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Knitting & Reading - Unraveled Edition

I have been tried and true to two projects, a sock and a sweater, or perhaps a sock and a shawl, for as long as I can remember. When I've strayed and ended up working on three projects I quickly find myself turing towards monogamy. I'll eschew two projects and focus on one until that project has been finished. So, for that reason I've been working on two and only two.  Slowly I've been motoring along on my Electric Sock facing the knowledge that I will not make my goal of 6 pair of socks this year. The goalpost has been changed to 2 pair (or maybe 3), which will be better than nothing.  The plan is to have this pair finished by the end of May. 


I've also been working on my Sunday Morning sweater (even more slowly than the sock) and now have two sleeves finished. Yesterday I cast on for the back and have a good start.  The yarn is so very lovely and knitting this sweater has been smooth and easy, perfect for social knitting, as well as mindfully meditative stitching. This yarn and pattern are why sock knitting has diminished the last few months. 


But as happens when we say never, I knew I was sunk when Mary showed her Caylx. I tried to put thoughts of starting another sweater out of mind, but that just didn't work. Caylx worked her way back into my thoughts over and over. The Shibui yarns called for in the pattern were way out of my price range, so I took a looked at the colors of Berroco Remix on offer from Webs (the same yarn Mary's using) but I wasn't inspired because its soft neutral shades. Still Caylx stayed on my mind, and Monday I took a second look at the colors and decided Old Jeans (a deep blue), would be just the thing. I was even more thrilled to see the cost and yardage made the sweater around $24. That's unheard of in my knitting world, so I took the leap, bought the yarn and now I'm waiting by the mailbox. Caylx could be on my needles soon! 

Mary also mentioned TTL Mystery is coming up, but I've already got my next shawl waiting in the wings. When I tried on Monica's Bay's Edge shawl and saw its unique construction, and the way it sat on my shoulders, I knew it would next in my queue. And, how about that? SIX bluetiful blues! I hope to get started soon. The yarn is Marianated Scrumptious HT Gradient Set "Tangled Up in Blues". Check out the names of the blues.


As you might have seen in the photo of Sunday Morning, I'm rereading Exit West, which is the Book Group choice for May. I've been doing quiet a bit of reading lately and have been listening to one book after another. Between the library and Audible I've had a great selection for my listening pleasure. At the moment I'm listening to 4 3 2 1 by Paul Auster which Mary and Carole both liked. I'm swept up in the story and find it hard to break away, but it's a long book and it will take me some time to make it through. 

The day Mary announced Summer Bingo I pulled a card fully expecting a card with dozens of subjects I'd never read.  But, as it turned out my Bingo Card was fairly benign. I made a short list of books from my TBR I saw a place for each one. I knew I could, would be able to play Summer Bingo. 

I've been reading up a storm and have a few good books under my belt.  Barracoon by Zora Neale Hurston, is a short book which told the story of the last slave sold in America, who happened to be brought into the country illegally. I found the most interesting part of the book was the introduction which told more about Zora Neale Hurston's life than I previously known. I also enjoyed Jon McGregor's Reservoir 13 and Home Fires by Kamila Shamsie. My favorite book of April was Circe by Madeline Miller. Miller makes mythology (about which I know little) easy to understand. She explains each god as they appear and has a cheat sheet, as well. But Circe's story, the story of her exile and life alone, how she broke free and made her own decisions was fascinating on every level. At the moment I'm reading 4 3 2 1, by Paul Aster, which Mary and Carole both recommended and I am so wrapped up in the story I can hardly stop reading. 

Are you playing Bingo? Have you an action plan? 


I love a!l your knitting projects, Margene. Sometimes you just have to pay attention to the siren call in your head. I bet you will love Calyx! And you are reading like a fiend! I am not setting any reading goals lately. There is too much going on in my life, but I have a lot of books stacked up when I get to them, if I get to them. Have a wonderful week!

I like your approaches to both knitting and reading - read and knit what you enjoy, in amounts that work for you, but be prepared for spontaneity and detours that you will ultimately enjoy. I think all of your knitting projects are lovely, especially now that you've answered the siren call of Calyx, and that gradient is so very bluetiful!

I loved Circe, too! (I loved The Song of Achilles more . . .) I just finished Paris in the Present Tense (Mark Helprin) and Telling Tales (Ann Cleeves). I've been thinking of starting 4 3 2 1, as it's just sitting there in my Audible library. Maybe I'll join you! :-)

I LOVE the blues for your new shawl. And I also love Calyx. Both will be perfect for you -- to knit and to wear. (And $24 for a sweater is a STEAL!)

Love the blues (and their names!!) for your new shawl. That will be lovely. And Sunday Morning! Each time I happen upon this pattern I fall in love with it.

You've been reading a ton! I have no plans to join Bingo this year...last year it ended up turning reading into a chore for me and that's the last think I want.

Nice to see this update from you!

That Bays Edge Shawl will be spectacular! I'm also trying to be monogamous...and though I dislike deadlines tremendously having a couple has proven to up my productivity recently. I've no thoughts on my summer knitting...though I did look at Calyx but the fingering is a deal breaker. No need to worry though, there are plenty of options in my stash! And's to Book Blanket Bingo! :-)

I love your knits! I can't wait to see your Calyx underway! AND, Book Bingo!! The best prep ever is the prep of plotting out my card! I am really excited for this years reads!

Love those socks! And your other projects sound great, too. Hooray for Book Bingo and I'm really glad to hear you are enjoying 4 3 2 1!

I've got to read 4321 and Circe this summer! I might join in Book Bingo this summer. :)

So much inspiration in this post!
I can see why you can't get Calyx out of your mind. That is a beautiful sweater. But I have a dumb question: Would you wear a tank underneath it? I think I would. I'm too old for that much skin.
I think I'm going to buy 4321. I love Auster, and so many knitters have enjoyed that book.

Love this post: the knitting projects; the ideas; your reading in progress, title suggestions etc! So looking forward to seeing your Calyx in progress...and isn’t it wonderful that we get to revamp our projects ? Do enjoy your choices and thanks for reminding me that 4321 is on my list!

Enjoy your knitting and reading days!

I love the "blues" yarn for your new shawl, that will be beautiful! I like your approach to book bingo, it's about reading things we enjoy. Like you, I was able to find books on my TBR list for most of the categories. Enjoy your knitting & reading!

Those blue yarns are AMAZING!

And I love the stripey socks you're working on!

Thanks for the link to Summer Book Bingo. I had seen references to it on a few blogs, but after reading your blog, I sent the link to myself so I can print out a card. Beautiful sweater knitting!

So much good stuff here (and glad I was able to inspire an inexpensive knitting project :-) I've got Circe on hold, but seeing Kym's comment ... well, I have Song of Achilles on my own library shelf. hummmm.... I need to start planning summer reading!

that gradient set is gorgeous and I am drooling over it. I tend to have up to four project going, if there are any more I can't focus and I feel stressed out.

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