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Monday, around 11:30, filtered by dense air, the sun peeked through the branches of the pine  outside my office window.  Usually the sun comes in and warms my room all day. I knew this could be the last day our mountain was visible. As I turn away a shadow flickered in the corner of my eye and I turn back to see a siskins, or a nuthatches, dancing through the limbs. Every surface was covered with frost and the air around me was chilly. 


That night, as we drove to dinner, it was foggy, as the cold thick air was filled with humidity. By morning many trees were covered with hoar frost, the sky was steel gray, and the mountain completely obscured. The inversion had clamped down over our valley. The temperature stays between 25 (for a low) and 30 (for a high) during inversion periods. 


No one enjoys inversion season, that is unless you head up to mountains, which are bereft of snow, but are a balmy 55+ degrees! That's why it's called an inversion. (get it?}  Smith and I spent part of his day off looking for furniture (gifts to ourselves) and as we were driving home (sans furniture) the sun decided to break through for awhile. This picture may give you some idea of what we're dealing with. The air is worse than the picture shows. The weather peoples tell us a storm could be coming through this weekend (maybe) and the winds could stir the air (big maybe) and bring some relief (maybe). They do not want to get our hopes up, but we have our fingers crossed. Today, we are socked in, again. 


But, in my other world, knitting and reading, things are going really well. I put the body on hold and have started a sleeve. The color in the photo is far from true. The actual color is deeper, more berry and red. I'm reading Eva Trout and while I had trouble getting used to the language, and the seemingly choppy style of her writing, I've grown used to the rhythm. I enjoyed Elizabeth Bowen's other books more, but I think I'll end up liking the story. I wouldn't stick with it otherwise. Life is too short to read bad books. I am also listening to the last in the series of the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman. I have had more fun reading this series than anything I've read in a long time. I heartily recommend all three. 

I'm joining Kat and gang for Unraveled Wednesday


Hoar frost is beautiful, but not the inversion that causes it! It makes me a little more grateful for our just plain cold temps today. Sending you good wishes for inversion clearing and some snow, maybe some successful furniture shopping, along with happy reading and knitting.

I hope the inversion ends soon. I'm in the market for new living room furniture, but so far, no luck. We don't have many furniture stores in the area and many people buy online, but I want to sit on a sofa before I buy it!

Sending good vibes for clean, clear air!! Furniture shopping is HARD. That's why we still have our 32yo (sturdy, well made, but not-so-beautiful) couch! (Thank the gods for slipcovers.)

The inversion stinks, Margene, so let's concentrate on the next wonderful thing which is only 9 days away. The winter solstice is coming, Margene, and with it, the return of the light. AH!
I hope that will give you hope for the end of the inversion and the promise of spring.

Your sweater is going to be gorgeous. Can't wait to see it finished. Good luck with furniture shopping. I need to do that, but I hate the process. Happy Wednesday!

It is so horrible. I am so sorry you are forced to breathe that air!

I've never seen hoar frost - thank you for the photos! I do hope a storm comes through. It is simply unfair that it is colder and snowier in Georgia than in Utah! ... with your high recommendation, I have TWO of Elizabeth Bowen's books waiting at the library. I'm looking forward to trying someone new!

Here's to a break in that inversion soon! It's absolutely freezing here right now but clear as a bell. The hoar frost is beautiful. :-)

I add my hopes to the chorus that the inversion is short lived! In the meantime, the sweater you are knitting is lovely and bright and accompanied by a good-sounding book. Good success with finding new furniture...always a challenge and kinda fun too!

Hoar frost is always so cool to see -- just an amazing thing in the world. But. That inversion? Not so much. (It seems early for an inversion. Is that true?) Enjoy furniture shopping! Although it's always a chore, I secretly love it. XO

your weather is so interesting to me because I've never experienced it. We have cold weather and I wish snowy weather right now. The sweater progress is impressive!!

Great hoarfrost picture! And, thanks for explaining the inversion phenomena to me. I admit to be totally clueless about this!

Beautiful hoarfrost picture. I don't think I had ever heard of the inversion before...interesting, but I'm sure it is awful! We woke up to another inch of snow this morning. Your sweater is beautiful.

I don't think I've every read Elizabeth Bowen. I probably should, as I believe she's a contemporary of my current obsession, Virginia Woolf.

I recognize that view out your office window. I hope the inversion goes away but maybe now that you're retired you'll have more opportunity to get up into the mountains and away from it. And furniture shopping - why is that when you aren't looking to purchase you always see lots of things you like but when you're actually ready to buy something you can't find something you want?

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