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Can you stand another picture of an amaryllis? I hope so as I can't stop taking pictures of my various beauties. This lovely amaryllis monster happens to be red with velvety edges that just don't quite show in the photo. It is the most luscious color. I'm dying to see it fully open. She has 4 blossom on this stem and two more stems growing.

Along with a few other people, I have been playing around with the Google Arts and Culture app. My favorite part is upon opening the app you'll find several extensive articles on various arts or crafts. The first day I opened the app I found this informative article on Yodoe Umberlla's.  I have long been fascinated by the beautiful paper and bamboo creations and learn so much about the craftsmanship involved with each step. 

Yesterday I came across this article on Frida Kahlo's Wardrobe. I don't know about you, but Frida is one of my favorite artists and I enjoyed reading about her clothing and her life, her pain and sorrows. She had a style all her own. Which I apparently don't as you can see I was compared to "Micky" by the app. Quite a resemblance! Of the four or five choices, this was the one that made me laugh out loud. 


And, last but not least, I give you my Year of Colour by Makelight, via Instagram. Usually, I don't post often on Instagram (this year will be different as I am posting daily) so I only had a few "dots". Mostly I post pictures of my mountain which has either blue sky above or is shrouded in gray. My year of color is just as I would expect!



Oh my goodness, your Year of Colour is PERFECTLY YOU!! So interesting... somehow (and from somewhere) we have one of those umbrellas.

That amaryllis! I hope all the other stems yield the same kind of blooms. It is gorgeous. Your year of color is interesting. Where's the red, Margene? Then it would be perfectly you.

I love seeing more amaryllis pictures! While you and Micky may bear a resemblance, you are almost always smiling, laughing, and awake in photos. Thanks for that Frida Kahlo article; I'm sending this to my sil who is going to desperately covet that red shoe for herself. I want that blue and green shawl!

Your year of color is right on!

That amaryllis will be a beauty!
And your colors are so "you"! How funny. There's your color scheme for a stranded sweater.

Gorgeous amaryllis bloom! I am rather confused by the makeweight Year of Color. I just did everything I was supposed to their site, but they posted 6 recent photos with a few color bubbles below it, not representative of the full year of my IG photos. Hmmm.

Ha! Love that amaryllis shot - makes it look like an animal - lol. They are such beautiful plants. Love the articles that show up on the Google Arts & Culture app, but hadn't seen the two you linked. The umbrellas are gorgeous...and we have bamboo growing on our property (which we do sometimes harvest and use....). And the Frida Kahlo article was wonderful. Like Bonny, I want the blue & green shawl.

Look at all that blue!! For a minute I thought I was at Terry's blog. Or perhaps Laurie's. Heh. Gorgeous amaryllis, too. Happy weekend, Margene!

I have not yet fallen for the portrait app (yet), but I finally succumbed to the Year of Colour this afternoon! I love all your blue and grey!!! Also . . . your amaryllis. It's going to be a stunner, for sure. That deep red edging on the petals? Just magnificent already. XO

All that blue! and I love your portrait! Happy weekend indeed!

I love your portrait too! I think I’ll figure out that year of color thing soon!

Haven't done the portrait app or the year in color-YET, but I'm dying to try them both out.

it's been years since I grew an amaryllis and I do think they are pretty. I love how the colors in the app you did match you :)

there is no such thing as too many amaryllis photos - yours are real beauties and SO different from mine! and I LOVE your YoC - so many sky views! but I predict 2018 will add a bit more color. Red, perhaps? :-)

the amaryllis is so beautiful...thanks for sharing and I love the "year of color" - what a fun idea. I will have to check out my Instagram feed more frequently to follow along with you!

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