Unraveled with a Bit of Mylo
July 4th Unraveled - Just Another Day

Mylo's Big Adventure(s)

Last Thursday, Mylo and I spent the evening in a puppy training class, something we will do every Thursday for the next 5 weeks. Mylo did well and to up the game, we have homework to do together. We (I) want one of the 3 awards they give to the team who made the most progress. (Mylo is already ahead of the other puppies so there is hope!)


Friday Mylo had has first trip to the groomer, which included a shampoo and blow dry, a pedi, and a trim of a few unruly tresses. The main reason for the trip was to get him used to being handled and groomed. Mylo was a trooper and the groomer said he would be a wonderful client. A nap was in order and he slept the rest of the day! Oh, Mylo. You are so cute!


Saturday we went to Sugarhouse Park and enjoyed a morning in the shade of the trees (Mylo's happy place) while celebrating my nephew (in-law), Jordan's graduation from med school. Shauni and Jordan make a great couple and I'm so happy to have them in SLC (from AZ). More of my family is morning into the valley from other states and I predict more family gatherings. 


Sunday was a relaxing day for Mylo and I. I went to SnB, but spent most of the day with Mylo (and Smith). Every once in awhile Mylo goes from puppy to crocodile in about 3 seconds. That mouth is full of sharp little teeth, but he is responding to commands, such as "gentle" or distractions of nearby toys (stuffed into the open chasm of teeth).  Puppyhood may leave me with bleeding and scared arms. (Not really.)

The world went a little topsy-turvy mid-month when Mylo came into our lives. Every day is about Mylo, as not one thing can be done without having him in my thoughts. He's had numerous adventures, met many people and other doggies. It's fun to watch him discover the world, to learn, to play, to just be. He's going to be a wonderful companion. 


"...(and Smith)." Hahahahaha. Hi, Smith!!
That little Mylo sure does (deservedly) command attention!! He's so darn cute.

One of the items we used when puppy training, especially when the issue was something we wanted to curb (e.g. jumping up on people, chasing wildlife, barking, etc.) was a small can of 'pet corrector' -- a small orange can that fits in a pocket and makes a quick 'pssst' sound when pressed. Just a very brief tap on it distracted our boy from behaviors we wanted eliminated or controlled. After using it just a few times, he recognized the sound and would immediately stop and sit. We combined the sound with a spoken command, like "leave it". Once trained, the command itself is sufficient. Just a suggestion. Not in any way affiliated with the product.

I see that Smith has been relegated to (Smith). hahahahaha. Mylo is adorable and I'm sure you (and Smith) are loving him to pieces!

Mylo is just so darned cute. And, I love your description of Friday at the groomers: shampoo, blow-dry and pedi. Too funny! It's easy to understand why your days are filled with Mylo.

Mylo is just too cute!!!

Oh my .....aren't those puppy teeth SHARP????

Good luck with the puppy award .... I'm sure Mylo is a shoe-in!

I am laughing at (Smith) oh my! And, Mylo... so stinking cute!

Mylo is just too darling. My puppy is 14 years old and Mylo r minds me of his childhood, adolescence, and young manhood! What fun raising Mylo is!

Mylo is so adorable and I love that he's urging you (or maybe the other way around?) to strive for a puppy training award. I'l be looking forward to seeing your trophy! :-) It looks like life is good, and I'm glad you've shared just how good with us!

Mylo-cam!!! Boy am I glad you're taking daily photos ... and sharing them :-)

Mylo is a darling -- and smart, too! Enjoy (Smith, too). XOXO

Such a cutie! Irresistable.

Mylo is just adorable! My baby puppy just turned 8 years old and how I remember those sharp puppy teeth! Hope you continue to enjoy time with Mylo (and Smith)!

Mylo is the best dog ever and I remember when Frodo was so full of fun like that! Schnauzers are smart and funny. Looks like you have your hands full.

Those are great puppy pics. A treasure trove when Mylo is older! My favorite is the training pic.

I remember those puppy teeth-they can be sharp!

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