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The photo may show a little bit of over-committing. Ever since I finished my last sweater I have had delusions of grandeur, as I once again feel as if I can be called a real knitter again! Fugue in Mosiac Miner is buried by the swatch for Sunday Morning, by the Electric sock, and by my stitching (almost too dark to see). AND there are three books; Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Ties, by Domenico Starnone (husband of Elena Ferrrante), plus under all that, is A Manual for Cleaning Women by Lucy Berlin. I've already read it once, loved it, but my book group picked Lucy's book to read in February and I am happy to reread. 

I guess it's no wonder I'm feeling like I have a lot on my plate even without my watercolour class or a Month of Letters, which starts Thursday. How lucky I am that it's all stuff I WANT to do, love to do, and can do two at a time. I love to read (audio format) and knit. I love to socialize and knit (easy knits like socks). And I love to just sit and read, book (or Kindle) in hand, quietly turning the pages, totally absorb by a story I can only imagine. And, I like to sit and knit, quietly watching as the stitches form, and relax into the rhythms of the movement. 

I wonder if I should go tackle the dusting or vacuum the floor? NOT REALLY! 

Do you over commit to projects (not WIPs) and books? I have a feeling I know the answer to that question! 

As always, I am Unraveling with Kat and friends. 


I can only say one word.

Can you guess?


I love, love, love that you're doing all the things that you WANT to do -- two at a time is BONUS!

Welcome to my world ! Do I ever NOT commit to too many projects / things to do?

Fortunately I have learned the difference between artificial deadlines and real ones— so I can let some things linger on and not be stressful .

Ps thanks for the book suggestions !

I don't always commit IRL but a lot, in my head! So, I oft have too many choices and wind up...well, you know. Your "pairing" is a great way to get a "move on" with your projects and spending time with friends and favorite pastimes. The concept works for me...it all looks like lovely ways to spend your days...Enjoy!

You do have a lot going on. Glad it's all fun stuff. I LOVE that sock yarn!

What fun things you have going on. I ALWAYS over=commit = in my head with knitting projects/ideas and in Overdrive with books (always, always they come in all at once and suddenly I have 8 new books to read in 2-3 weeks - lol). Thanks for the book recommendations. I tried to read "A Manual for Cleaning Women" the other year, but had a difficult time getting into it, so let it go.

Okay, I laughed out loud at the "tackle the dusting or vacuum the floor?" comment! Really, I almost never get the dusting urge! Haha!

Boy, since you retired, if I don't check in for a day, there are posts I have missed! That's good! As everyone else, I really over commit to many things in my head, and a few IRL. It's a problem for me, but some things just have to wait. If they wait long enough, I often realize I didn't really want to do them that much, and I let them go. As I have gotten older, I am ok with that. I am so glad that you are finding so many things to do. Keeping our heads busy is a wonderful thing for us. Happy Wednesday, Margene!

I want to read A Manual for Cleaning Women. You sound busy but in a truly happy and contented way.

Sounds wonderful to me, Margene!!! XOXO

I'm not sure it's possible to over-commit to things you love. ... for me, the challenge becomes finishing, because if I spread my time across all the things, none of them gets done!

You have a lot going on, but it looks like you are busy with good things that you love...enjoy!

Oh boy, can I relate! I did how ever say "No" to re-upping as secretary for our local Knitting Guild. It's not just the time commitment, but I'm getting no joy and the president is not well organized so it just seems burdensome.

Fun stuff is good stuff. :D

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