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December Days


Remember December?  It seems like so long ago, but it's only been 9 days. December days were warm, for the most part, although we ended up with a few days of inversion, a couple of gray days, and even a day of snow. As you can see there were many blue sky days and the beginnings of amaryllis watching. Some of the people who mean the most to me ended up in the photos and the sun appropriately, is represented, too. Can you tell there are more hours of daylight? Every evening my heart lifts when the sun goes down 5 minutes later than the day before. I am on sun watch.  


This year winter has been easier for me to handle. First reason is the warmer days and while we desperately need snow, I am grateful for the chance to take a daily walk with blue sky over me. Even gray days are in the 40s. Second thing, my day is my own. Mornings I go to swim exercise 3-4 days a week as water makes it easier for my joints to work-out. Two classes are sponsored by the Arthritis Association and the other classes are full on aerobics. Who knew you could get your heart rate up just by jumping around in the water! (That's my bathing suits above on the second Friday). Lastly, while I was working and leaving each morning in the day and coming home in the dark, I get anxious in the evening. But now, it is quite the opposite. I am the boss of my time and I love it. Proof of time, is the sweater I've knit, my first since 2014! I should have an FO post soon. 


As your reward for wading through my thoughts on winter. I bring you the elegance of Mz. Pink. She has made my heart sing with her unfolding beauty. What a bright spot in the dreariness of winter. One this one stem there are 6 flowers. In the same box is another amaryllis with two buds and upstairs  in my office I have a single pot with an amaryllis called "Crimson" that has three red stems! The expectation on it are high!! My winter is going brilliantly! 


Your December photos look wonderful, especially because they show that your time is your own and how colorfully and creatively you are using that time. I do wish you had some snow in your photos because I know the problems that may arise in the spring without it, but there is still plenty of winter remaining. And Mz. Pink is quite the show off! I love seeing her beauty and hopefully Crimson's contributions to your brilliant winter.

I'm so happy to hear that retirement has been the cure for your winter blahs!

Like Bonny, I am wishing for a bit more snow around here. Your December days sound heavenly, and it should carry right on for all.the.days!! ;)

Those blossoms are just amazing. So beautiful!

I'm thinking of trying to draw Mz. Pink with my new colored pencils.

Oh, I really wish I could have plants. *glares at plant-murdering kitties*

Wow, those blooms are beautiful! I bet you are enjoying those a lot. Retirement did not cure my winter blahs/blues, but it certainly made them more bearable. I also think that having the time to regularly exercise all winter helps me quite a bit. I'm so glad you are enjoying retirement, Margene. I know you were hesitant about it, but it's great that you have totally embraced it. And you have just begun!

Gorgeous blooms! So nice that your days are your own (she said with a tinge of envy in her voice...). I would love to get back to swimming. I've definitely noticed the later sunsets and as of tomorrow the sun will begin rising a tad bit earlier each morning. YAY!! Pretty compilation of your December days. Looking forward to your FO post.

Oh, Margene -- everything about this post makes me SMILE! Beautiful blooms. Blue skies. Water exercise. A peek at your swimsuits. An almost-finished sweater. And - best of all - your time is your own! :-D

wow, Margene - this is 180 degrees from previous Decembers!! What a lovely, bright, light-filled month you had!! and I am in awe of those amaryllis blooms.... so glad we've found "the watch" :-)

We've been so busy for the past four weeks and that makes my days full. However, my stress levels were high because of the kitten but my nerves are adjusting and so is the kitten and dear dear Frodo. What a to do! I hope your January is filled with light and goodness.

Oh, my! Your Amaryllis is stunning!

Mz. Pink is stunning. I have her sister at work and she has done nothing but bloom, bloom, bloom! And here's to daily walks and blue skies. I have heard that the west needs the snow though.

Such gorgeous flower photos!
I wonder what our kitties would do with flowers? Not sure if I'm brave enough to find out!

Your December days were indeed bright and cheerful. So great you are enjoying your new life! And congrats on the sweater finish! Wahoo!
The amaryllis is gorgeous. Enjoy!

I love Mz. Pink! I'm glad she's bloomy!

The amaryllis is stunning. Mine really grew while I was gone. Hoping to post before LV and now tomorrow. Here's to more good "stuff" in January-especially more blue skies!

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