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3TT - January


If you've been reading my musings of the last 14 years you'll know I do not like January, but this January does not deserve a bad rap for the usually bad reputation of past January's. There may have been a week or so of inversion, but overall she was warmer, softer, a little more generous, and seemed to blossom into a new, happier self. But, GOOD-BYE, JANUARY!

1.The amaryllis that came into my life were real show offs and I'm glad there were chronicled throughout the month. The show continues into February as Crimson's second stem is in full bloom and the third is just starting to show signs of opening. I told Kym I plan to buy a dozen bulbs next year, as  I would like to have a real amaryllis forest for years end.

2. Happily, I finished a sweater in January and received yarn for a second! My arms used to ache after hours at work. Typing at an uncomfortable desk was not good for them (or for me), BUT, those day are over and I can now knit when I like. My hands and arms can even do a little needlepoint (sometimes), and stitch (which I do daily with Vicki), as well as knit, knit, knit. 

3. Thank you, Mary, for introducing me to the Collect App and encouraging me to take one picture a day (at least). On a couple of occasions I've had to take last minute pics before heading to bed, but, overall, I enjoy finding moments that bring delight and joy. This year I'm also trying to collect and organize my pictures on Flickr and Instagram. 

All that is left to say is HELLO, FEBRUARY!!  I love your light and your bluer skies. You might even bring in a little more snow. Your a good month, February. 

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Oooh! I love the idea of an amaryllis forest!

Retirement is the best thing ever!

Your amaryllis have been a bright spot in *my* January, for sure!! So beautiful. Who could be blue in an amaryllis forest??

I suspect that in addition to the nicer weather, your "warmer, softer" take on January is because you are not tied to that uncomfortable desk anymore. xoxo

If I could get my hands on amaryllis (es?) like that, I would have a forest,too! They have been stunning. I was just musing on the beginning return of the light here yesterday. It is so welcome! So, yes, welcome February!

I too am partial to February—my b’day, my mom’s and my best friend—triple whammy!

So glad you are enjoying Collect...and it is great fun to take a look back at a previous month...especially one with those lovely amaryllis! A forest sounds so great! Growing ONE is on my list for 2018...Continue to enjoy your happy happy days of retirement.
Welcome February, indeed!

14 years! And you just reminded me that I missed my blogiversary yesterday. Whoops.

HURRAY for retirement!!! And . . . I am dreaming of an amaryllis forest! When it's time to order my amaryllis bulbs every fall, I always freak out a bit by how expensive they are (especially for those more exotic blooms) . . . BUT . . . come January and February, I know they are worth every penny! They bring such joy and delight. I think I'll join you and grown an amaryllis forest along with you next year! XO

Pictures, knitting and amaryllis, it doesn't get any better than this.

I'd say your January was a lovely month! I LOVE all the amaryllis, a beautiful sweater, people, watercolor and snow! Wishing you more of the same in February!

I am in awe of the idea of an amaryllis forest! I am going to jump on the amaryllis bandwagon next year, but probably won't aim for a forest at first. Perhaps just one that is successful!

I love your making and the joy of your retirement. It is catching! XO

this January went by quickly if you ask me. I think it's because our son was here for the first week. I'm ready for February and it's shortness! Lovely photos for your month.

Look forward to seeing your amaryllis forest next year!

I'm waiting for February to warm up a little bit...

Doing a little something creative every day (like your photos and my index card collages) is a good thing. :)

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