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In The Red


As Smith and I contemplated the best place for a photo shoot, Smith came up with the brilliant idea to head to Lone Star and use their amazing green wall. The temperature was 55, a far cry from the below freeing temps we're currently experiencing. My only instruction was to make sure he remember to take pictures of the sweater, the sole reason were were there (well, not the SOLE reason, but the MAIN reason, as we also had lunch). 


The first thing he did was lop off my head, but continued on to a rather good photo shoot. Brickyard is one of the best and most comfortable sweaters I've ever knit and worn. Elizabeth Doherty is an excellent pattern writer and a consummate designer. This pattern was easy to follow and interesting to knit. I loved the way the yoke was constructed with short row shaping and exacting row by row instruction. The detail on the pattern, the bricked stitch pattern of the yoke,  the lateral braid which separates the yoke from the body, and the faux seams on the body and sleeves add so much to the overall beauty and interest of the design.


Knitting this sweater was a pleasure, as I never had to wonder  what to do next or how to do any of the techniques Elizabeth used. It was fun, actually fun and interesting to knit this beautiful sweater. Of course, there is Kim's excellent yarn.  I used Emma in the colorway Clara Bow. One thing about pictures is they do not show the subtly of the dyed yarn. 

To ensure the yarn did not pool I alternated skeins every couple of rows while knitting the body in the round. The dyelots were very close and I found there wasn't much difference from one skein to the next. I wish you could see the rich, yet subtly quality of the yarn, but my phone camera is doing the best it can against this vibrant green wall (maybe not the best choice). 


In any case, I'm thrilled with Brickyard, her style, her fit, and the joy she brought while I knit. Brickyard is another reason I love being retired, as I was actually able to spend more time knitting and finished her in two months time. Fast for me, wonderful for me. Happy am I! 


Oh, Margene! The sweater looks wonderful and so do YOU!

Beautiful! And Smith did it justice. (You DID tell him to focus on the sweater. What's a head between friends?)

FANTASTIC!! I think that green wall is the perfect backdrop. Also, LUNCH! :)

Oh, Margene! It is so gorgeous on you! And, I love the backdrop! The red is so perfect for you! Well done!! XO

That is a fantastic sweater, and I think it looks terrific in front of the green wall! I never knit sweaters, but with your resounding endorsement of the pattern, I'm sorely tempted (and of course it would be in Kim's yarn). Way to go, Margene; you and the sweater are beautiful!

Gorgeous! Congratulations!

Gorgeous sweater!

i just love it - and the green background is the ticket

So pretty! And just perfect on you! What a great choice for hand dyed yarn and I hope lunch was great!

The yarn is beyond gorgeous and the sweater looks terrific on you!

She's perfect!

It's a beautiful sweater, and a great style for you. It really looks great. I like the swing at the bottom. Congratulations on your first of many sweaters in retirement!

Both you and the sweater are gorgeous! Love!

That is GORGEOUS - one of my favorite shades of red! And the wall is my second favorite color! :D

simply FABULOUS!!! and oh how I LOVE that you got Smith to take those beautiful photos!!

I want one of these sweaters! you did a fantastic job on the knitting and the color and the fabulous photo shoot!!

Your sweater looks wonderful on you! Hope you enjoy wearing it!

Absolutely beautiful Margene! Sweater, model, choice of backdrop! You will wear it well my friend! (And oh Kim's yarn is so great!)

Margene --- it is just FABULOUS!!!! Oh, my goodness! The fit. The color. It is just perfection! (And the fact that it was fun to knit is a just the icing on the cake.) This knit is definitely going on my to-knit-soon list. It's FAB!!!

Fantastic! Love the photos and the prose. Wear the sweater in the very best of health! It looks great on you!

Both you and the sweater look fabulous! Excellent use of complementary colors for the photo shoot. :D

Lovely, simply lovely. Well done!

Ooh lovely-off to queue up in ravelry! Thanks for sharing.

You look stunning in his sweater, it fits you perfectly!!!

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