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Well, Look At That!

I've finished a pair of socks!! This pair of socks has taken the whole of 2018 to complete. I've stated my intention was to have a pair done every two months but, as it turned out, that was a pipe dream. If I'm lucky I'll have two new pair of socks by the end of the year. In any case--


They are done! AND, I'm so pleased! The yarn came from Cara (January One) in one of her destash extravaganzas. I'd never knit with, or even heard of White Birch Fiber Arts, but I enjoyed knitting with the perfectly striped yarn. The socks are very matchy, matchy, which is the point, right? The yarn is high quality and the dyeing suburb. 


The pattern I knit is the tried and true Carole's Picot Edged Sock pattern (yes, THAT Carole), which is available FOR FREE on Ravelry. The pattern is straight forward, easily understood, with perfect pictures of how to create the picot stitch cuff. You can't beat it. 


I'm pleased as punch. Here's the Ravelry link. 

My reading has been going well and I'm pages away from my second Bingo and working on my third.  I didn't have a chance to take a picture of my card, but here's a picture of what a little mazik can do when you turn your back for 30 seconds. 


Mylo pulled the bookmark out of my current read, The Light of the World by Elizabeth Alexander, and chewed up the end. I am very grateful he only wanted the free bookstore bookmark. The coaster was a casualty of the same variety a few hours later. Puppies will be puppies, do not take your eyes off him or you'll be paying for it. Next week I'll give you the lowdown on the books I've read this week.


And, just so you know, Mylo does not like to be taken for a walk when it is near 100 degrees, nor does he like to be told to "sit" and "look at me" while on said walk. (Training never ends around here.) As you can tell by his look, he was less than thrilled to "performing" in the heat of the day. Poor Mylo. (Poor me.)

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lovely finished pair of socks!! and Mylo is adorably adorable as always!!

Your socks are lovely and Mylo is adorable! One of the window sills in my dining room has a corner that was chewed off by a certain puppy eight years ago. She looks at it now and says "I'd never do that!".

Your socks are gorgeous; that turquoise just pops! I didn't really know that dogs have expressions, but Mylo sure is telling you exactly how he feels with his exasperated expression! (Of course, he's still adorable!)

Mylo's face is priceless! What a look (if looks could kill...). Mazik is the perfect word for him!!

Your socks are wonderful - love the turquoise and that pattern is wonderful. Thanks for the link to the yarn - I'd never heard of it before.

The socks are gorgeous - those colors are so vibrant and the stripes are perfect! Mylo is definitely scowling at you in that photo! Priceless!

He's so cute! And what an expression. Just like a cranky toddler.

Those socks are fabulous! As is Mylo...the little devil. :-)

Beautiful socks! Charming puppy!

Two wins for Wednesday: Mylo is just too durn cute! And the socks are lovely! Bet they'll keep your feet warm come cooler days.

Oh, Mylo! He looks to be in the "terrible twos" phase of puppyhood. . . :-)
Your socks are just great! They remind me of a pool -- so nice and blue, with "lane lines" built right in. I love those colors and the stripes.

Oh boy, Mylo has such an awesome personality! Love those socks ... I'm sure it must feel really good to finish a pair (no matter how long it took)!

I do love those socks and agree, Carole's pattern is my favorite almost plain vanilla sock! And, its a good thing Mylo is so cute... it is much easier to overlook the chewing that way! XO

Very pretty socks. I like the picot edge. I have read some of Elizabeth Alexander's work. She writes beautifully - poetry and prose.

Those socks are terrific! Yay you! Mylo is adorable... AS USUAL!! ;)

Love those! Both color and striping are sublime. :)

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