Knit Better

Annie’s post about her Banff sweater brings to mind what Sally had to say first. The most important decisions you make about a project are before you ever start to knit. Picking a style, yarn and color that works best on you is critical to a good end product. To decide what looks best on you there are three things you should always consider. First is fabric. What is best for you? Shiny or matte, stiff or drapey and how much patterning. Second is color. Warm or cool, sharp or soft? Third is style. How long, how short, v-neck or round, raglan or set-in, drop shoulder or modified? When you know if matte, stiff and small patterns work best on you and what color will enhance your pretty face then you will have a better chance of something that you’ll live in forever.
Pick a favorite sweater that you know looks good on you and that fits well...start there. Is our desire to join in knitting with everyone else helping us pick things that are right for us as individuals? Knit alongs are great fun but make sure you make the adjustments and modification that will work for you (or whether or not to do it at all). By bloging and email we should be able to help each other make good choices.
Here is Sally knitting on a break.


Sally’s books, “The Knit Stitch” and “The Purl Stitch” are full of information that can make your knitting the best it can be. Even if the projects aren’t things you want to make Sally shares an incredible amount of knitting expertise with the reader. Honing your knitting skill is critical to a beautiful end product. Classes and good books are the best way to learn. Patterns rarely give us good or even proper technique. That means it is up to us to make the changes in the patterns so they will work for us individually.

Here is Marta’s sock…just turned the heel.


Knit On!