion. My grandpa worked for the Rio Grande and when they closed down Union Hall he was the recipient of their Bingo cards. Last year I didn't come close to winning a single game, but this year I won four times. I guess things even out over time. 


It was fun to catch up with my sisters for an afternoon. Leeann lives about 40 minutes away, but we're always running in different directions and rarely take time to meet. Melanie lives in Arizona, but promises we'll see each other more often as her daughter now lives in SLC. 


I'll let you in on a family secret. Last year I told you about my father's side of the family and my Great-great-great-great grandfather who was a polygamist. This year I found out my great-grandfather on my mother's side (her step-father) was also a polygamist. He even went to jail for not divorcing his 2nd wife. Polygamy is no laughing matter, but I got a kick out of this picture. 

The weekend also included time in the garden, time with Smith, time at the farmers market with Cheryl, a little time to knit, and not enough time to do a dozen other things I'd like to fit in.

So tell me, how did your weekend go?