Where Does it Go?

The weekend goes by too quickly, especially this weekend, as there was much to do to catch up with myself from the crazy, busy week.  As a reward for a weekend of hard work, I picked up a couple of amaryllis, one red, one white, at least I hope they will be in the future.


Following in Teresa's footsteps seemed like the right thing to do. It's going to be awhile before there's much to see, but as the pots sit on the table in the sunny fiber/guest room, it will be fun to watch as they grow and blossom.

All weekend the skies were gray and gloomy, with nary a bit of blue peeking through. While the clouds would normally bother me, I was moving at the speed of light, packing as much as possible into a day, and I hardly had time to notice, to look up!  


However, each evening I took a bit of time to knit, to work on the "Utah (Blue) Skies" gloves.  The traveling stitches sometimes travel in the wrong direction, which means the only thing to do is tink back, but the gloves move forward, even though forward movement is slow at times. (The side facing away from the camera is the stockinette palm and thumb stitches.  Maybe I should have shown that side as it proves there is progress. Maybe next time.)

It's Monday, a long week looms, and it's going to be very cold for a couple of days.  I'm looking forward to that longest night and the (slow) return of the sun.

On My Needles

Trying to fit in time for a post is proving difficult this week, but I didn't want too much time to go by without checking in.  Knitting time has been as hit and miss, as is posting to blog time, but if my friends can post daily, I can at least try to post several times a week.  I'm very happy not to have another daily obligation.

Different Lines is moving toward the end, but the border is plain and wide, with long rows of garter.  It's great knitting when I'm distracted by chat, or a movie, but otherwise it gets quite tedious. Despite that...it's the process, it is growing. I have no pictures, but to distract you from lack of progress pictures, how about one of Kim's Woolen Rabbit yarn club?

The yarn is a lovely MCN yarn called Kashmir Sock and it has the very fabulous, and appropriate, name of Pumpkin Head!  The yarn content, its color and its name all give me a thrill.  Ideas for a project are marinating and, in the meantime, I'm naming this autumn red-orange color as THE color of 2011!  The "treat" was a mini-bottle of New Hampshire maple syrup, which was very yummy on the pancakes Smith made over the weekend.


Merike's Glove also is growing slowly (my knitting life), as I go forward a row or two and back three. The joy is knit with Joan's fabulous handspun.  While the pattern keeps me on my toes, the yarn makes my heart sing, with gorgeous sky blue color flecked with bits of pink.  I could not love the soft and cushy texture more. 

Reasons To Finish a Pair of Socks

1. It was the right thing to do. 

2. It's the process...there are no excuses, no WIPs. Practice what you preach, so to speak. (See #1)

3. I had a few days off.  Which doesn't mean there was more time to knit, as I was doing other fun stuff,but it just felt right. (See #1 & #2)

4. Encouragement from blog friends was helpful and made it necessary not to disappoint. (See #2) Thank you, friends.

5. There was the most excellent opportunity for a photo shoot, as I had a few days off. (See #3)

6. It took constant vigilance to knit the foot and, thank goodness, the toe was short. I finished it and wove in the ends while Smith drove up the canyon. (See #3)


A weekday is the only day (which means taking a vacation day) Silver Fork can make a GF meal.   Happy am I to be able to dine at one of my favorite places once again! 


As usual, after our breakfast at the Fork, we took a stroll around Silver Lake. Most of the aspen leaves had fallen, but the last stand provided an excellent backdrop.

Prymania was totally fun, entertaining, a total blast to knit, and Pandora Sock (from The Woolen Rabbit, of course), made it all the better. The yarn feels so good on my feet and it will be durable. (Raveled here)

How about one more shot of Silver Lake? 


The mountain snow left by the last storm has not melted away, which is surely a sign our fabulous fall will soon be over.  My vacation days coincided perfectly with the last few days of sun.

Never Give Up

According to my Ravelry account this pair of socks was started on January 3rd, which is quiet sad and lame for someone who claims to be a sock knitter.  This makes me wonder, if I only one sock a year, does that take away my sock knitter status?


I am unsure of the answer to that question, as my knitting, any knitting, seems to be in a slump. But sock knitting, in particular, has been difficult. The sock is lovely, the pattern is interesting and fun to do, the yarn is fabulous. I'm even carrying the sock in a lovely new bag, sewn by Suzy, and still I'm in a sock knitting slump. Oh, Socktober, you've passed me by!


The bag may be the only thing I post for this months Project Spectrum, which is sad as turquoise is in the range of my favorite blues.  I love aqua, love cyan, and love turquoise (but not when they are taken it into that tealy, greeny-blue color). Turquoise and aqua must be true to blue.

