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Lots of News

Since I retired I have spent more on gas than I ever did when I made my short commute to work. Every week it seems I am filling up the tank! Last week was another busy one with hardly any time to rest. I drove miles and miles north of the Salt Lake Valley and and miles and miles south. This week I am exhausted and trying to keep my schedule a little lower key. Being on the go produces lots of news worthy happenings (at least newsy for my small life). 


Thursday I traveled to Utah County (Provo/Orem area) to see my sister's new home. They are relocating from Omaha to Utah after 40 years+ of living away. There are 6 girls in my family (one boy) and 3 of us spent the day together helping Karen pick paint and carpet to redecorate her new house. She has a lot of work to do before she can move in and years of work ahead to make the house and yard her own. It will be nice to have her back in Utah. 


Friday I came home from swim class and saw that one of my neighbors was having an estate sale. I was a little alarmed as she has been in assisted living (memory care) for some time. Of course one can't help but think the worst has happened (but then I hadn't heard anything). I found out she is alive and well (expect the memory thing) and her family was just thinning out the collected treasures of past generations. The glassware, silver service, china, and furniture was all of beautiful quality. If someone was a collector of anything from jewelry to fancy dinner service, they would have found just the thing. I am not a collector of anything, but I have an appreciation for the past. Mike (as she was called) was also a needleworker and as soon as I saw this chair I knew the work was hers. I stood before it knowing it had no business being in my house. It works with none of my decor (such as it is) and fits nowhere. No.where. But, I couldn't leave it behind. Now I have no idea what to do with it (except sit on it), but I am happy that it is mine. 


This is a desert, but April and May can be quite wet. We don't complain about the rain, unless it comes along at inconvenient times. Every afternoon there has been a thunderstorm boil up and, unlike last week, the rains have come down. Usually they last only a short time, but the ground gets a much needed drink and the garden is happy. However, I am constantly dragging the patio cushions from the chairs and tucking them into a safe dry corner. It is a bummer I have to do this every day, but the rains have kept the garden watered and the air cool. Like I said, no complaints. My flower pots are also very happy. 


I won't keep you in suspense any longer, although I think most of you already know the BIG news. Sunday night we drove north 40 miles to look at a litter of nine schnauzer puppies. A lovely family had both doggy parents, which we got to meet (and wanted to bring home with us) and all nine of their beautiful babies. What a treat to see the whole family and make friends with all. 


Three of the nine (salt and pepper)


Two black and silver, one white


Rocio with Mom and Dad 


Dad and three of his babies

28389953298_19d13588b7_kOur boy on the right (4 weeks old)

It took us forever to choose (how do you leave any of those babies behind!?) and I'm sure the family was more than ready for us to leave, but we finally made our choice out of the nine. We picked the one that will look most like his daddy, Chico. We're thinking through names and testing how this or that feels on the tongue and in our hearts. (We have had a tradition of picking names that start with "M", so we are limited.) Smith and I are THRILLED, scared, and so very excited! We will visit as we can, as he is only 4 weeks old and we would like to wait until he is at least 7 or 8 weeks. What do you think?!!  


I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! What a gorgeous boy!

WhoooHooo! A new puppy! So happy you have found a new companion.
That and welcome rain are a good start to a new season I'd say.

Congratulations! I just know he'll be a smart boy, and you will teach him so many things, so many words. Mother's Schnauzer knew the names of all the toys in his basket. He had "ball", and one of father's old cotton work socks, "sock". Then my uncle visited, and brought a doggie soccer ball that was found under grandfather's sofa when they cleared out the house. The soccer ball as added to the toy basket, and later Uncle Bob called out "bring soccer ball". The Schnauzer ran to the toy basket, looked back and forth, back and forth from ball to sock, and returned to the kitchen without a toy. The whole act repeated on another command of "bring soccer ball"! Finally, Uncle Bob and Mother realized that her Schnauzer couldn't decide between "sock or ball" (soccer ball). The soccer ball had a brand name on it, and that had to become the name of the toy to avoid confusion. See why I say you'll have a smart boy?

New house, new chair, and new puppy! These are all wonderful, and I know you can't wait to welcome Manuel, Murphy, Maxwell (or whatever you and Smith determine his real name is) home!

Matzo, obviously. LOL.
Can't wait to see the new baby in person!

The chair is wonderful but puppies trump chairs. The baby schnauzers are just too cute. My Dachsie, named Ben, wishes you and puppy the best!

Lots of wonderful news! Those puppies are adorable. I am partial to Mylo, but love Cheryl's suggestion go Matzo! Lol. Mr. Matzo. :-)

Oh, congratulations!!!

So much news! Your pots are lovely, Margene. The chair is a real treasure, and I am glad it has found a home where it will be appreciated. It wouldn't go in my house either, but I could not have left it behind. The puppies! The parents! All of them are so pretty! How did you pick? I usually pick the one that comes to me and allows me to be dominant. I wondered if you were actually going to go through with getting another dog, but I see you were just waiting for the right time. You've got another dog in you, Margene, don't be scared. It will be a joyful journey. Just remember that when you are taking him out in the middle of the night to potty train him. You will get to see the night sky!

so so very happy for you - and cannot wait to meet him

I am so delighted by your puppy. I remember your last two boys fondly. I also completely understand about the chair! Those of us who make beautiful things are the only ones who truly understand the love that went into that beautiful chair. Of course you had to bring it home! You will always be able to remember your neighbor in better times.

What about Mike or Mikey to go with your new chair from your old neighbor Mike.

Aww. A puppy. πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

New puppy! I'm so happy for you! I have a soft spot for schnauzers as my aunt has had one as long as I can remember--her Schnapze was the first dog I knew! That chair is a treasure, and I'm sure Mike would be pleased to know it is in the hands of someone who understands just what a treasure it is!

Bring him down!

I am so excited for you too!!! What joy he will bring to you. And that Cheryl is on to something! :-) (You know Matt / Matty for short!)

Delightful news! A new baby and a sister moving back home. Those will make life so very much brighter for you, even though I doubt it was dull before. My sister is moving back home, too. Interesting how things work out.

So very cute! I’m sure Baby M will be a 🌟 Gorgeous.

Whoops. I’m watching Morse at present. How about that one for the pot?

I love you, Margene, and am so excited for you!!! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

Retirement is the perfect time to bring home a new puppy and I'm so excited for you and Smith! Choosing the right name is SO important, it took us a few weeks to settle on a name for Dixie when we got her. I know you will find one that is just right. It's a joy to read about your happy days.

I am beyond happy for your new family addition (it's been to long!). I love the one you picked out and the parents look friendly and sweet. I know you will be happy after all the puppy training that goes with a new animal.

How fabulous to have your sister closer! And, those pups!! Gah! So adorable! How on earth did you pick just one! :)

So many good newses, Margene! Having your sister back in the same state, that gorgeous chair (I'm so glad you're giving it a good home) ... and the puppy. Oh my goodness! You know the next four weeks are going to fly by and then little M--- will be turning your lives upside down in the best possible way.

This all sounds wonderful. That’s the way retirement should be. Enjoy!

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