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You Gotta See This

There is grace, laced with anticipation, as this stunning amaryllis shows off more beautifully than I imagined. She is a show stopper and to think there are two more stems with flowers coming, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I will have more of this beauty to watch well into February. 


The sweet, charming elegance of a petite double stemmed overachieving soft pink amaryllis is daily eye candy. Six small flowers balance perfectly on her stem, and to think there is still another set of blossoms to come. I am full of awe. 


The deep red, shot with white, each petal perfectly outlined, the stamens reaching, swooping elegantly out of the center-this amaryllis is the most beautiful of any I've ever had (which, in reality) is few, but I think I have one that will be hard to top. With her three stems the show will continue for a few weeks to come and I will be watching every step of the way. 


Amaryllis watch this year has been a joy and has fulfilled my wildest dreams!  Happy Weekend, everyone. 


Stunning! I so wish I had gotten one (or four!) this year.

Beautiful beyond words. Stunning! And your photography is wonderful!
Happy Weekend, my friend!

I think your lovely, poetic words are as beautiful as your amaryllis. Simply gorgeous, and I thank you for sharing!

Since I was behind in blog reading, the cuteness and beauty of these posts was truly amazing.

Oh my! Sometimes the power and beauty of nature just blows my mind, I am profoundly grateful for eyesight to see these wonders! XO

Deeeeeep Sigh! Thanks for sharing this lovely bit o' Mother Nature - t'is certainly the next best thing to having the real one there...and as Bonny said: your words do enhance.
Continue to enjoy!

They are gorgeous and each one has it's own special charm. LOVE them!

Beautiful, especially after the early disappointment!

Patience has obviously paid off! They are both breathtaking, but that red one is just stunning. What a wonderful plant show for January, the dreary month! I hope you do have blooms well into February, the drearier month.

Wow - what beauty you have shared! Thanks bunches as January proves to be a cold brrr kinda month.

It has actually been several years since I 've had any amaryllis in my house, and seeing how beautiful the ones you and Kym have -- well, I'm jealous!. There WILL be amaryllis in my house next winter!!

Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

gorgeous and how nice you've documented your joy!!

Wow, wow, wow! What a winter treat this year!

It is just GORGEOUS!!! I love watching it unfold through your photos -- and can only imagine how much MORE WONDERFUL it must look in real life! Lovely, lovely, lovely!!! XO

wow wow wow! I thought my 3 bulbs with 2 stalks and 4 blooms (24 flowers) was impressive ... wow wow wow!

These are beautiful, and I have 1 bloom that is getting ready to open and a few that are starting to droop. I can't wait to do this again next year.


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