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As Time Goes By

This post was intended for last week, but Monday went by, Tuesday went by, Wednesday went by, and then I just gave up. But, I've finally put together a little catch up to give you an idea of what's been happening around here.



A week ago Friday I spent with my kid sister (she 24 years younger than me) while she walked to receive her diploma from the University of Utah College of Education. She has reached her life goal of becoming a teacher! She had been working full time and going to school full time until this year when she started student teaching. Two months before the end of the school year she was asked to take over a Kindergarten class. I don't know how she did it all, as she is also the mother of two teenage boys! I am SO excited for her! Way to go Jana!  


This beautiful, graceful flower showed up in a corner of our garden and we had no idea what it was or how it got into our vegetable garden. I put a picture on Instagram and instantly got an answer from Eileen. She foretold of horrors as the plant is an invasive weed and will take over lawns and spread never to be eradicated! It has the angelic name of Star of Bethlehem. I carefully dug out the bulbs, trying to get every one large and small. They seemed to multiply right before my eyes and I'm afraid I may have left one or two behind. I may be digging this invading flora from my garden all summer long.




Cheryl sent me a message that the wisteria was blooming at Red Butte Gardens and a day or two later I ran up for a quick morning stroll. WOW! The scent, the color, the variety and beauty of the blossoms just made my heart soar. The Garden's are full of blossoming flowers but the only thing that had my eye was the wisteria. 


When I walked past this wisteria and blossoming viburnum their two scents mingled and I about fell over. They filled the air and I felt as if I were in an enchanted garden. As Kym would say, #flowersaremagical. 



My niece's son had a baseball game last Friday. As the game started down came a light rain, but one inning in the rain changed to a steady pour and both teams got wet as could be. (Thank goodness for the big umbrella Shauni and I shared.) Nine year olds don't care about the weather and they played a good game. Jaren, just got an RBI and was pumped and ready to give his mom a high five! He had also fielded a ball to stop a winning run in the inning before! Despite the wet weather a good time was had by all. Go Jaren! 



Saturday morning, in the pouring rain, I drove 45 minutes north to take a  silk scarf dyeing class at the Great Basin Fiber Fair. The teacher talked about the color wheel and then showed us how to mix the dyes and dye our scarves. Each group got to use the colors of the other two groups so we ended up with three different color ways. The class was easy and informative and it felt great to walk away with three beautiful scarves. 

After class I walked around the marketplace and had a great time running into people I hadn't seen for awhile.  There were many beautiful yarns, fleeces, handmade objects, looms, brooms, and all sorts of fascinating fibery wares. I also visited with Nancy Bush and took a walk down memory lane, as I touched all the beautiful lace creations she'd brought from Estonia and remembered the many unique techniques I've learn from her over the last 30 years(!)! 



My neighbor has a large patch of lilies of the valley that is just starting to bloom. As you walk by a faint scent of floral soup wafts on the air and turns your head. The flowers are tiny, delicate, and loving the rain. I watch over the patch as they seem precious and in need of a guard to keep them safe. That isn't true, they should be fine where they are, as they are, but they have a way of inviting me to care.

I'm heading over to the garden today to check on what's been growing and make sure I have pictures to share with Bonny. I also plan to have a post for Unraveled this week as well (fingers crossed)! 


Wow, you have been BUSY - no wonder time is flying by for you! Congrats to your sister!!

And wow, the wisteria is gorgeous. As is the silk scarf you dyed!

No wonder time is flying with all these wonderful things happening. Congratulations to Jana, and WOW is right! I've seen some nice wisteria recently but nothing can compete with that incredible scene at Red Butte Gardens. Those photos will definitely satisfy me until you share pictures of your garden! :-)

Congratulations to your niece! Well done! And, I love wisteria and lilies of the valley! Thank you for sharing!

You managed a great photo of the lily-of-the valley!

This is a wonderful catch up post! We have Star of Bethlehem show up in our lawn but it's never taken over - I wish it would, I'd rather that instead of grass. Congrats to your sister, how wonderful to achieve her dream!

Oh, wow, you HAVE been busy!! Congratulations to Jana! What a wonderful accomplishment. That wisteria... WOWOWOWOW! Your "fiber day" sounds like fun -- especially the part about running into friends. Lilies of the valley are among my very favorites -- what a beautiful photo you've shared. xoxo

No wonder you haven't had time for a blog post! Wow, Margene! That's a lot of news. First, though. . . THAT WISTERIA!!!! It is just so very, very magical! (And I can almost smell it through the computer screen.) Congratulations to Jana and to Jaren. And, oh my - the scarves and the class and Nancy Bush. Wow. Just wow. (And I'm going to ignore that deceptive little invasive plant in your garden. I'm so sorry you're having to deal with that rascal. . . ) XOXO

Gosh! You have been busy! Congratulations to Jana and that is such a great picture of Jaren (love that name, too).

I, for one, love Star of Bethlehem. We have some and keep hoping it will spread/multiply but it hasn't very much. We also have Lily of the Valley (which has spread much, much more than the Star of Bethlehem!). The fragrance is so sweet.

The wisteria you show is just amazing. Ours has been so full this year (and so fragrant), but I'm afraid most of the blooms will be on the ground after the strong storms we are expecting today.

Jealous of your scarf dying and looking forward to your unraveled post!

Oh I LOVE getting a catch up from you! Congratulations to Jana (and the whole family) and best wishes as she takes this next step (are you sure she has teenaged boys - she looks like Katie's age!) Yay that Spring has Sprung and it's wonderful to see the different blooms that mark your season ... and I look forward to reading more about your fiber-y and reading adventures ... soon!

Congrats to Jana! Big accomplishment!

Stunning wisteria. Lucky grrl.

Congrats to Jana! Big accomplishment!

Stunning wisteria. Lucky grrl.

Good news on all fronts! That wisteria is stunning! We don't have a lot of that around here, but I love it. I am very fond of Star of Bethlehem, but I like a lot of flowering weeds. I am not that devoted to grass, so I let everything come up as it likes in my yard. You are staying busy, Margene, and I am impressed by your continued joy in retirement. Congrats to your little sister!

Congrats to your niece - so happy for her and kindergartners are such fun - and also, your nephew and his baseball. You had a fun filled week and the fabric dying looks like so much fun...I plan to give it a whirl this summer - just trying some simple shibori technique. Love the wisteria bushes..s and good luck getting rid of the invasive flower...
Love the way you shared the highlights of your days in this post...some/most times, less (read : daily posts) is truly more (read: several days combined). I wrestle with that all the time and I’m the one who posted for 431 consecutive days, Nov 2016 -Jan 2018!

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