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A couple of years ago I bought an Alabama Chanin Lata T-shirt, which has languished off and on. The last few months I have stitched the outlines of each leaf on all four pieces; front, back and both sleeves. That adds up to A LOT of leaves. When Vicki and Kym took their epic journey to Florence  Alabama for a an AC workshop I found myself inspired by their posts. Vicki showed several pictures of the sample books she found exciting and Kym's post here had a picture of a stitched leaf that sent off all sorts of ideas in my head. The possibilities of what I could do to embellish all those leaves was suddenly endless. I have all the AC books and they are also full of inspiration. It may take me the whole year, but I would like to have a finished T-shirt on December 31st. My T may well have to be a project on which I stitch on every day of the year. 

After finishing my last book, Nutshell, it took me a few days to decide on the next book to read. In the end, it was  an audio I'd purchased a long time ago, but that had not read made it to the top of the pile. Half of a Yellow Sun has been on my TBR list for too long, so it was time to dive in. 

I am all but Unraveled with Kat and friends


I've barely made a stitch since returning from Alabama... but I started to clean off my work table the other day and uncovered some traces of my project. So now, I've got Alabama on my mind again and am looking forward to getting back to my project. Perhaps I might join you and stitch a little bit everyday! Shall we??

...without any pressure, of course! Because there's no fun in that.

I bet you'll have that done long before December 31st.

Love the beading on that leaf! It's stunning!

Your leaves are truly beautiful and rival the loveliness of those in nature! Enjoy the process ...

Oh! Love the color and the leaves. The beading is gorgeous. Enjoy the process. Slow everything is good in my book.

I know nothing of stitching but looking at that leave makes me want to know plenty! I can't wait to watch this project grow!

I LOVED Half of a Yellow Sun! And your stitching is looking great. You've just inspired me to create space in my day for stitching -- even if it's just a stitch or two every day! (Why-oh-why can't I just MAKE THINGS all day???)

I can't wait to see your stitching unfold! I love the idea!! And, I admit, I laughed out loud at Kym's comment and then thought, wait... yeah, WHY NOT!! LOL

I am adding Half a Yellow Sun to my list XO

Your plan sounds so simple and or two stitches a day is way better than none! I like your approach and I look forward to watching your leaves blossom! VEry inspiring!
Stitch on!

It looks beautiful, what little I can see. I know you will have this finished before December!

We could all get so many of our fun projects done (Or even the ones we've been procrastinating on because they DON'T seem like fun) if we just did 15 mins. worth every day! I'm adopting that goal!

oh that stitching is beautiful! what a wonderful project for a WHOLE YEAR! I think I have Half a Yellow Sun in my audible library. ... look forward to your review!

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