November 16 - 3TT


Every day this week I could have shown you pictures of amazing sunrises and sunsets. For today's picture I had to run out of the house, nightgown flowing, slippers flopping, just to stand in the gusty winds (storm's a coming) to capture this bit of delight. 


I bought this amaryllis with so much hope and joy, but it has done nothing but disappoint. No buds, not one, only leaves coming up all sorts of places you don't expect leaves, and then, they just flop over without warning. The bulb has plenty of water, but flop go the leaves. A few days later they might start the process of standing upright again, only to flop down. I confess to trouting for the pot, which is white ceramic with a little red stripe. I saw Christmas blooms in my future, but sadly that appears not to be. I will vacating my house of this bulb and starting fresh, hopefully with better luck. This time I went big time with a double bulb planter and I'll find a new single bulb for this cute pot. 

Last, but not least, I bring you a new musical find. A few days ago I heard Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile's Guest DJ gig on NPR  (I'm a fan of All Songs Considered), which lead me to buy their collaborative album. After listening to it through a couple times I ended up humming Over Everything for the rest of the day. 

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What a night! The GAM foundation has been sponsoring jazz concerts in the Salt Lake area for the last 9 years. We have enjoyed all the season and have seen some of the worlds legends of jazz, Dave Brubeck, Ray Brown, Wynton Marsalis to name just a very few, plus many of the up and coming ‘young lions’ such as Roy Hargrove and Diana Krall. Last night we saw the Brubeck Brothers. Son’s of Dave…what a show! They had us dancing in the aisles and this is jazz! They had a fabulous young (19 years old) who has been playing since before he was a teenager with some of the greats. Taylor Eigsti.
There are three reasons for a non-mormon, liberal, feminist to stay in Utah: knitting and stitching buddies, KRCL and Jazz at the Sheraton.

Melissa and Nanette have asked about the yarn used in Nancy Bush’s Piecework glove pattern. It is the same yarn and color, Oxford Gray, which Nancy used, Guernsey yarn. It will wear like iron! They were fun to knit and worked up very quickly. It only took 5 evenings to get both gloves done. (Nanette has picture of the Salt Lake 2002 sweater on her blog this morning!)

Laurie, who started the first Stitch ‘n Bitch in SLC has started her own blog! Way to go grrl!

My Peace Fleece just arrived for the Everyday Cardi. Hope yours has, too, grrl! Pictures tomorrow along with other SEX (Stash Enhancement eXperience) pictures.