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Mylo and Me

How can it possibly be 20 days since my last post!? I had no intention of letting the blog slide that far in-the-rears, but you know that road to hell...

28934547567_946fce80d0_kMylo before grooming...

Mylo after grooming

Although you may not see much change in Mylo's look before and after, there was a huge change in the amount of fur on his body. The groomer cut it to about 1/2 all over, and then, cleaned up his face but left his ears and topknot. A week later his head is a mess, a cute puppy mess and he is just TOO cute for words. Everyone (else) says so! He's has very long legs, weights 16 lbs! I do not know where my puppy went, except he left his brain in the very big dog. A dog who is losing his baby teeth and getting new (two front) teeth. My puppy is over 4 months old! My brain is always focused on him.

I wish he would focus more on me as that part of the training eludes him. We are working hard to learn all the things a puppy brain should know and do. Focusing his attention on me is something he doesn't like to do. He'd rather be sniffing the ground, chasing moths in the grass, or looking for neighborhood dogs so he can bark, but every day I can see something new sink in and he is getting better (and so am I) at all.the.things. Learning is exhausting for us both. 



I ended my Bingo run with 4 full bingos. I could have gone for two more but neither the 'Graphic novel' nor the 'Banned in a country outside the US' felt enticing enough to seek out. All the other books I'd read just fell into place. All in all, I read 19 books. I think that's a good summer of reading.  There are many new books I'm dying to read, some I am waiting for publication, others I've got on my virtual bedside table, but all have been put to the side because I have fallen in love with Middlemarch by George Eliot. What an incredibly detailed portrait of the people who lived in the 1830s on the English countryside. I have become completely entranced by their story and I can't stop reading (reading and listening both). The audio is 35 hours and the book is over 700 pages. I love it.  

I've made 4 large roasting pans full of Vicki's Roasted Tomato Sauce using our own tomatoes, onions, garlic, basil, and thymegano. I always toss in several peppers (hot and mild), a zucchini and/or eggplant. Whatever comes from the garden that day goes into the pot. All winter long I use it for pasta sauce, soup, or a sauce to go over veggies. If I ate pizza it would make a good pizza sauce, too. From each large pot I get about 5 quart freezer bags of sauce. This sauce is the only reason I want to have a thriving garden. I'll be making my fifth batch today. 


There has been knitting, but it is mostly boring stockinette, in a soft periwinkle color. Soon it will be a finished sweater. But, what shows better on the blog is the beautiful sweet embroidery I just completed from Cozy Blue. It is about 6" across and wil make a cute decorative hanging for my front door. It was so much fun to stitch, to retrain my brain to work with fabric and embroidery floss, and to get my eyes to see the tiny little stitches. Stitching wasn't as easy as it once was, but I enjoyed the process and think I'll pull out my AC T-shirt and get back to stitching and beading. I'll keep my eyes open for another small project that speaks to my heart, as I enjoy this Cozy Blue kit. 


Cute big Mylo trying to figure out what that noise is I've been making with my mouth. One must be fresh and creative when trying to get a puppy brain to look at you. I swear. 


Oh that Mylo! He just gets cuter by the minute! Your comment about a big dog with a puppy brain made me smile, I remember Dixie at that age very well. Thanks for catching us up on all things Mylo and Margene!

I'm so looking forward to a garden next summer. Am doing research to see what's going to work best and how-I love having fresh tomato sauce in the freezer to add to whatever is the plate du jour! Milo-so stinking cute. My 55 pound beast is loving having a back yard to run around in again.

Mylo is growing and learning, and if possible, getting cuter every time I see him. I admire all of your efforts to train him and learn yourself. I know a couple of dogs that have been allowed to just grow up without much training at all, and they are just not very pleasant animals to be around. Mylo, good reading, a thriving garden, and lovely embroidery all say life is good!

Mylo is just adorable! He looks much more "dog" than "puppy" now.

Your embroidery looks great!

Hello Mylo! Looks like you've been quite busy Margene...all good things too! I'm happy that pup is bringing so much happiness your way!

Oh, sweet Mylo! He is indeed a most handsome fellow! We had a schnauzer when I was a kid and that dog could outsmart us all! Haha!

Your embroidery is just gorgeous! And, I am applauding your bingos! Well done you!

he doesn't look like he is that much in weight! I love his haircut and the schnauzer look :)

0h that Mylo - how is he possibly SIXTEEN pounds??!! puppyhood is fleeting, I guess and I'm so glad for you both that you've been there to enjoy every single second of it! I visited a local fabric shop this past weekend and saw the kit for that Be Still piece - along with a few others. I was tempted. but I bought fabric to sew pants instead ;-)

Yes, not quite a pup. Teenager? Oy!

Mylo is so, so, so adorable! (It's so lucky for puppies that they are so cute . . . ) It takes a while for them to get the hang of everything -- and all your work with him will pay off in the end. :-)

I LOVE Middlemarch! I read/studied it as part of my graduate program in Philanthropic Studies (for my Philanthropy in Literature course), and it quickly became one of my favorites! So many good books to read right now. . . It's a great time to be a reader.


Mylo is such a cutie!! Tomato sauce! It's been a while since I made any, myself... should probably change that situation!

He's still puppy cute! :D You have been BUSY. Can't blame you for not having time to blog.

Such a cute puppy/dog. He is growing fast! How big will he become?

Your embroidery is gorgeous and I love the thought "be still.". Wise words.

So many good books coming out right now!!

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