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Last week the weather guy told us the possibility of more frost was minimal as they average last date of frost was April 23rd. He was going to plant his tomatoes because he was sure there was no threat of a killing frost. That may well be, but despite his predictions we had snow yesterday. It rained buckets in the morning (and snowed for a short while), but by afternoon we had a cool breeze and sunny blue skies. The next two nights we'll be on frost watch as Smith planted a dozen tomato plants on Sunday! 

Our condo grounds house over 100 trees of various varieties, about half and half deciduous and fir.  My knowledges of trees is very small, but I know we have Sunburst honey locust (no pods or throrns) and Ponderosa pines outside our door. We have several flowering trees, some pink blossoms, some white blossoms. All the crab apple and Russian olive were removed (trash trees) years ago. That's the long way of telling you about the many beautiful Kwanzan cherry trees. The one across the street from our condo was gloriously pink, with large blossoms (above!) that weighted down the branches. Here it is with the additional weight of snow! 


One of the trees has been here far longer than we have and it is half dead with a gnarly trunk, but still, it is so beautiful in its own way. Eventually the management will have to removed it, as there are fewer branches alive than dead. In it's hay day every branch was covered with pink frilly blossoms, so thick the tree looked cuddly and the limbs simmered with shades of vibrant pink. When the blossoms fell the walk below was thickly carpeted with petals, a pink glorious carpet that made the heart sing. But, every year winter has taken its toll and now only a few blossoms dot the aging limbs. 

 This year the poor tree is showing its age (I know how it feels!), but it is blossoming and trying to share its beauty and grace. We should all age as gracefully as this old tree. I love the gnarled trunk and the way the roots wrap the terrain and keep it upright. 

Smith Wassmer paintings

A few years ago (2004) my very dear friend, Thom (now gone), gave me the gift of a small painting by a well known local artist, Ted Wassmer. I have kept the painting and the sweet note Thom sent tucked away, but this year the struggling Kwanzan cherry reminded me of his gift (Dance of Spring) and I've decided to have it framed. (I know! Why did I wait?!) Do you see the resemblance to the brave old tree? I feel the gift is double fold, as the painting has come to life. 


Oh, Margene! How perfect! I love that painting -- and now it has a story. It's time to get it framed (where it just wasn't before). I hope your tomatoes survive and thrive! (Our average last frost isn't until May 18. . . ) XO

I love your story about the brave tree, and seeing the beautiful painting. Great way to start the day!

well yikes about late April snow ... but oh my I love the cherry blossoms, and the painting brought to life. I'm glad you (finally?!) found the impetus to get it framed! Happy May!!

I love this and happy May.

I will have my fingers crossed for your tomatoes! Nothing at all in here yet as our last frost day is Mother's Day (but that means nothing at all anymore, I don't think!) I love the image come to life! Beautiful!

Oh, what a lovely painting -- a reminder of so many wonderful things. My sister shared some photos of an ancient tree they found on a hike outside of Valencia... the stone columns erected to support branches were a couple of hundred years old themselves (or so they were told)!

Though often tempted, I wouldn't dare to plant tomatoes (or much else) before Mother's Day... and Memorial Day is the safest bet! ;)

You told a beautiful story of the tree with your words, I feel like I am right there with you. (I wish I was). The painting is perfect and will keep the tree alive for you even after it's gone.

Oh how I love that tree - both the "real" one and the painting. So glad you have it framed now. It is a beauty! And Spring! Finally here (despite a touch of frost/snow). Our weather still seems up and down like a rollercoaster. Sunday it couldn't get out of the 50's and by tomorrow we will be in the high 80's! Crazy.

I love seeing your mountain in every kind of weather, and it's interesting that you seemed to have it all in one day. I will be sending good frost-free thoughts to Smith and your tomatoes. The pull to plant is strong, as is the fear of frost wiping out the seedlings.

And those cherry trees! The blossom-laden trees are beautiful, but there is a special beauty in the nobly aging tree that I really appreciate. Thank you for sharing all of nature's beauty.

The painting and the tree are perfect together.

Mirror images. Truly. We had two Kwanzans in the Public Garden in Boston. One aged less gracefully than the other, and the city took it down. The other one mirrors yours. It reminds me so much of a grieving widower, half of what he should be because his partner is gone.

Oh wow-your views are stunning!

Oh I'm glad you are framing that painting :) Spring looks lovely where you are, here we are just starting to see some flowering trees. Yay!

Yes! That is a wonderful gift and will now continue the memory of your lovely tree in a most special way. I'm hoping we have some blooms like that coming our way soon!

I love cherry blossoms and your trees (even, maybe especially, the old one) and your painting are beautiful. None of our flowering trees are even close to blooming yet - here in Iowa, we went from unseasonably cool to summertime in the space of about a week.

Oh, that is a wonderful painting - and very much like your tree!

Perfect! Enjoy the tree. For as long as it lives and the gift from your friend forever. I love trees - they have so much character. So much to give ...

There is no better harbinger of spring that the blossoming cherry trees. I can think of no other tree I enjoy more. I planted a row of them against my fence line in the back a few years ago, and one in the front, and they are growing and becoming more beautiful every year. Thank you for showing me your gorgeous spring, Margene. I love the painting as well. Why did you wait? Obviously the right time is now, so enjoy it as a lovely found memory. I am hoping there will be no more snow in your life for the next six months.

It surprised me to read that your frost free date is earlier than Denver’s last Frost day (May 15). It may be warming up some but trusting the weather forecast is a crap shoot. Hooray for Spring!

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