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Intentions and Resolutions

Did you have a lovely Christmas and a great New Year celebration? We did! The weather has been unseasonable warm and the air quality not TOO bad. The days between Christmas and New Years were mostly filled with brilliant blue skies and temps near 50, which gave me the chance to head out for a daily walk. Even our one cloudy day was warm. This next week could bring back some of the hazy, yellow inversion, but as long as we don't end up totally socked in, I'll live with it. Did you see the super moon?


As a new year begins many people start making intentions or resolutions. Truthfully, intentions and/or resolutions have never been my thing and, if  they ever were, I'm sure I've broke them often enough to know there's no changing now. However, I did look around and decide on a few things I might throw into the 2018 ring. 

Last year I made several pairs of perfectly striped socks but, sadly, the attrition rate from my sock drawer was more than I'd knit. So, I thought I'd keep the sock mojo primed. The only yarn in that photo that hasn't been hanging out in my stash for years is the blue/black yarn, named Electric Slide, which Cara (January One) destashed last month. I'm knitting it first because it's stripy!! The other pair with a bit of ribbing already started may or may not be next. In fact, it may or may not be at all. Time will tell. I also do not intend to stray from my favorite colors of blue and pink (or red) unless something spectacular comes along. 


My sock drawer wouldn't be in as bad of shape if I ever took the time to mend a few pair of slightly damaged socks (and gloves), but I think I'll just say I should "dedicate" a day to darning which would keep my feet happy. The warmer weather has meant a pair of mitts is all I need to get by in the cold, otherwise, I would have mended the gloves by now.  I'm great at excuses. 


I AM taking a watercolour class. No intentions there. The teacher (Liz Steel) is in Australia, which is why I've "misspelled" watercolour. I'm a rank beginner, but I'm willing to learn and will (hopefully) get over my impossible fear. The plan is to just have some fun and not try to be upset when things aren't "perfect". Perfection is over rated.  

 And, I plan to finish my sweater (Brickyard) which is in its final inches. Oh, and reading, I'm all about that this year, too! 


These are the best intentions ever and the perfect way to start a New Year! XO

You have the most colorful and beautiful intentions! I have loads of excuses for not darning or mending just in case you need a few extra. I don't know what it is, but I'd rather knit new socks than mend the old ones!

Every year is all about reading!! Great intentions you have set. I'm envious of your weather since it's been FRIGID here since last week and it doesn't look like we'll be getting any relief from this bitter cold weather until next week some time.

Well, I think your (non) new year's intentions are just swell! I was tempted to take Liz Steel's class but resisted...and I'm so proud of me! I have waiting, a second sock to knit... Like your yarns and looking forward to seeing them all knit up...Would you send us some of your warmer temps, please?


Great intentions for any time of the year! Will be curious to see more of your watercolour. I tend not to mend/darn as well - so much more fun to start something new - lol. Hoping the inversion stays away.

Your page of colors looks WONDERFUL! I am so happy that you're taking that class. I am envious of your warm temps! We have a couple of single-digit days coming up (below 0 nights)... BRRRRRR!

Envious of your above normal temps as we slide further into the deep freeze after more snow on Thursday. Wishing you some snow on your mountain as I know it is much needed on so many levels. I've blown holes in most of my hand knit socks and need to knit more. Perhaps that shall be my intention for 2018. I have that skein on the bottom left in red, pink and blue from deep in my stash. A Little Knits sale way back when. :-)

Stripey socks are the best! :D

Cool about your watercolour class! It's hard to let go of that perfection thing. But it's so rewarding to just play with art materials and let yourself be surprised by what you come up with.

I think your 2018 is going to be awesome! socks and stripes and lots of colour and creating :-) I'm looking forward to following along ... especially that watercolour class.

I am so very envious of your weather, Margene. It is so cold here, I feel trapped in the house. I know I am in good company, but wind chills below zero are just really difficult for me. I hope you get enough snow in the mountains to avoid a drought and yet great walking weather this winter. Is that possible?

love the idea of a watercolor class! Sounds like fun to me. Your new year is starting off perfectly.

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