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For some time now I've wanted to stop by a vintage shop that's on my usual route. Their time of business and my time of leisure haven't quite coincided until last week. My main reason for stopping was to look for vintage stationary and to see if they had porcelain teacups that weren't outside my budget, as most teacups in vintage store are. I don't remember the name of the shop, but she had one box of usable stationary and the most beautiful pink teacup (Wedgewood) that was the nicely priced. Score! Exciting!

Last night the sky above the garden looked painted, so vibrant and clear. The clouds were the tail end of a cool (?) mass that just made the humidity higher (20% is high around here) and rose our hopes for rain. Rain it did not and no precipitation is in sight. We're burning up, wildfires rage, mostly man caused, but now we have new fires due to dry lightning. So far, July has been its usual dry, hot, miserable self. 


One of our gardeners has spend the last 6 years growing artichokes. No one has ever seen artichokes grown in Utah, but she's babied her plants along and now gets about 50 chokes a year. She leaves one or two to blossom which is one of the most wondrous sights. The flower looks very much like a large thistle. I love how the bees burrow down between the spikes to reach the pollen (one is in the lower right). This blossom is about 4" or so across and about as vibrant a purple as you'll ever see. 

Have you seen anything wondrous this week? 

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Those are three amazing things! The teacup and sky are beautiful, and I'm especially amazed by the artichoke blossom. I've never seen artichokes growing, but I like the flower even more than the chokes. Thanks for sharing!

I've only seen an artichoke in bloom once, and it was spectacular.

Oh, my kingdom to grow an artichoke!! Far more experienced & motivated gardeners have tried it here, but we just don't have a long enough season. It's one of my favorite vegetables.

That sky is AMAZING! It truly looks like a painting. And I love your pretty teacup.

What a gorgeous flower! It is like a giant thistle. Love it. Beautiful sky, too. So sorry about the fires. My brother in CO is going camping this weekend and EVERYWHERE there is a fire ban.

I'm glad you found a teacup in your price range! And that artichoke blossom is just gorgeous. You know I'm always a sucker for your sky photos.

A trifecta of beautiful things!


Rudi's mom has COPD and is suffering from the air quality, so we were rooting for that rain to clear things out. I'm sorry that it hasn't materialized.

The Utah sky, albeit in sweltering July, never disappoints!

Your sky looks JUST like a painting! (Sorry about the relentless heat and no rain, though.) I have never seen an artichoke in bloom. How GORGEOUS is that??? I'd love to see it in real life! And your teacup and saucer is wonderful. What a great find! XO

Three beautiful things! I do have a thing for teacups. My collection came from my mom and aunt and are mostly on display.

Oh my... that sky! And, that artichoke! Wow! It is amazing!

Very amazing things. I have never seen an artichoke blossom. Gorgeous.

sigh ... those are indeed three beautiful things. what kind of tea do you drink from your vintage cups? (and still sending rain vibes your way!)

I am going to have to start checking in with your blog every day now. Mylo is quite the muse, and he is really growing! I love your socks. A pair of socks is better than no socks, which is my current yield. We are having the same weather as you, and it is miserable, but it is summer. This one is very hot and very dry for us. I try to get the pups out early, but it is already hot by the time I get up. The artichoke bloom is stunning. The teacup lovely, and you should sit in your pink chair with your pink teacup and give us a picture. As always, your sky pictures are mesmerizing. Happy weekend, Margene!

I was in Boston and I saw my son so that was nice! Love your photos and you sharing them with us.

Your tea will taste extra special in that beautiful cup! And thistle is one of my very favorite flowers, I can't imagine how gorgeous that artichoke is!

I have never seen an artichoke plant - cool! And your new teacup is really cute. :)

This week? Hmm. I realized that Mayhem can still jump on things if she gets a running start - too bad the only place she ever does that is the cat tree, because it would make both our lives much easier, lol.

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