Oh dear, I've allowed PS to distract me (there's the rub!). Wasn't I talking about socks?  Anyway, the goal is to finish this sock by the end of October Socktober, but if that doesn't happen (and I'm not holding my breath), I'll be happy just to finish in 2011.

A year for a pair of socks, at least for this knitter, is pathetic and sad. Will there be another sock in my future? Will my sock knitting keep up with attrition? Even one pair per year is better than none, no?

Mondo Profundous

No matter how many posts I write describing the process of knitting my Mondo, for one reason or another, I can finished them. Despite the lack of a public acknowledgement, the Mondo grows and I just might be able follow through to the last bind off. My hopes have been raised, my sights set. If only I had a magic wand.


I'm holding my breath, wondering, hoping the sweater will fit. A top down sweater is easy to try on as you go, and that was accomplished several times during the process, but I still wonder. Knitting with (what I consider to be) big yarn and large gauge is hard on my hands. Knitting top down leaves a ton in your lap no matter what you knit first...the body, or sleeves, or any other combination you wish, it's still an unwieldy mass at some point. The mass feels like a many legged monster, an octopus or something...well, forgive my silliness, as I'm a little overwhelmed at the moment.

I can't think of one part of my life that doesn't demand constant attention at the moment, and that isn't a compliant. There is just so much to do, so much I want to do, and knitting this sweater is one of many things on my table at this moment.

September is here, summer is slipping away, no matter how tightly I grasp it. This weekend we're planning fun with friends, fun in the sun, and mountains, and garden, and on the patio, and everywhere we can stretch ourselves.

Enjoy your weekend! Is this really the last weekend of summer?

Whale Tale

It all started when Yarndude posted his Blue Whale.  It was an amazing creation of complimenting and contrasting knits and purls.  Desire came to the fore and off I went in search of the pattern, which was just out of reach.  It was February and the pattern would not be published date until April.  I waited, checking the designers page every day in April, and then one day, there it was...mine for the taking.


Blue Whale almost turned into my Moby Dick but, I refused to be Captain Ahab and let this one get the best of me. From the get go I had troubles, all mine, as per usual. If you make this incredible work of art let me give you a tip. Go through and mark (highlighters are great for this) all the make ones (left and right) in the pattern, don't leave any of them out and, also, make sure as you knit you "make one" on the correct side of the marker (markers are a must).

Now, dear knitter, do not think this shawl is difficult, because, the truth is, once a textured section is set up knitting across the row, there and back, is effortless. After I started the first section twice (must pay attention to ALL make ones), the seas calmed and the sailing was smooth.


The most fortunate part of this whole experience was the yarn, received as a gift, which happened to be dyed as if to capture the depths of the sea.  (String Theory's Caper Sock, color Slate) The celadon greens, earthy browns, stormy purples and muddled blues, created a tonal eddy of color. The MCN creates a sheen even the camera lens could not defeat. Not even my miles of frogging daunted the quality of the yarn.

As the ball of yarn grew smaller and smaller, I knew I a storm was brewing and, instead of taking heed to check the yardage, I just knit on, asking for trouble Into uncharted waters I sailed as the waves grew heavier. I am not good at due diligence and, as I've said, all the troubled seas were of my own making.


With only 4 rows of a 6 row border I knew, by the very small ball of yarn, binding off would be a crap shoot. I nearly made it to the end (15 stitches short), but was too disheartened to take out the border and start again.

I felt as if this poor shawl would end up to be nothing but a rag.  It poofed and pooched, with the top border looking puckered and haggard. I was so unsure the shawl would be worth blocking. It looked more like a drowned rat than a beautiful, elegant shawl. Knitting is an act of faith and I confess, my faith was wavering.


I should have known better, should have kept the faith as this it was not a white whale. Swimming in a sea of suds gave my whale new life. Its metamorphosis was almost instant, as the drape of the yarn infused new life into the incredible design. I tenderly pinned her into shape and set her free to roam new seas.


Stunning she is in her new glory.

My Blue July


Last week was cloudy, gray, and humid with only spots of blue sky here and there. The only evening I could sit on the patio and look up into blue sky (with puffy white clouds) was Wednesday and I took full advantage. As I sat there, enjoying the warmth, Project Spectrum popped into my head and I ran to grab the camera. My favorite blue is the sky, any shade of sky from dawn to dusk, as long as it's shades of blue. I'm ready for summer to cough up blue skies again.


