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Mylo Monday IV

This Mylo dog of mine is going to be a big boy (I just know it!). When Mylo came to live with us he weighed in at 6 lbs and, a short month later, here he is at 9.6 lbs! That's apx. as he wouldn't sit still on the scale. (Black floors make him feel like he's going to fall into the abyss so he wasn't too keen on staying put.) This boy is strong, healthy, and smart as a whip. Training him is a pleasure because he IS so smart. (Yes! Proud mom!) He now can "play dead", "roll over" (with lots of prompts and treats) and "leave it" (he's got a perfect record!) along with the usual "sit", "stay", "lay down", and "follow me" (he's getting a C so far in walking beside me). He's fun, fast, cool, and cute!


Mylo has puppy fur like nobody's business! It's black and it's beautiful and it isn't that easy to brush. I fill my hand with treats, let him go at them for all he's worth and then I comb the curls as long as he'll allow. He's good (for the most part) as long as my hand if full. 

Mylo has a busy schedule. I am the soccer mom equivalent for puppy play. We had a play date with Daisy on Tuesday, then Wednesday was Puppy Playtime at the training school. The next day we had Puppy Training where we were both put through our paces.  Calling All Dogs has been a life saver when it comes to training dogs AND humans in the art of getting puppies in line. I don't know where I'd be without their wisdom, common sense, and no nonsense training. 


Mylo needs constant stimulation and we're always looking for new ways to keep him occupied and self-entertained. Schnauzers are good at self-care and if they don't have appropriate toys for stimulation they will get into YOUR stuff. We've had 5 schnauzers, we know their tricks, and we (think we) know how to distract them away from trouble. The house is full of fun, colorful, exciting toys, made all the more exciting if a human is attached. I use the toys for (stealth) training, as well as for play. 


Mylo doesn't just have JUST a dog bowl for his food. He has an interactive dog bowl. He will inhale (as will most dogs) a bowl full of food in 30 seconds, but with the interactive bowl he has to work at getting the food, think about how to get the food, and play while getting the food. I can see him puzzling things through, figuring out ways of getting his tongue around the kibble, or popping it out of the bowl altogether. He has been learning a few tricks when it comes to kibble retrieval. I just sit back and laugh.


(Someday Smith will remember not to leave his shoes at the back door.) Having a puppy has totally changed. It's not only a LOT more expensive than last time we had a new boy, it's a lot more work, AND a ton more fun! Having Mylo in my life is not only a job, it's a lifestyle!  Who knew? 


You are the best dog mom to Mylo and it's wonderful that you found each other! I had a long conversation with a vet tech this weekend and she explained that dog training was really training of both the dog and human, just like you say. You are clearly doing a great job and enjoying it!

Monday Mylo fixes are the best! What a cutie! We had a schnauzer when I was growing up and she was my best of friends. She did not like being brushed either as I recall! I love the "treat trick"!

Great pictures!! Especially laying on the sneaker.... I had never heard of an interactive food bowl - that's a great idea. Glad the training is going so well (for you both - lol) and that Mylo is bringing you so much joy.

Mylo is a lucky puppy to have you and Smith as his family! He's so stinking cute, too!

Mylo is so adorable and lucky to have such wonderful parents! I like that interactive dog bowl!

I LOVE Mylo Mondays! It's so much fun to watch him grow. He is just the cutest little pup, Margene. And what a lucky, lucky little guy. XOXO

Such a cutie!

Oh, how fun!! He's such a cutie. I love the idea behind that food bowl!

Reading about Mylo brings back the time 14 years ago when Ben the dachshund joined our household. You do a great job of keeping Mylo engaged and learning.

Mylo Mondays are the best! That bowl made me laugh...when Boone was a super fast eating pup we were talking about getting a bowl like that for him. And then DOUG said...Patty are you going to get one too?! He's a funny one isn't he? xoxo

LOL! that maze food bowl (Holly would be starving). but the cute photos of Mylo tell me he is LOVING life ... y'all are a great team!!

So adorable is he a miniature schnauzer? One of the guys I work with has a standard and he is SOOOO cute. I had a mini schnauzer a long time ago-he was a great dog.

Mylo sounds like he is a fun puppy and I wonder how big he will get? Frodo is 13.5 pounds and his weight was supposed to be 11 ish. I bet you a pretty penny that Holly will weigh more than him the way she keeps getting bigger and bigger!! Eeep!!

I was hoping there was another Mylo Monday. He looks like a ball of fun, Margene. So, you managed to forget how a puppy consumes your life, huh? They really do, but mostly in a good way. It's amazing how you have to restructure your life around a new dog. I hope you continue to have a lot of fun training Mylo. He is going to be a really good dog! And he is going to be so handsome!

Oh that face! Could Mylo be any cuter???

I love that interactive dog bowl. Good idea!

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