July 4th Unraveled - Just Another Day
Well, Look At That!

Mylo Monday The Third


Because of the excessive heat Mylo and I didn't get out much this week. Temperatures of 100 or more do not make a comfortable situation when you have black curls. Mylo gave up after walking about 30 yards. He was done in. I believe there was a little backtalk as I told him we needed to finish his walk before we could go in, which he did, in his own good time. 


Mylo and I went to a concert in the park Saturday night. I had hoped being in the open air, sitting in the cool grass, listening to fun movie tunes, would cool us down, but sadly, it only made the heat feel more oppressive. Mylo dropped and didn't move the whole 30 minutes we were there, then finally, (to his mind) we left for home. 


Mornings and evenings we enjoy long walks in the outdoors. In the first 5 minutes or so he sniffs EVERYTHING, does his business, and then we're off, getting on our walking legs and walking without stopping around the half mile of our circle. We love the feeling of the cooling air on our faces and walking side by side. A walk with Mylo is one of life's "good things". 

Watching Mylo discover the world, bit by bit, step by step, can be a truly hilarious and wondrous thing. As he learns about something new, or spots an item he hasn't seen before, I can see the understanding and enlightenment slowly cross his being. He will some times growl, maybe a short high yip to get its attention, and then a sniff around or touch his nose to it to see what said thing smells like. Slowly there is realization that this is just one more new part in this larger world of many new things.


Smith and I watched when Mylo found the Japanese lantern on our patio. We think he thought it an alien (it has a pointed top and one hole that could be eye, you know) and he jumped back, studied its features, growled and gave his warning yip, and then, after a minute or so, decided it was a benign alien. (If only I'd had my camera!) He hasn't looked at it since.


This weekend it was the water in the hose that caught his eye. He saw stuff pouring from the hose and after sniffing a bit, jumping back when it hit him, he realized it was water. Of course, he wanted a drink, which took a little doing, as well as a wet head, but he got his drink. Discovering the world through the eyes of a baby, is so much fun. Mylo the silly has my heart. 


Aw, what an adorable face! No surprise that he's stolen your heart. <3

I do enjoy Mylo Mondays! He is so sweet, and I like his approach to life - investigate, discover, and lie down if it's too hot!

So cute! Can't wait to see how much he's grown.

Hello Mylo! I'm glad he's exploring all the things! I'm missing those puppy days! (Just yesterday when I moved a doggie door stop I recalled Boone barking up a storm at it way back when!)

Mylo, it’s so much fun to see your sweet face and hear about your exploits learning about the world. Ben, the dachshund, is a pretty quiet old man but he’s cuddly and loving and still sweet. I bet you two would have a lot to tell each other!

What cute pictures. Mylo Mondays are a lot of fun. Love your Japanese lantern - very cool looking.

I love hearing about your adventures with Mylo!!

Oh, Margene! What FUN! Puppy love for the WIN!!!

Mylo is such a cutie!

I'm so glad you're having such a good time together! He is indeed a love :-)

AWW!!! I love how much you love him. He IS adorable. :)

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