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The poem I share with you today was written by me! I am not much of a poet as I have only written one or two (the other I can't remember) and a haiku here and there (which I don't remember, either), but I give you the words that came to me while listening to a robin yesterday morning. 


I used an image of my handwritten poem, in the style of Tyler Knott Gregson (@tylerknott). I heard an interview with him on To the Best of Our Knowledge.* He writes poems either by hand or on an old typewriter and posts them to Instagram. He is a master poet, every poem beautifully crafted. 

Happy Poem in Your Pocket Day! Thank you, Kym, for the encouragement to post today. 

*There is also an interview on TTBK about how knitting can improve your health. 


I like your poem. Thanks for sharing it.

Simply beautiful, Margene! Thank you so much for sharing your evocative poem, Tyler Knott Gregson, TTBK, and the knitting article. So much good stuff!

This poem is just lovely and so YOU.

Thank you for sharing your poem, Margene, it is lovely. You don't post for a long time, then 2 days in a row! I was very pleased, but surprised. Thank you for sharing the links as well.

Oh, that's marvelous, Margene!!

LOVE!! You are a genius!


What a treat, Margene! I love the images your words evoke ... and that I can picture YOU writing them. (also, love those dotted pages!)

I love it, Margene! It's a lovely poem. I think you should write more of them. :-)
I have one of Tyler Knott Gregson's books of poetry -- and each is written on an old typewriter! So fun. XO

Lovely poem. And thanks for the "Typewriter Poet" information!



That's a wonderful poem and a beautiful picture painted!

This is a wonderful way to celebrate A Poem in Your Pocket Day...and every day . I look forward to many more. Thanks you!

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