Who Needs Witches?

When you have friends who know how to cast a spell, there is no need for Witches.

Marijke cast a spell:

"Hocus, pocus, pilatus, pas, ik wou dat de tweede sok af was! (I am sending you a Dutch spell that should ensure that your 2nd sock will be finished in no time.)"

And the second sock (leg) WAS finished very quickly.

To insure the rest of my sock knitting would be pitfall free, spells were cast by Laurie,

"We cast our own spells at Rhinebeck for you. All wishes will be granted!" 

and Lucia.
"Yarn and roving, cashmere, silk,
Help Margene, you green-faced ilk!"


When I return, if I return, to the land of Green Faced Witches, I will be armed with good wishes,, and good spells, from dear friends. Who needs anything more?

Both heels were turned last night. I am officiall caught up! But, there is a lot of foot to come (times two!). Any help will be welcome, grrls.

Begging for Spells

My return to the Land of Green Witches was sadly sad. Because I was unable to visit last year, the Witches were not very friendly.  They did not seem to care I had been convalescing and unable to spend time in their midst.  Witches can be so mean at times.


Even though I was decked out in last years Mystery Sock, a sweater by the same designer, and a new pair of orange shoes, the Witches paid me no mind.  In fact, Mz. Dressed Tothe-Nines, laughed herself silly!  She was very pleased with her look and thought I was trying too hard. "A spell for you? NOT!"  My sad face is genuine.

I tried and tried with Witch after Witch turning down my pleas.  Bags in hand, second Mystery sock in trouble, I was ignored to the Nth degree.

Mz. Pumpkinhead said, "Can't you see I'm having too much fun to spend any time casting spells for you?!" (Yes, she is hanging up-side down.) 

"Just one, just one little spell?", said I. 

Said she, "Not now! I'm busy!" 

My sad face is genuine.

As I walked away with my head hanging low, I ran across the reason the Witches were having so much fun.  Mz. Greengoo had been serving her brew free of charge to anyone with a green face!! 

"You, my dear, can have no brew. Your face is NOT green!  There is a way, however, my pretty. I will be happy to serve you, but only if you give me your orange shoes!" 

A gasp from me, "No, no! I cannot give up my cute new shoes!"

"Then off with you!  No shoes, no service!"

With a genuinely sad face I walked away.  "Whatever will I do?"


"Better luck next time!", taunted one of the Witches from her window, and I heard them all cackling as I walked away. Maybe I can find a good way to get them on my side. Whatever will I do?

Proof of Knitting

While the garden winds down, the knitting should wind up and, to some extent, it has. Since the secret knitting is finished (yay!), I've had more time to spend with my Henley.  You may have forgotten about this beautiful sweater, as the poor thing hasn't been featured much, but that's about to change. 

There is ever so much to love about this project...it's blue, it's knit with Opulence, and it's a very nice pattern of lace and cables, all of which adds up to very entertaining knitting. The fabric the yarn creates is soft and luxurious, plus every stitch is a different shade.  I've seen black, light blue, darkest night blue and every shade in between wrap around the needle. Plus, the color, Forever in Blue Jeans, has one of the best names ever and it lives up to it's delightful moniker.  I'd love to live forever in blue jeans, wearing a Forever in Blue Jeans sweater, and I just might!


If I stuck with this sweater it would grow and the dream of living in Blue Jeans would come true, but I'm side tracked by a Mystery.  As you can see, the leg of the first sock flew off the needles.  Knitting each of the "tiny trowls" was fun to do, but I'm having trouble getting the second sock going.  The next clue will be published Friday and I must do what I can to be ready and stay on track. What's a girl to do? I mustn't fall behind.  Help is needed...

This and That

A month ago I blogged about my first sweater and the list of projects I'd kept at the back of a well loved knitting book. Birdsong recognized the sweater and realized she had saved the pattern when cleaning out old magazines.  She made copies of two patterns in the same magazine (AHC c. 1975) and, as it turned out, the second sweater was also one I'd knit. (It was also on my list.)

When the patterns arrived they were a blast from the past and, as I pulled them from the envelope, memories came flooding back.  Thumbing through a new magazine was exciting for a new knitter, as they were packed with ideas, beautiful colors, and fashions of the day.  I couldn't knit fast enough or accomplish enough, much like today.


Magazines of today are full of beautiful things to knit, but many of us find and buy patterns on-line.  Knitting before the internet, or Ravelry, is almost impossible to imagine...which leads me to SocktoberRav_linkredyarnball!  It wouldn't be October without Kristen's Mystery SockRav_linkredyarnball.


Friday night I quickly worked through the first clue with a yarn subtle enough to show off the charming cables of the cuff.  My partner for this mystery is ShibuiSock, in the lovely shade of Peony. However, working with two skeins presents a bit of a challenge, because they love tangling with each other an, as any knitter knows, tangled yarn is not entertaining.  Being of the Sherlock mind, the problem was easily solved with the use of two small project bags, and one for each sock. Everyone is now contained, under control, nestled in, ready and waiting. 

Bring it on.


How did it get to be October?  The garden has been winding down as the days grow shorter.  What we could save of the garden harvest is stored in our new freezer (the small size) and we'll be savoring it over the next few months.  The weather this last week has been quite warm, but the coming week looks cold and wet. Socks will soon be needed and, while the sock drawer is quite full, sock attrition is expected this coming winter. Many of my socks are very old, not strong enough to withstand a winter of wear. Knitting must be done.


