December Days
Unraveled - As Usual

Last Week

Last week was seemingly busy, as there were appointments, classes, and distractions galore. By the time I got through all the blogs I wanted to read and other on-line sites I visit, there was little time left to sit and think through my own thoughts on the day. Limiting my on-line time (something that is a "thing" right now) has been berry, berry good for me. 

I'm an early riser and as soon as I get out of bed, my morning routine comprises of having breakfast and checking several places on-line. Since I need to be out the door by 8:00 to make my early swim aerobics class, my time is limited and I may not get back to the computer until late in the day (if at all). While I was working I only made it to swim class once a week, then change to two days a week when I retired, then three days a week, and now I go every day except Saturday, because Saturday's are just plain crazy at that pool. The workout is fun, different every day, we jump around in the water working our arms and legs and it's a blast. The big plus is my exercise out of the way early in the day. 

Our weather has been almost balmy, with temperatures starting out in the low 30s and heading right up near 50. Most days last week the skies were clear, but there have been a few bad air quality days, as well. I hear a change is in the air and winter may arrive this weekend. I'll believe it when I see it. 


Last week I had a couple of doctors appointments and I am happy to report my cardiologist gave me a good report! He has a great view of our Oquirrh Mountains, the mountain range on the other side of the valley from where I live. This is the same view I had 8 years ago when I had surgery. Hello, view! I'm happy to see you only once a year. 


Thursday night just as I ran out the door to snap a photo of the golden glow that topped "my mountain" the neighbor drove by. I only got one blurry photo taken before she engaged me in conversation. By the time we'd finished the golden moment hand passed, but, even a blurry photo of that gold capped mountain is magical. 


When I look back at my photos of the week I mostly see pictures of amaryllisi, that's multiple amaryllis. The first to bloom (and I know you've seem many photos of it) stands 30" tall and has 6 blossoms, each 7-8" across. The second plant has been slow, because it has a second shoot, but it is starting to open and I can see it has 6 blossoms as well, but I'm sure this plant will be more on the petit side.


The crimson amaryllis that sits on my desk has three shoots! The bulb had "crimson" written across it when I purchased it in December and I thought that meant the flowers would be red. As it turned out only the stems and buds are a deep red. As the flowers open, I can tell they are shades of pink. 2018 will be my year of the pink amaryllis forest. 


But, wait! There's more! Can you believe I have an FO? After a wait of 4 years, and constant knitting for 2 1/2 months, I have finished Brickyard! I couldn't love her more, both the yarn and the pattern. She's even had her debut and she was a pleasure to wear. I promise FO pictures (soon) and a full report! The picture makes her look pink, but the color is more of a berry red.

I have found other things to knit and there has been reading. There have been a couple of closets straightened up and a few things discovered, others discarded. Plus there has been painting, and planning, too. What will be my next sweater (yes! another sweater), will I be able to watercolor or sketch anything half decent for my watercolor class?  And in a bit of craziness I started thinking about February's Month of Letters, which is still a couple of weeks away. I just couldn't help it as I wanted an excuse to go to the stationary store and putter around. As fast as my days are going by it's good to be prepared for the future.


Your mountain is always so stunning! I am at a wonder at your weather though! And, your Amaryllisi (thank you for teaching me a new word!) are just stunning, as is your sweater! XO

Found four Amaryllis deeply discounted. Two red , two white (I think) they are adding excitement to the below zero weather that is gripping Iowa. They offer so much anticipation and beauty. Love watching them.
Then seeing your Brickyard looking so wearable I bought Archer its fingering weight sibling.
So what will be next?
I do have a weakness for stationary and pens too........

So much beauty in this post, Margene! I need to start limiting my online time as well. Thanks for the encouragement to do that. I find it does not improve my mood or my day, so I will start doing that today. Thank you for sharing all the beautiful things currently in your world with me. I love them all! Isn't it funny how retirement opens up a whole new dimension of things you want to do? You are certainly a busy gal!

Life goals: A pink amaryllis forest!! It sounds delightful, and I'm sure that it is!!

Brickyard looks like a fabulous, flattering sweater and I am looking forward to your FO shoot.

I love how happy you are doing all the things... that are mostly the things you WANT to do!!

Your Amaryllis are amazing! I can't believe you've got 3 buds on the crimson one. Wow!

Can't wait for the sweater reveal!

Brickyard and Amarillis certainly complement each other.

P.S. Don’t you love retirement!

Your Brickyard and the Amaryllisi are GORGEOUS! Everything in this post is so happy and nice. Swimming daily would make me feel wonderful!!!

Oh, Margene! So very much in your post!!! First, that golden glow on the mountains? Oh, WOW!!! Second, I'm so glad you only visit your cardioligist once a year!!! (Hurray for good check-ups. XOXO) Third, I'm thrilled to hear that your water aerobics class suits you so well. It's such a treat when we find a fitness activity that we actually ENJOY and LIKE! And, last but not least, congratulations on your successful sweater-finish! I can't wait to see Brickyard on YOU.

What's your secret for getting Amaryllisi to rebloom? Mine sulk and maybe put out a few leaves the second year. This year I have one where the bulb is firm and has green bits at the base of last year's leaves, but not a hint of new growth.

Isn't it wonderful to have a beautiful view every day? Ours is out the kitchen window and I still marvel at it every single time I sit down at the table.

Gorgeous, wonderful, and beautiful! I want to use all of those adjectives on your glowing mountain, good cardiology report, amaryllis, and sweater. I'm also joining your adoring public and clamoring for a photo of you wearing Brickyard!

ah, Margene - you are living such a beautiful life! I always love seeing a post from you in my reader ... there is always beauty & inspiration ... and now more knitting and amaryllisi! so glad your 2018 is off to such a promising start!

This is a wonderful post of beautiful things. The best, I believe, is the good report from your cardiologist, my friend. But those amaryllis and the sweater and all of your enthusiasm are marvelous. Love you!

I have not seen golden mountains. But I am not surprised. I am glad you are well and busy and crazy busy.

Oh Margene, your amaryllisi are breath taking! I've never seen the crimson "greenery" before - what a neat variation. One of my 2 wax bulbs appears to be in almost full bloom today - glad I'm working from home today so I can fully enjoy it, ha. And that "blurry" golden mountain top shot is definitely a bit of joy in January.

gorgeous flower gorgeous sweater and gorgeous use of your time!! you are my hero :) You sound so very happy and content and that is what life is all about. Congrats on a good health visit!

Wonderful all of it! Looking forward to your modeled shots of Brickyard. I do water aerobics too in the deep end for a no impact work-out because of my toe joint erosions. It really is great! My amaryllis is being a super slow poke with buds barely showing. Hoping for a good show of blooms.

I don't know which I love more, your amaryllis or your Brickyard. I can't wait to see you in your new sweater and next year I am definitely getting an amaryllis and I want one just like's SO pretty!

So happy your visit to the other range was met with a good report! And the flowers are just stunning. Ours hav epretty much gone by but brought so much joy. And your Brickyard is the best Margene - congrats on that FO!

Love the mountains and the golden moment. My amaryllisi have exceeded my wildest imagination. They are truly a deep dark crimson and have really taken off this week. Look forward to your FO post.

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