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Three Months in a Trice

Anyone remember me?

Sometime back in mid-February this happened--the beginning of the end. How I mourned my beautiful amaryllis and the light she brought to the drear of winter. 


Towards the end of February this happened and, as you know, when a dear friend from a far off place pops in, the heart just soars. It was so nice to see Laurie and Mr. Etherknitter if only for one night. 

40538818401_b8ff5a989d_k (1)

Also, arriving the last few days of February was much needed snow, which we first welcomed, but when the cold and snow seemed to take hold and stick around for  weeks, we felt it had over stayed its welcome.

40455541165_186342d897_kIt stayed and stayed day after day...

25768761537_4dbc00de4c_kafter day... 


after day. The storms were spaced far enough apart and the accumulations were small and, in reality, we didn't have much to complain about. I know you know how it feels to have winter come and never seem to leave. The cold was bad enough, but it was the endless days of gray that start to get to me (beautiful as the pictures may be).


That isn't to say spring hasn't done her damnedest to put on a show. See what you have to look forward to?!! The first trees started blossoming around the first part of April and they've been going on and on. The forsythia, the bulbs, and all the other blossoms that make spring such eye candy, have graced our days, although, I think the peaches, plums, and apricots might have been damaged by frost.




40968337934_4045730d65_h (1)

Brunnera how I love you! As of today she is in full bloom, my favorite spring flower, the delicate, tiny blossoms that furl and grow in cold or warmth, then dot the ground around as the silvery leaves grow and the flowers wan. 

April has been cruel, but she may have turned a corner as the skies have been dynamic, the clouds playfully shaping themselves into all the shapes they can be. I may have been absent from the blog, as well as other on-line sites, but I have been taking daily photos and loving mom nature as much as possible.


40787719685_3bf63cd000_k (1)

Our new patio furniture arrived during a snowstorm, which turned out to be the last. I know the potential for more snow is about 50-50, but for now, I choose to believe that spring is here and, fickle as she may be, I love her so.

40763032525_78a5f235c4_k (2)



Welcome back

I've missed you and the view too. Glad you've have just been busy. My amaryllis have met the same demise. They bloomed later than most but were a bright spot though those late snow storms we had. So happy you popped in for a update.

Spring is coming ... slowly but surely! It was lovely to see you and that Brunnera (a new-to-me bloom) here today!

Hi Margene! :-) I really love your new patio furniture. What a perfect place for you to enjoy the sunshine while you kick back and relax. As always, thanks for the gorgeous views!! XOXO
(I can't wait for my brunnera to put on a show! Those blue clouds of bloom. Ahhhh. So worth the wait.) :-)

April hasn't been very spring like here, either, but I think we're turning the corner now - finally. I love seeing you and Laurie together and I'm glad you posted. Mwah!

Of course we remember you, and are glad to see all the winter and spring beauty you've shared! Brunnera is new to me but so beautiful I'm going to look for some to plant here. It reminds me of forget-me-nots, which I love but can't seem to grow. Hopefully I'll do better with Brunnera. Enjoy that new patio furniture, your view, and spring!

Oh those views!! And, yes - April has been rather un-April-like! I am glad to see you back here and I am even MORE glad you shared all those beautiful blooms! XO

Haha. I almost wore sandals today... I, too, choose SPRING!! Even though there are still some enormous snow piles within sight almost everywhere I look. I am on the look-out for every sign of spring!! Thanks for sharing all of those gorgeous photos (even the endless gray ones). So nice to hear from you!! xo

Oh, so nice to see your post again. It seems like suddenly spring is here all over blog land with such beautiful flowers and trees in bloom. Here in Morro Bay it seems like it's always spring.

We have had rain for days and days and days! So I certainly understand about the gray skies getting monotonous and very tiresome. The rain quit just now, and I am hoping that we get a lengthy respite in spite of the fact they say we won't. Your pictures are fabulous, Margene! So clear and the composition is lovely. I think you are right; spring is here. We will just have to be patient for the full majesty to appear. Happy Spring!

love your new patio furniture and that brilliant sunshine! We have a rainy day but I hope it ends soon. Lovely to see you once again :)

Hi Margene! Wonderful, wonderful photos! It's nice to see you and your world again! Enjoy that new furniture and Happy Spring!

It was the weirdest winter, and now the oddest spring! *hugs*

Welcome back, Margene! You were missed! So happy to see you online again! Blue skies are headed your way!

Oh goodness the flowers and the scenery are stunning! I know it's been cold, but the blue skies and clouds are lovely.

That was a lovely travelogue of a season! I am glad I had the chance to share it with you!

"Good things come to those who wait!" Ah yes! Welcome spring and Welcome back!

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