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How crazy is it that Mylo's been with us for only 50 days, only a little over a month and a half!? He's 15 weeks as of yesterday but he seems big enough to be full grown. He has gained nearly 5 lbs since his second vet visit when he weighed in at 9.6 lbs. I hope, hope, hope he is nearly full grown, although it may be wishful thinking. 

Mylo been through (and graduated from) 6 weeks of puppy training and next week he'll start another class (of 6 weeks). He's learned many of the basics, but now we'll be going into intensive training on each subject. I think I've got my work cut out for me! I know he's smart, as I can teach him a new trick in 15 minutes, but it's sustaining the behavior that takes the long haul. He is alway all about being distracted. He does not want to be in one place (or position for long). But, he can sit, stay, lay down, stand, play dead, roll over, walk on a loose leash (no pulling) and now he can jump through my arms when I hold them into a ring!  We now need to do all of the above outdoors where distractions are rife and puppy attention is short. The next year will be about sustaining attention while working with a puppy brain. 

Mylo does not like having his picture taken, nor does he like it when I'm on my phone (which isn't often). It's quite a feat to get him to look at the camera (or me) and, yes, he is a moody sort and knows his own mind. He's happy to do what you want him to do, but only if you have a "high value" treat. I KNOW! He IS the new boss in town. Mylo collects pinecones and small sticks while he's on his walks and, if it's not too far, he'll carry them home. If he doesn't find a stick or pinecone, he'll carry (part of) his leash home.

I could tell stories and facts about Mylo all day long! He's funny, cute, sweet, naughty, and happy. We're in love and while there are times we're not sure how we'll manage some of the challenges, we do not regret having a new dog, in fact, we know this is one of the best decisions we've ever made.

I added a few things to the collage that show our world is bigger than just Myl0 focused (a little), such as the new pair of socks I knit, a picture of how well the Christmas cactus is growing (look at all the tiny new leaves!), the little piece of embroidery I'm stitching (more about it later), the roma tomatoes we have growing in our garden, and the smokey skies we're dealing with, plus the big fat blueberries I add to my oatmeal every morning.

Happy Mylo Monday the 5th, everyone!


Well, of course you are in love! What a cutie, even when he appears sullen. My dogs have that sullen look down pat as well. I'm so glad you are enjoying Mylo so much. It makes all the little stressors related to owing a dog much more tolerable. He will keep you exercised and in the moment. I look forward to hearing about the needlework. I have been noticing the smoke problem you have. Hope that clears up soon. Happy Monday to you and Mylo!

I've gotta say, you take some pretty great pictures of a dog that doesn't like his picture taken!! He sounds delightful, Margene, and you sound so wonderfully happy. xoxo

I enjoy seeing all of your July photos, but mostly Mylo! He sounds like a wonderful companion, full of fun, excitement, joy, and learning. He's actually much more than a companion - he's family!

I can't get enough of Mylo! He's a lucky boy to have you for a Mom...what a wonderful dog life!

I think Vicki is right! You take some pretty awesome photos of a dog that does not like his picture taken! What a cutie he is!

Oh, that Mylo. I'd like to formally request a video of him jumping through your arms!!

It's so fun to watch Mylo grow! He's looking very handsome and Schnauzer-like these days! What a sweet and happy pup -- and, yeah. What Carole said!!! :-)

This is absolutely my favorite Mylo Monday!! I can't believe it's been "just" 50 days either :-) His personality is as tall as those mountains for sure. I'm so happy for y'all ... and for us!

Oh, he's so adorable!!!!! I'm so happy he's bringing you so much joy-nothing like puppy love!

for a guy who doesn't like a photo taken (neither does Frodo) he is a handsome lad and you take some great shots!! I'm so happy that the two of you have Mylo in your life :) :)

Sophie doesn't like to have her's taken either and because she is black she's even harder to photography. Mylo is such a cutie!

He sounds awesome! I'm so glad you found him. :)

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