Much Ado
In The Red


The big news of our weekend is that Saturday was the snowiest day of our winter! We woke to several inches of snow, thrilled that the nature had decided it was our turn to revel in the "white stuff". Our mountains have been brown and bare, the ski resorts barely able to open, and we have all been worried, but also enjoying our balmy temperatures to the fullest. 


This is the first pure white mountain picture I've been able to snap all winter! Smith and I sat back, canceled a few plans and enjoyed a day of puttering around the house. As it turned out the roads were no problem and 8" of snow isn't quite "all that", but we enjoyed the day nonetheless. 



I spent much of the day in my "office" and since the most excellent amaryllis resides there, too, I took a copious number of pictures.  She doesn't have a bad side and my thrill is that she has two more healthy shoots growing quickly. Along with the elegant pink blossoms in the dining room, I'll have blossoms well into February. Already I have plans for an even bigger amaryllis forest next year.  Her beauty was quite a distraction while I worked on my watercolor class, did a bit of bookwork, and looking through my mail, but I still got a lot of work accomplished because of this snow day. 


I'll set pride aside to show you my first attempt at watercolor and sketching from my Sketch Now Watercolor class. Controlling the amount of water on my brush is proving a little challenging, but since I'm only beginning I'm giving myself a break and going through all the exercises several times. Even if I'm not a great watercolorist, I'm having a super good time. 


One of my favorite parts of the day is when mail arrives. Saturday was a very good day as I got a note from a no-longer-blogging friend, a package from my sister, six postcards from the far reaches of the planet earth, and couple of Christmas/New Year cards (it's never too late). Last year, two of my sisters took a trip to Europe and visited The Netherlands, Germany, France and Switzerland. From each location they sent postcards (so much fun to get postcards from my sisters!) a couple of which arrived after they'd come home, but it was nice to know they thought of me while traveling to such beautiful places. In the mail Saturday was a desk calendar, just the style I like, with pictures of them while visiting many colorful and iconic spots. 

The best thing about this unexpected day at home is it included knitting, reading and all of the above, and morphed into an evening of watching The Crown and having a delicious dinner with Smith (he had the day off!). I can't help but feel very grateful for my life. 


What a fabulous weekend, Margene. Sometimes puttering around is the very best way to spend a weekend, and I am so glad that you and Smith were able to spend it together. I cannot get over your amaryllis! I have had many of them over the years, but never had one so beautiful. Good things come to those who wait, yeah? I think your watercolor is very good for a novice. It is most important that you are having fun. Have a great week!

That was a most perfect weekend. Doing the things we love in the vicinity of the ones we love makes for a great day!

I think your watercolor is great - I can tell what you painted and that's kind of a big deal! And those amaryllis continue to amaze me. Hooray for snow days at home with your sweetie!

What a perfect weekend! And, your amaryllis is just stunning! XO

LOVE your amaryllis! Gorgeous. And, agree with Carole - I can tell what you painted and I like it...not sure anyone would be able to tell what I painted if I decided to try. Glad you had a cozy weekend. The desk calendar is a great idea!

What a lovely weekend! I'm so glad you finally got some snow - and were so prepared to ENJOY it (with Smith!) Adding my Agree with Carole and Vera - I think your first watercolor shows real talent! are you outlining with ink and then filling in the color? I actually bought black waterproof ink precisely for that purpose ... but (of course) I've never tried it!

What a perfect weekend, Margene! Filled with loveliness and painting and knitting and Smith. I don't think it could be any better! XO

Absolutely perfect!!!

Oh your watercolor is FABULOUS!

That, my friend, is the perfect weekend! Snow on the mountain, stunning amaryllis, so many notes and thoughts from friends and family, watercolor, knitting, reading, and dinner with Smith; I don;t think you left out a single wonderful thing. Here's hoping your week ahead is just as full of good things!

I'm glad your day home was restful and fun. I spent the weekend knitting both days in great quantities and I was quite happy!

What a gift from Mother Nature , your sisters and thanks for sharing with us, especially the photos of the amaryllis - it is stunning!


Those mountains are stunning and I love your amaryllis, so different from mine.

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