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Thursday afternoon we got a call from Smith's cousin to say he was in town for three days to ski and would like to meet for dinner. We quickly regrouped, as we had planned a night out for our 38th wedding anniversary, and happily met Jeff for dinner. You can see the family resemblance, no? It was fun to catch up, eat up some really good seafood, and commiserate on our miserable snow year. We're less than half what we should be this time of year, but that's another story. Jeff and his friends still had a great time given the snow we had that day.

Much of my weekend was spent with camnesia, a malady I often suffer from, but that only means I'm living more in the moment (methinks). Friday we went to a play (Don't Drink the Water) at a regional theater in a town just north of Salt Lake. (Thanks, Cheryl!) The play was corny, the characters funny, and we enjoyed the silliness and laughed a lot. 


Earlier in the week the Sunday Knits newsletter arrived and the minute I opened it up I knew I'd found my next sweater. I had started a something gray sweater and decided it didn't suit my mood. Then I found a pattern and yarn in my stash, this time dark gray, and thought I'd enjoy knitting Merle, but when Sunday Knits new pattern Sunday Morning came along it hit all my buttons and I broke down Friday morning and ordered the kit, which arrived Monday! In Delft. I'm in the mood for yarn the color of spring! 


Saturday I spent the afternoon immersing myself in the Liz Steel watercolour class. My head is swimming with water and pigment, brushes and paper, lines and puddles and my lack of control over all the above. I feel as if I am not absorbing much. My attempts at control seem to fall far short of "good", but I am determined I'll keep practicing, I know someday I'll find my own style. Regardless of ability, I find the pursuit of control to be fun and challenging. The amaryllis picture there as distraction. 


Sunday evening I had the pleasure of meeting one of my long time blog friends, Lauren W. Our conversation picked up as if we'd been face to face the day before. Meeting friends for the first time, but feeling as if you've known each other all your life, and talking the night away, well, that's what having a blog does. Lauren and I started blogging around the same time, 2004. You may remember Project Spectrum, one of the many projects bloggers thought up as a way to learn and challenge ourselves. PS was Lauren's baby and we had a great time coming up with blog posts for the colors in a color wheel. Those were the days, my friends. Despite walking away from her blog we have stayed friends on Instagram (which is my favorite SM) and Goodreads (my runner up). How thrilled I was that she came to town and we were able to spend an evening together. 

Happy Monday Tuesday, everyone.


2004–that is stellar persistence! Kudos!

The blue yarn is much more fun than greys—good choice.

How stupid—I forgot to mention the handsome twosome. They definitely look like brothers—handsome brothers!

We enjoyed the play, too.

Sunday Morning in Delft will be Gorgeous! What a peaceful, calming color (and the pattern reminds me of calm days as well). Meeting up with on-line friends can be such fun. Sounds like a good weekend for you.


Don't Drink the Water was one of the three plays that they would rotate through in my middle school, so it brings back an oddly positive memory.

What a fun weekend! And yes to the family resemblance!

i love that pattern, and the color, and i can see the family resemblance

When I first saw that photo, I thought that it was Smith & a brother... the family resemblance is pretty great!! How fun to meet up & chat with Lauren! I was just thinking of Project Spectrum the other day. So cool.

That sweater is perfect for you. I predict you'll have lots of fun knitting it. I'm here with Silvia's stash of art school supplies, including two sets of watercolors. I'd love to try them, but the colored pencils and markers have my attention first. So much to try, so little time!

Lolly! I'm so thrilled that you two met up - I met her years ago at Maryland Sheep & Wool, it was brief but awesome. Smith and his cousin Jeff definitely have a strong family resemblance, good for you guys for making yourselves readily available, I hope you will still celebrate your anniversary. As for those watercolors - don't overthink it. That's my advice!

I remember following Lauren's blog -- although it was back in the days when I just lurked and never said a word! I loved PS. :-) So glad you guys had such a fun weekend -- with the bonus of time with Smith's cousin (and, yeah -- strong family gene pool there). And you already know what I think of Sunday Morning. . . (my kit should arrive tomorrow). ;-)

Oh Margene - your next sweater is going to be a beauty!!! What a great weekend ... and wonderful photos! (I think people photos always count for more ;-)

I remember her blog as well! What a fun weekend, you had...and Happy Anniversary to you and Smith! XO

Great memories of a great weekend: meetup with relatives and a longtime blog friend < for sure that requires a drum roll! And time to practice and develop a skill plus new yarn! Enjoy your watercolor class/practice; the new yarn and reliving time spent with friends and relatives.

love the sweater you will be knitting! I love to meet internet friends - they then become real life friends. Lovely weekend!

That yarn looks stunning-can't wait to see a FO. 38 years! Congrats!

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