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December Days


Becky sent me the link to my 2018 books! I was thrill to see the banner and the count still exist. Thank you, Becky! Below My Year in Books you can see the star ratings I gave each one. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 7.31.01 AM

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 7.39.16 AM

My 2018 is starting out well as I have one book read with a star rating of 4.5. The next book, Never Let Me Go, won't get that high a rating, but I have a couple more in the wings I think they will be better. When I read a book my expectation is to be educated, enlighten, told something I did understand and through fiction I feel that's what happens. Empathy and understanding for people who I would never get a chance to meet grows. Learning of our differences, but also finding out they are just like me only perhaps living in circumstances they cannot control or change.

Books take me to other worlds or societies, to places I would not survive if given the chance, but that the person in the book shows the strength and character TO survive. I want to understand, to absorb all that I can, even if I can't live that life. How fortunate I am to be able to read a variety of books that bring those worlds to my doorstep. 


My days are spent on amaryllis watch as the three plants I bought will produce 5 blossoms. This first one to bloom is out performing all others, but the other two bulbs are spending their energy on doubling down. I think this one is going to be a beauty. I can't keep my camera away. This blossom is a temptress, a chanteuse, and a time hog. Isn't she amazing? I guarantee she'll continue to show off for you. The other two will be something marvelous when their time comes, too. 


 When I watch TV I don't exactly watch. I'm not a fan of TV but I enjoy a few shows on Netflix or PBS. When I "watch" I'm either knitting or working on jigsaw puzzles. During the winter we watch a lot more TV than we do in summer. Because I only work on puzzles sporadically, they don't get much time or attention. This one took about 3 months to do and it was fun until everything except the pink feathery wings were left. Every piece was the same color and I had a devil of a time finding the edge pieces and filling in the shapes.  It was maddening, at times. New Years Eve I sat down with the last 30 pieces and didn't move until I had finished the whole bird. She's a very elegant swan and, in the end, a fun puzzle to do. Now she's tucked back into the box ready to give back to Cheryl, who can decide her fate. I now have a Wasgij puzzle to do.  What do you do when you watch TV? 

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I don't think I could sit through a tv show without my knitting, or at least some kind of crafty thing in my hands. I would love to have a puzzle table that could be set up full time but we don't have the room, plus I'm bad about sharing my puzzles. My mom always had a puzzle table set up, but she'd get really upset if anyone helped her. Sadly, I seem to have inherited that gene.

Great books, gorgeous amaryllis, and that's a beautiful puzzle. I almost always knit while watching TV, and like you, I don't pay close attention to what's on . That's okay because I end up re-watching the good stuff like The Crown and BBS. I couldn't stop thinking about The Power yesterday and had to give in and start listening, so that will replace TV for a while.

I don't focus my full attention on TV shows either, I'm usually either knitting or looking at instagram. I'd love to do a puzzle while watching TV but we don't have a good setup for that. I'm impressed with your mad puzzle skillz, though, that's dedication right there. Great year in books, too!

I’m definitely a member of the doing something else while watching tv clan. Kudos to you for staying with the swan puzzle!

I'm glad my mom decided not to do that puzzle. Her brain would have exploded.

Always knitting!! If I'm not knitting while watching TV, then I've probably dozed off (give me a nudge, will ya?). Haha!

I do enjoy a puzzle now and then... but these days I have to be aware of curious little people with sticky little fingers.

Wow! I love that puzzle! Though I can see why you were challenged in the end. At our summer place in Maine I set up a puzzle but never set one up in Ct. I love grabbing my coffee and tackling a section on a sunny morning. TV time is usually spent knitting.

Looks like 2017 was a very good year in books for you! :)

I just don't watch tv... :D

You are very welcome, Margene. Now I will be able to review your books by rating, and pick some out for ME! LOL I actually do watch TV when I watch TV, but if there is something on that I don't like, I just don't watch it. My husband has a set of headphones that he wears if I am not interested in a program. I am very picky about what I watch, mostly PBS and BBC, or a cable show. Never network TV since The Good Wife went away. I love that puzzle! I wish I had a place to set up a puzzle. I will have to "puzzle" that out!

Beautiful puzzle and kudos for finishing it!

That is a really cool puzzle. I've totally enjoyed the amaryllis watch of my own bulbs. Can't wait to see yours in full bloom.

I mostly knit while I watch TV (although Marc would say I mostly fall asleep while watching TV :-) Congratulations on finishing that puzzle AND for a great year in reading. I'm a little jealous about all those 5-star books ... but hope to get back on track with at least a few of those this month.

beautiful puzzle and looks like it is hard. I was pleased with my 2017 book list. I kept my goal the same for this year since I barely made last year's goal :)

What site are you tracking books on?

Oh, my your Amaryllis is indeed a stunner! You make me want to try one again!

You've just reminded me that I love puzzles. But I haven't done a puzzle in years! That's kind of sad, especially with the interesting puzzles you are showing me here Usually when I watch TV, I am surfing the web or knitting. I rarely pay complete attention.

BTW, I can comment when using Chrome, but not Firefox....crazy.

Well...I have my knitting on my lap! Depending on the time of day it may or may not see some action. That's always a comfort! Congratulations on all those books! I love your thought process...I couldn't have put it into words but...YES!

Thanks for sharing....knitting usually while watching TV. Congrats on the swan puzzle, books and of course the beauty of the freezing and cold here in the Northeast, photos of colorful beauty are appreciated! Happy 2018!

Very cool puzzle!!!

When I'm watching TV, I'm knitting!

That puzzle looks impossible!
For me, TV time always includes knitting.

Wow! That puzzle! So beautiful . . . but it really does look impossible! I don't watch much tv, but when I do, I need to have something to keep my hands busy (or I fall asleep. . . ). I usually knit. But sometimes I stitch. XO

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