Monkey sock knitting will continue after the TTL Mystery sock reaches completion and I have spent a little time with my Henley, or maybe, here and there and in between. Hopefully, by the time Socktober is over, I’ll have two new pairs of socks!  One can hope.

It's SocktoberRav_linkredyarnball! Ready, set....

Things Are Not as They Appear

Knitting is full of ups and downs and, as knitters, we learn to accept not every project will be as we envision. Not every project is meant to be (in the long run), and if knitting is our number one hobby, we must accept this recurring lesson.  The number one lession of knitting is acceptance and I am learning to accept a slower pace may be my new normal.  Knitting production has been far below previous years.

5005600004_879e9a6684_b (sigh deeply)

There is always a next sweater on the needles, and I have fallen head over heals for the most fabulous combination of yarn/color combination ever.  I batt my lashes and sigh heavily over Opulence's color Forever in Blue Jeans. Gazing into its depths is like looking into an stormy ocean, the deepest blue eyes of a god, or a favorite pair of worn blue jeans.  The cast on ,and first 20 rows went smoothly, which can only mean we were destined to be together. This sweater is full of good juju. Of course you want to know the pattern, right?  It's Henley with a Twist. This is going to be a fun project. 

5004987291_870e81d522_z (the color in this photo is wrong!)

Hamamelis has been neglected for so long, but even with bits and bops of my attention she has been growing.  It only takes a row or two a day and before you know it (or before you can say Hamamelis) progress is visible.  Until the time comes push on through to the finish, I am accepting of a slow pace. (big sigh)

Monkeymonkeymini  (not another Monkey?!)
In July I started my sixth Monkey Sock, a mini-Monkey, with a picot cuff (my usual). After the first sock was finished I tried it on and decided it didn't look good, therefore there would be no second sock.  But, when looking through my multiple supply of Wee Bunny Bags (can you really have just one?), I found the Monkey and tried it on again.  It's not bad, and since there isn't enough yarn for a longer cuff (the yarn is an old Blue Moon skein of 325 yds), I'll live with it.  Time to finish the second sock.

The beginning of this year I promised there would always be one blue project on the needles, and while you may think everything on my needles is blue, that is not true.  Don't forget I'm knitting (green) mitts for Suzy, and secret project is in the works, which also is not blue (so there), plus I'm planning on knitting Through the Loops Mystery SockRav_linkredyarnball again this year. The intended yarn is Shibui Sock with the lovely name of Peony. (Start date tomorrow!)

So, rest assured, this is not Knitting the Blues. TeresaC is a much better knitter, a more prolific knitter, than I'll ever be and I am not trying to take over her position as the Queen of Blue in Blogland.

Love the One You're With



Even though there was a time I could work on 3 or 4 projects at a time the two projects on my needles, beautiful Sprössling and Carole’s Picot SockRav_linkredyarnball, are all I can handle, Focus just isn't what it once was. However, staying true to two hasn't stopped me from looking around, surveying the landscape, and checking out what's next.  My eyes are fickle, my heart must stay true.

As you may suspect, it's time for a confession. A few weeks after Sprössling and I became an item, I strayed away with another. It was pure hubris that led me to think I could spend time with both Sprössling and Que Sera. Little progress was made on either and I learned quickly that bouncing back and forth between the two large projects was confusing and unproductive. 

The color in this photo is so wrong!

A tacit rule throughout my knitting life has been to keep it simple and knit one project of a type (such as a sweater) at a time.  Breaking this rule lead to paralysis and neither of my sweet project grew.  Poor Que Sera had to be abandon, set aside, still loved and not forgotten, but out of sight.

Sprössling thrived when she become my one and only, which meant the right decision had been made. Que Sera and I will have our day, and once my time with Sprössling comes to an end, she will be my one and only. The lesson learned, I will keep my promise and be true to one.

Blue Monday Blues


Months ago I made promise (to myself) that something blue would always be on my needles. The promise hasn't been broken, but the project has been sitting, waiting quietly, in the knitting basket. Socks haven't called to me for some time, as Mr. Sock Mojo is on hiatus again. Where he goes and who he spends time with is a mystery to me, but it's evident he isn't here. Therefore, Carole's Picot SockRav_linkredyarnball fell off my radar. I tell myself it won't be sock weather for several more months and it's OK to wait (although I did wear socks a couple of times last week).


It goes against my nature to have a UFO sitting around and knew I had to get back to the sock.  When I took a peek into the pretty blue Wee Bunny Bag I was surprised to find one sock completely finished!  My memory isn't as clear as it once was and I had no idea we had come so far. Another big plus was the leg of the second sock was nearly complete, too. The sweet blue sock is now out of hiding and will be worked on here and there.


Several blue yarns wait in the stash and almost all of them want to be lace. A siren's call comes from Flydesign Lacewing with her seductive and glorious shades of ocean blue. She cries to be made into the Hamamelis Shawl, but I’m trying to cover my ears. Sprössling will only grow if I stay true to her and, at this point, her lace is all I can handle. Soon, my dear blue Lacewing, soon.


Lucia left a comment some time ago to say the pansy was once called heartsease.  The blue pansies on my patio are filling the pot. They were a bright spot on the patio during a weekend of dreary weather.