I have been derelict in my duty of showing the skyline. There was a time my camera was a constant companion but, I've fallen out of the habit of carrying it around. I will try to do better and I'll try to blog a little more frequently. I love my blog peeps, my friends, and I don't want to go away (not at this time). Things could still get dicey from time to time but, if I plan ahead a little, blogging may be doable.


As it turns out, everything on my needles is a shade of blue.  The long-suffering Pyromania has been hidden deep inside my knitting bag.  I haven't put in the time to start the stockinette leg, as the side detail has derailed forward progress (due to the age old mental block).  Knit will happen.

Blue Whale is hot off the needles, but OMG! I ran out of yarn 15 stitches before the bind off was complete! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?  I admit this happenstance just about defeated me, as I was already thinking this scarf was an endless project.  Looking in the stash for a suitable yarn, to finish the last few bind off stitches, left me totally deflated. BUT, when I saw the little sock bag, tucked inside my knitting bag, I knew, KNEW instantly, Forever in Blue Jeans would save me, and it did.  Thank GOODness! Show and tell later.


There is one project I've been knitting without full disclosure. My Blue Mondo, the Profundo Azul edition, has been growing in fits and starts but, dooode, it is growing and I'm loving its depths of blue with hints of sea green. 

July has the possibility of becoming my blue heaven.

Yarns Along

Yesterday Carole's ToT was about book recommendations and it was so much fun to read the books on others lists. Reading has always been a passion of mine, but in the last two years I've taken it on with a vengeance of love. The iPod has made it possible to do two things at once. I can walk and read, knit and read, clean the house (not that I really ever do that) and read, and just sit in the sun and read. With the newest book on my iPod I've stepped outside my usual genres and into an historical fantasy, "Under Heaven" by Guy Gavriel Kay. Since I liked the Chinese version of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, (the movie) I like this book very much.


Not everything is available in an audio format and, in that case, I turn to the library, or maybe even purchase the book (for book club usually). Since the big cleanout of my guest/junque/craft room, buying every book is not as attractive as it once was. I love the local library and so, here I am with a borrowed book.  When I'm contemplating a book, and the titles turns up on Kym’s sidebar, AND she gives it a rating to 4-5 stars, I'm in. "Parrot & Olivier in America" by Peter Carey, was just such a book, and I'm enjoying it immensely.

It's been some time since Pyromania has made an appearance and I didn't want you to get the wrong idea, or suspect second sock syndrome. I am not a fan of SSS and don't like it to happen to me. This poor sock has had limited attention paid to it, but it has continued to grow. By fall there will be a pair, no problem. The yarn is Kim's Pandora and I hear tell my Woolen Rabbit Club yarn is in the mail, with more of this lovely yarn. The color is a secret, but I'm inclined to predict, a second pair of socks could be in the making before fall shows it's face again.

Thank you, Ginny for the chance to post about books and knitting with your Yarn Along.

Happily Hamamelis

No matter how many picures, or the setting of the camera, I have been unable to capture the true, the electric blue nature of this shawl.  The photos do not show the blue and purple flashing against the electric turquoise, which all in all creates a neon like color.


Even though Hamamelis spent too many months on the needles it was not because she acted up, it was because I was distracted by other shawls, other needs, the desire to give to friends and family. Hamamelis was always considered mine, as giving her to someone else seemed the wrong thing to do. Once she was back in progress the knitting went smoothly and quickly. She entertained all along the way.




Wild Woman did a happy dance when I wrapped Hamamelis around her. A little electric blue, to brighten gray and rainy month, has been the right way to go.

What is Is

Knitting along on my brilliantly blue/purple shawl I realized the end was in sight! Unfortunately, it was the end of the skein...the END of the yarn!  I do not have Susan’s powers, or prowess, of the skein because I don't pay close attention to the pattern/shawl/yarn ratio. I did not think to use a digital scale or calculate yardage. This grrl, meaning me, knits with total blind faith and that's why she gets into trouble. That's me...blinded by hubris. (This is my MO, as you know.)

The garter edge was nowhere near the needed 24 rows, let alone the lace border and bind off. How does this happen? Why am I so clueless? Seriously.

I am blithe...and unrepentant.


The ball winder was a big help, with about 10 rows of garter and 24 rows of pattern to rip (that is all the way back to the orange pin!). Happily, the swim in the frog pond turned out to be successful, as was getting the stitches back on the needle and then, tinking back one row.  I am, once again, ready to start the edging.

Truly, I thought I had enough yardage, but everyone knits differently and it's up to the knitter to know, to pay attention, and do the calculations. I didn't even think about checking, and so, I will be making the small instead of the medium, which is just fine.

I remain unrepentant…it is the process.