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This could be a Throwback Thursday, as well as a Three Things Thursday. Last week I looked at my stash closet and thought it might need a bit o'organizing. As it turned out, I did not do anything with my 3 bins of stash, but I did find a box of memorabilia I hadn't looked through in awhile. 


Inside I found my mother's eyeglasses and, according to the label, she wore them when she was 14 years old. Mom's name and place of residence are also typed on the label. The feeling I get in my chest when going through memorabilia is priceless. It's mix of joy, sadness, love, and a flood of memories. Mom drove us, her children, by the old house she'd lived in at that time. I remember the car trip very well. The house was big white Victorian, once a grand house, that had been broken down into various apartments, now in a bad part of town. Shortly after our quick trip past the house it was torn down. 


Also inside the box was the sweater my dad had worn for a portrait about the time he and mom were engaged. He was 20 years old. The sweater was locally made of an unknown fiber, one that will last long after everyone of us has gone. 


The sweater, and the little bootie below, took me on a search for the photograph album my sister had created for each member of our family.  I think my dad was very handsome. My parents were married in the spring of 1949 and in the spring of 1950 I came along. This is my 6 month portrait and I feel fortunate to be old enough that I have a hand-painted photograph. Not that I like being old, but you know what I mean, right? Surely color film did away with that profession.

38919580835_eaa2e30a53_k (1)

Don't you think I'm cute? I do! All the color on this photograph, including every single polkadot, is painted. I am wearing the red and white felt shoes, of which only one remains. These three items spark that joy everyone talks about and they will be in my possession until I am gone. The box is large and full of treasures. I wonder what else I can dig up. 


Yes, your Dad was handsome, and you were cute! It is so easy to get sidetracked when you run across things like this. I'm glad you have them since they spark joy for you. That's priceless.

Oh my goodness, yes. Yes! Your dad was super handsome, and you are more than just "cute." What a wonderful detour... the stash can wait! I was cleaning/arranging a bit in the kitchen the other day and clutched a chicken cookie jar to my chest, asking aloud (Kate was within earshot) whether it sparks joy... and it did not. And, really, you describe it perfectly -- you just KNOW because of ALL THOSE FEELINGS!!

What beautiful memories, Margene! And, yes you were (and still are) so beautiful! And, just so you know - you spark joy in my life also! Thank you! XO

What a FUN post. Look at your pink cheeks! So cute. Hard to believe it was all hand-painted. And, yes, your Dad was very handsome. I love that sweater. I still have "things" of my parents that I have not yet gone through (has been too painful), but the time is coming soon. Lovely detour for you.

These are great memories, Margene. And I agree that you were very very cute! I know just what you mean when you describe those feelings, sometimes memories are bittersweet, too.

It was so nice reading through your memories and seeing the sweater and shoe from the photos. Your mother's glasses when she was 14 were so interesting to see. It is something that all those years ago your mother was just a child running around wearing those. It is so neat. I think you were really cute! The hand painted portrait is so nice to have!

What treasures, Margene!!! (I had forgotten that both of our mothers were named Yvonne. XO) I love your tiny shoe -- and you were so very cute! I have a hand-painted portrait, too. It was taken/made when I was one, and my mom never liked it. (She said I was much cuter in real-life and that my photo was over-painted so I looked like a doll. Compared to your portrait, I think she was right -- mine is over-done.) Your dad was so handsome.

Memories are important, and you found some really beautiful, tangible ones! The sweater is so interesting, your Dad is indeed handsome, and your adorable photo! I have a hand-painted photo of my mother, but yours is so well done with those polka dots!

oh my gosh! what treasures you have. I love that you have photos with the sweater and the shoe. too cute. I have some of my mother's stuff but I don't think I have the photos to go with them. Lucky!!

I love the memories! I understand how the heart can be squeezed.

Priceless! Cute! Indeed you are...your dad was quite handsome, too! I still have my parents' glasses and my mom's "store boughts..." which reminds there is a fun story about my parents and their false "tooth-ems..."

What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon! That stash can wait! Your dad reminds me of my dad, handsome young men! And you are quite cute! :-)

OHMYGOODNESS!! wow! I'm so glad you had this box and it just didn't get "death cleaned" away!! The photos are amazing on their own, but you even have the real pieces. Photos definitely spark memories, but actual glasses, sweaters and shoes ... well wow!

Oh I love these kinds of discoveries. I am fortunate to live close to where my dad and his parents grew up [along with a slew of other relatives], and I often ride by the house my dad grew up in and the one my grandparents lived in when I came along. I am sad that the apartment complex I lived in as a kid has been re-developed, but that's progress right?! Thank you for sharing-love the photo of your dad.

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