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July 4th Unraveled - Just Another Day


You may have noticed this picture in my June collage amidst all the Mylo pictures. This is Cyd, a new needlepoint student who finished her first needlepoint piece (a small crow) and had it finished by the shop into an ornament. The look on her face when the shop owner handed her the finished piece was just priceless. I enjoy teaching people so enthused with the process, the project, and the social interaction of a class. Cyd's delight makes my heart happy. 


There has been considerable knitting and reading going on and I am nearly finished with my socks! This is quite an achievement after  six months of work! After missing my goal of a pair every two months, I had hoped for a finished pair the end of June. I'm only off by a few days, but should finish today, July 4th! I am listening to "The Cross" by Sigrid Undset, the third book in the Kristin Lavransdattor series. Over the last few months I have enjoyed this trilogy and hate to see it end. This book will give me my first Bingo! I lucked out with the books I wanted to read and found 5 places in a row which comprised the Bingo. There wasn't a bad book in the lot. In fact, all the books I've read for Book Bingo have been topnotch. 

Mylo and I will spend the day alone, but in the evening Smith and I will be playing and distracting Mylo from the exuberant number of fireworks in our neighborhood. He isn't too bothered by most of the noise, but the occasional loud boomers disturb us all! Pretty as they are, fireworks are not good for dogs. 

Speaking of Mylo...can you stand the cute!!?



Looks like you are making progress on that bingo card. I love that you add your star rating.

So love seeing the pics of that Mylo - so, so cute! Congrats on your Bingo, those gorgeous socks and your student's success! Well, well done!


Oh that face! Mylo is just so cute! And, go you on knitting and reading! Well done!

He looks like he's judging you severely! And the eyebrows. And those big feets -- gah, I really *can't* stand it. :)

Thanks for sharing a post with such joy. Mylo is a cutie. I hope the fireworks aren't too disturbing.

We have a dog that just barks at the you never know.

Yay for socks, Bingo! ... and Mylo's sweet face ... always a welcome treat!

Love those socks! And Mylo just gets cuter all the time. Hope the fireworks didn't scare him in the least.

Those are The Best socks. I really love that striping pattern -- and the colors. As for Mylo? Ohmygodthecuteness!!!! I hope he was okay with the fireworks. Neither of our dogs likes them -- but JoJo is traumatized by them. We strap her into her ThunderShirt, and then have to give her tranquilizers. It's miserable. (I hate fireworks in the neighborhood.) Have a good day, Margene! XO

Can.not.stand.the.cute!! He's adorable! Congrats on the BINGO and the new pair of socks!!

Yay, Cyd!! :D

And gosh, that Mylo is adorable - but he looks like he's maybe tired of having his picture taken!!

I love his white whiskers and his eyebrows :) :) :)

Haha-no the cute is too much! My Sophie is petrified of fireworks and anything else that goes BOOM! Luckily this year there were none nearby.

I look away for a few days, and you have posted a lot! Mylo is certainly your muse for the blog, and he is a worthy one. I cannot express in words how cute he is. Is there anything cuter than a puppy to a dog lover? I'm glad you have another dog in your home, they bring so much life to the spaces they occupy! It's just incredible how busy a puppy can keep you, but it's a good busy. Wishing you and Mylo the best for winning at obedience class, although he is obviously already a winner, as are you, Margene!

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