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Wednesday's are for Unraveling

Around here, the puppy takes precedence, but there has been the occasional knitting and/or stitching going on. If the grocery shopping is done, the laundry is in progress (or finished), no other chores or errands have reared their heads, AND Mylo is sleeping, I'll pull out my embroidery or knitting and take a few stitches. I must be aware each time I'm interrupted and, at the drop of a hat, put it away. Puppies are wily and they will find your weak spot. 

The stitching has a lot of threads dangling from a color card and a very tiny needle is always attached to the fabric either by a thread or in the cloth. If puppy awakens, or I have reason to walk away, EVERY item must be tucked away and the carry bag put in a puppy-safe spot. One MUST think through their escape plan. If not, a puppy could end up at the emergency vet with a needle stuck in an unwanted spot or, at the very least, there could be a ruined piece of embroidery. I have learned this with my puppies of the past. Mylo is NOT an angel.

I bought this kit from Cozyblue on Etsy. The hoop, linen with a printed design, all threads, and instructions were included. (The design is also available as a PDF download in lieu of a kit.) Instruction is minimal so it might be helpful to know a little something about embroidery, but all stitches are standard to any embroidery book. I've had fun reliving my days with sharp needle in hand, but my eyesight is not as good as it once was and I admit to struggling. If I caved and used a magnifier there would be no problem. (I have also been knitting but, at this point, it's a boring sea of blue stockinette.)


Reading has been going well. Walking puppies, knitting, stitching, doing laundry, shopping, cooking, gardening, they are all made for audio books and I am taking full advantage. I will have at least four Bingos and possibly more before the summer is over. I didn't have to work at finding books for the subjects of each square. The books I wanted to read just seemed to fit into the squares I had. It was a very lucky summer of reading, as I've only read a couple of duds, although, they were still worth the time. 

Once the Man Booker longlist came out, it filled my TBR and I have been on a reading binge. Many of the authors were known to me because I'd read their previous works. If you've given up on reading Man Booker listed titles, due to unreadable tomes, this is the list for you (and me!). I have already read a number of books and found them worthy (and readable) choices.  

I'm coming undone with Kat and Friends


What a charming stitching piece, Margene! I love the colors and the design. And your careful exit strategy . . . Puppies are so BUSY! This year's Man Booker longlist is a dream! (Well. Except for Rachel Kushner. But that's probably just me. . . ) :-)

That stitch design is just wonderful and I know how beautifully you will complete it. I'm glad to here that you are enjoying this year's Man Booker Longlist nominees. I've got them all in my queue!

Your embroidery piece is wonderful and I thank you for the etsy link. I am going to have a delightful wander through her shop.

I'm usually lucky if I read and enjoy one or two books from the Man Booker list, but I agree with you; this year's list is extraordinary! I wish more of the books had already been published in the US, but I think the wait will be worthwhile.

Your embroidery piece is just so beautiful (and calming). I agree, the Man Booker list is very, very good this year!

Your embroidery! So gorgeous! And, thank you for sharing that etsy link!

And, yes, my list grew exponentially to the Man Booker list!

As I know very little about the Man Booker...except what I hear you all mentioning...I've printed the list out and may make it a goal for the year. I've only lost one knitting needle and had to unravel a very nice skein of yarn as a result of puppy Boone. you've comes with experience! I love the look of that embroidery!

The embroidery piece is lovely. I always like a motif with hands. I have been doing a little embroidery on some quilt blocks and really enjoying it. Good strategies to keep your puppy safe.

I love your embroidery! My friend is working on a huge cross stitch piece and "broke down" to buy a mirror/light that hangs around her neck. It seems very practical ... and she says it's saving her eyes. :-( I think this is the first post from you since Mylo arrived where we haven't seen him!!

I like your embroidery project! I used to do a lot of cross stitch, crewel work, and embroidery and now I have so much trouble seeing my work! I do best by taking my glasses off and working in natural sunlight, but I can't see a thing when I look up! I haven't tried a magnifier yet, but that might be a good idea!

Oh, I love that little embroidery design!!

Your embroidery looks lovely, and it looks like fun. I have been looking at embroidery lately. Occasionally it calls to me. My vision is not what it was, and I think I will have to buy one of those magnifiers that goes around my neck soon. At least I can still see, so I am grateful for that. With recommendations from you and Bonny both, I will have to give the Man Booker list a gander. In years past, I did not enjoy a lot of books on the list. Your retirement sounds wonderful and full of activity, Margene. Good for you!

puppies are demanding! I remember the project I was working on when we adopted Frodo. I was surprised at the snippets of time I was allotted by the puppy. Lovely stitchery!!

Love the embroidery piece.

I have lived through a schnauzer's love to investigate! One of ours ate my needle and thread from a hardanger piece i was working on when I got up to answer the phone. I still have the x-ray the vet made before surgery! Katrine

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