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Loving: All the flowers! April's paltry amount of precipitation was enough to bring on May blooms. I spent most of my time behind a camera taking pictures of blossoms. You probably know what most of the pictures in my May mosaic represent (I think I've covered most of them in the last post), but the black square denotes the day my b-i-l, Roger, passed away. My sister, Leeann, is doing well. She has a strong support system in her life. She has given always and her goodness is coming back to care for her in her time of need. She lives 40 miles away, which can often feel like another world, but we are close and I may just be traveling that part of road to see her more often. 


Puppy Love: Mylo and Smith! I had to share this picture of my two boys. The plan is for Mylo to come to our home on June 18th when he is 8 1/2 weeks old.  I.can't.wait! We have been visiting vets, dog trainers, pet stores and have purchased a dog bed, a few soft toys, a kennel, and a pet gate.  Still I think of all we need to do and to buy. Dog bowls, food, treats, treats, treats. I'm sure there will be a few more items we haven't even thought about.

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Drinking: After Vicki blogged about the Loveblock wine Maddy brought back from New Zealand (my favorite place for white wines), I had to see if it was carried at our state liquor store and they had a Sauvignon Blanc--Score!  Plus, Mary blogged about her Frozen Negroni  and I had to give it a try. It was refreshing and delicious, just my style of cocktail, as it wasn't sweet and had that touch of citrus I love. I may not be with my friends in person, but I am drinking with them in spirit! 


Reading: My book group picked Pachinko by Min Jin Lee for the July and August selection, so I only need to read half of the book each month. I've no doubt it's doable, although I've only just begun. I read quite a bit of hype about Children of Blood and Bone, a debut YA fantasy novel by Tomi Adeyemi. The library had a copy and I thought I'd stretch myself by reading a book outside my usual fare. I'm enjoying the well constructed epic of a young woman who is trying to save magic in a kingdom that has worked to destroy it and the people who practiced it. The story is very complicated with several characters telling the tale from different points of view. 


Growing: This year we've had success with almost everything we've planted (knock wood). The weather has been hot for a few days, then cooled off to comfortable temperatures, which has been marvelously nice for the plants and for us. This is a picture of tomatoes and garlic, with a row of carrots and onions on the left.


All the gardens in our community have been doing well. One person is growing artichokes and she has 50 or so on her plants! How cool is that?


The view of Mount Olympus from the garden isn't half bad, either. I love summer so much! 


Knitting: I am--sporadically. Both sleeves of Sunday Morning have been completed and the back has a good started. I've just turned the second heel on a pair of socks I thought would take me two months to knit. My new goal is the end of June, which should put me in the running for two pairs of socks this year. There is just so much to do during the wonderful summer months. 

Watching: Not so much. It's summer and I'd rather be outdoors in the evening. 

Listening: SO many books, so little time. I always have a book in my ear (or a podcast) and Children of Blood and Bone is the most recent. I'm enjoying the narration and the story is written almost like a thriller. Something is always happening, which keeps it moving along quickly. I am so grateful I can be on the go and still have the company of a good book. Although, I listen to music now and again because there are so many great artists producing new music. What you may not know is that an album of new tunes by John Coltrane was recently found and will be released later this month. SO exciting! 

I've run out of steam, and time. So friends, how have you been the last couple of weeks? 


I always love to see your gardens . . . and especially that stunning view FROM your gardens! So lovely! I can't wait to see more of little Mylo. I'm so excited for you and Smith. Such a lovable little pup. Thanks for sharing your news - and views. XO

A summertime postcard from Utah is always welcome in my feed reader! So much (mostly) good stuff Margene. I'm glad you tried and enjoyed the Negroni (and jealous you found LoveBlock). We're excited about little Mylo, too!

These photos! Gah... so gorgeous! And, that little puppy! I am so excited for you! Here is to happy reading, and all the beautiful outdoor time! XO

Gorgeous photos! And Mylo looks so sweet. I'm going to have to look for that LoveBlock wine (I usually prefer reds, but have been getting into whites in the warmer weather)...I don't hold out a lot of hope that PA liquor stores carry it. But I will be on the lookout.

This is a wonderful update! Milo is absolutely adorable and I know there will be lots more pictures of him once he comes to live with you and Smith!

I can't wait to see more of little Mylo! And I'm sorry for your sisters loss. She'll be happy to see more of you. Great photos today Margene!

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your BIL. I'm glad your sister isn't too far away and that she has a good support system.
Mylo is absolutely adorable! And he has a mischievous twinkle in his eyes!

I'm so sorry to hear about your brother-in-law. I love that you're such a comfort to your sister.

I cannot wait until Mylo comes home!! You sound so excited and happy.

...about everything. I love that. And you. Thanks for the update!!


Mylo is going to be spoiled rotten :) yay for all of you!! I have that book on my shelf but haven't cracked it open as of yet.

This is a great update, Margene. So much going on! Mylo, what to say? Precious life in an incredibly cute package. I know you guys will be having lots of fun, and will be receiving lots of love in the form of puppy kisses. That's exciting. So sorry to hear about your BIL, but it's great you are close enough to visit. That garden! Smith's thumb is very green, me thinks. I enjoyed the photos and the update!

There is so much good going on in your life! I'll look forward to seeing more of Mylo, and I'm a bit envious that you found Loveblock. I've looked but haven't come across it yet. Those artichokes look interesting, along with Children of Blood and Bone. I will have to look for that one at the library!

Cool to see the new addition! Had fun looking up Mylo's breed characteristics. Enjoy seeing gardening pics. Your stripey socks are motivating me to check out sock yarn when I reach Reno's JBW store.

Sorry to hear about your BIL. :( Glad your sister is doing well!

And - yesterday you go Mylo?? Pictures, please! :)

I just finished reading The Queen’s Embroiderer which is the story of several families in France in the late 1600’s through the late 1700’s. Not much about embroidery per say, but a fascinating look at what was going on in France at the time.

Since you did so much embroidery work in the past, and are working on your summer book list, I thought I’d mention it! Maybe it will fill in one of your categories.

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