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Teaching (as in dog training), learning (as in dog training), reading (dog training books as well as, my own choice of books), knitting (mine, all mine!), trying to keep up with my old life and my's easy to become unraveled. Don't take your eye off that dog! Yesterday Mylo was doing something behind the couch and I went to investigate. When I returned to the front side of the couch he had moved, like a flash of light, carrying my sock all the way across the room. He was just deciding where to chomp down, and SO delighted with himself. I laughed out loud, but moved like a flash of light to rescue my beautiful second sock. 


A Bingo looks likely in the next couple of weeks and I also have the chance of a second one. I have been listening none stop to books as I can do that while playing with puppy, walking puppy, and watching puppy sleep. Here are a few of my thought on a couple of the books I read. 

Less by Andrew Sean Greer, is this years Pulitzer Prize winner. I believe it is one of the first comedies given the prize, and it is certainly great fun. Less travels the world trying to assuage a broken heart. He travels to exotic locations, always the worst of luck, but learning lessons along they way. While you know the story is in modern times I felt like I was watching an old movie with farcical moments and jun comedic sketches. 4 Stars

Educated by Tara Westover was for my Outside Your Comfort Zone square. I highly recommend this book about a Tara's growing up in a family with a father who may have been mentally ill and who thinks education is a plot against them (as is every other government institution) and who uses his children to run the family business at cost of their safety, health, and education. Tara is able to get herself into BYU (by hook and by crook) against her father's will and educate herself. It is quite a story of a families sway and how Tara broke away to become a Cambridge scholar. 5 Stars!

I am currently reading Warlight by Michael Ondaatje and have the next book in line, The Cross by Sigrid Undset, the third book in the Kristin Lavransdatter trilogy. I have have thoroughly enjoyed rereading this trilogy over the last year, as the first time I read them was in the 80s.  I believe that will give me my first Bingo. I pulled a card (by refreshing the page over and over) with subjects I knew I could live with. I don't read books to fill Bingo squares, I read books I want to read and fit them into the squares. Happily my first Bingo came without much work or finagling. 


Mylo has had a busy social schedule. Yesterday he met Daisy, my long time friend Camille's Havanese one year old. They had a fun playdate running, running, running through the back yard and wearing themselves out to the point Camille and I were able to get away for lunch. Mylo slept the rest of the day!

Today he meets my needlepoint class, tomorrow we have puppy training, and Friday we top the week off with a trip to the groomer. I'm not ready to give up the puppy curls so he will just get a trim and spiff up. My handsome boy grows so quickly!

I'm Unraveling along with Kat and the Gang. What's everyone else up to? What's the last book you read and are you playing along with Summer Book Bingo


mylo is a delight, I'm so glad he is in your home making you smile! I have hidden all the yarn from Holly for now. I dd enjoy her sneakiness when she would steal a skein though.

What a sweet pup. Life sounds pretty good in your camp.

I can just see that little scamp jetting across the floor with your sock!!! Oh, puppies! They are so lucky they are so very cute. :-) I love your Mylo stories. (Also - that sock is gorgeous.)

I read the first of the KL trilogy when it first came out (long, long ago) -- and then forgot all about it. You reminded me earlier this year about the trilogy, and I'm eager to dive back in. (One of the reasons I'm not Bingo-ing this summer is KL --- I was already planning to spend my summer slowly savoring that long trilogy . . . and it didn't fit well with a Bingo card.)

:-) I LOVED Less.

Lovely sock and just the cutest puppy ever!!! I think I am Overdrive hold for Educated and Less - looking forward to both of those. Recently I read "Coming to My Senses" by Alice Waters and though I enjoyed the fact that it was about the 60's and early 70's, I was hoping for more food in the book - lol. I also read "Never Caught - The Washingtons' Relentless Pursuit of Their Runaway Slave, Ona Judge" by Erica Armstrong Dunbar. Highly recommend!

Mylo cuteness is such a good thing...thus nabbing hand-knit socks is not such a problem! Ha! He is so adorable! It makes me long for a puppy! Thank you for sharing so abundantly so I can vicariously savor puppy-hood through you!

I laughed much at Less also and found that his escapades were brilliantly described.

But, I am eager to hear your thoughts on Warlight!

Hi Margene! So much fun in your day! I just finished Under the Banner of Heaven. Interesting, too long and certainly not a true representation of the faith! But I'm glad I read it. I've got my first ever Agatha Christie up next!

I'm sorry, are you talking about books and reading? Something about lunch? All I can see is MYLO MYLO MYLO... OMG, he is the most adorable little pup. It's so easy to see how much joy he brings to you, Margene... even when he's a sock-stealing rascal!! ;)

Awww-Sophie used to steal my knitting and chew on the wooden needles. Am very glad she's outgrown that bad habit!

Mylo is just the cutest little pup!! I like the colors in the sock. The last book I finished was "The Party". I'm now going between "A Man Called Ove" and "A Stash Of One's Own".

What a darling pup! I'm glad that he didn't unravel your sock, though.
Thanks for the book reviews. I think I'm going to get Less from Audible. It sounds like a good vacation book. Educated is also on my list.

Mylo is so sweet, and I'm a little envious of his social life! Both of you seem to be having so much fun together, and that is just as it should be!

I need a puppy in my life right now, yours is perfect for me. Thank you for sharing him.

Mylo is the cutest - I'm so glad you have a schnauzer back in your life! and woot for the Bingo(s)!!

your Mylo is so stinking adorable....makes me want another puppy but I must step away for now one dog is surely enough

What a busy schedule you and Mylo have! LOL about the sock theft - Mayhem is still notorious for biting through yarn and making extra ends if you're knitting and unwary...

I like the little curls too - glad you won't be chopping them all off!

P.S. - can't wait to see him again! And you too, of course!
Miss you!

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