Unraveled with a Bit of Mylo

Mylo Monday


Mylo has been my constant companion. He sleeps at my feet as I write this post. I've spent a lot of time playing with him, walking with him, talking to him, and training him. We have a busy week ahead as there will be shopping for a new (bigger) collar and name tag, followed by a walk in the park. We plan on a lot of new places, and maybe new friends, helping Mylo adjust and feel comfortable in this world. Tomorrow he has a play date with my friend Camille's puppy, Daisy. Wednesday we will visit my needlepoint class, as my friends would like to see how much he has changed in two weeks. Thursday we have puppy training, and Friday he will meet his new groomer! Life moves fast around here.


When I sit at my desk he is right under my feet and I can't move even an inch. He likes the chair matt as it is cooler than the carpet. He loves his kennels (one on each floor), and loves to walk (or lay in the grass and contemplate the good life). He is mostly house trained, usually sleeps through the night, and is learning the basics of sit, up, and down. My goal is to raise a good doggy citizen. No jumping, little barking, and how to be safe (in all circumstances). I know I've got my work cut out for me. Mylo is smart, and sweet, and I think he loves me. 

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That face. I tell ya. It gets me every time. His changes are rapid and I know he'll look more like a dog than a puppy real soon. Life has changed, but his presence and the demands of training and caring have been enjoyable and fun. As the Solstice arrived, summer began and the sun changed direction, I knew that winter would be better, easier, happier because Mylo is here. 


I don't think anyone could resist Mylo's sweet face! He has really learned a lot in two weeks, and I'm sure he loves you because he can tell you are taking excellent, loving care of him. Every Monday should be Mylo Monday!

Aww! Adorable! I'm so glad Mylo has joined your family!

What a sweet face!

Aw, Margene - he's so cute! I know you must be really happy having a sweet schnauzer back in your life! and thank you for sharing that face with us ... Mylo Mondays are a welcome feature!

He's adorable!!!!!!

That face!! Oh my goodness, how can you even stand it?? I'm so happy that you've found each other, because the LOVE shines loud & clear in both directions!! ;)

Oh yes that face!!! I agree - Mylo Mondays need to be a regular feature.

I vote for Mylo Monday's as well! What a precious little pup!

Oh my! Mylo is a charmer! I am so envious, even though I have 2 good little doggies that are under my feet asleep as I type this. But they no longer have new puppy DNA that you can smell on their breath and in their ears. Best smell in the world! I know Mylo loves you, and he always will. Have fun raising a good canine citizen and keep us posted, please.

Dogs are simply the best! He’s adorable :)

He is adorable!

He is SO cute! And yeah, that's absolutely a look of adoration. :)

Hello Mylo! I hope to see you each and every Monday for many, many, many years! He's absolutely perfect Margene...and there is no doubt that love is mutual!

Mylo is adorable! It's easy to tell from the way he is looking up at you that he loves you!

Mylo looks like a real love and oh my what a darling face! My little love, an elderly dachshund, is sleeping on my lap as I read your post. They give so much love and never criticize us!

Oh, Mylo! He is a heartthrob, to be sure!!! That face!!! Those little puppy legs!!!! Thanks for sharing him with us, Margene. Puppy love . . . XO

Oh my what's not to love-puppies are the best.

Look at that sweet face! Of course he loves you.

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