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Today, just as the Solstice arrived (9:28amMST) the sun came through the clouds and lit up the ice and snow that had fallen during the night. I ran out to snap my photo (fully clothed) and had a nippy wind enveloped me. Tis a very chilly day and I was glad I'd decided the roads were too icy to drive to exercise class earlier.  


Hopefully, the roads will be in better shape when I head out for lunch with a long time friend. I have enjoyed my week of celebrating with people dear to me. Tomorrow night my niece and her family will be here, so it's also day of grocery gathering and last minute errands. I will try to finish up details, as I'd like some time doing as Mary does. Smith works late tonight and twinkle lights and knitting are on the agenda. 

Also, inspired by Kym, I'm making a Solstice playlist to accompany my day. She and her commenters have quite a few suggestions of which I have several already on my Pod (#lovemyipod). 

Happy Solstice, everyone! Head over to Carole's to see other 3TT posts. 


I am so happy today, though it's overcast... but I know the light is THERE! I keep revisiting Kym's post today to see all of the suggestions -- so great!! Happy Solstice, Margene! xoxo

The best day of the year for me, Margene! The worst is over, it is all downhill from here as the light returns. I hope you have a wonderful solstice; the longest night will soon be over. And your plans for your evening sound PERFECT. Hope you have a lovely visit with your family!

Solstice is very special to me because it's my baby's birthday. She is 28 today! And flying home, so I'll get to be with her.
Love the mountain photo.

It's cold and windy here but the LIGHT is BACK! Enjoy your preparations and your quiet knitting time tonight.

Wishing you Happy Solstice and much enjoyment and reveling in the return of the light!

sounds like a perfect solstice day to me, I do hope the driving was okay for you!! So glad you are having fun getting together with friends and family.

Kim's list was filled with such great songs! Happy Solstice, Margene! XO

Happy Solstice! SO ready for more light.

Curious about what will end up on your Solstice playlist... :)

Happy Solstice! we haven't had enough sunshine here this week to really SEE it, but I can FEEL the light! (and I love your twinkle light knitting ... it's the best, isn't it?!)

What a wonderful day you had! Happy Solstice Margene and here's to a wonderful light filled weekend ahead!

I didn't read this post on the Solstice, Margene (because I was up to my eyeballs in party-prep...) -- but what a lovely Solstice view! I look forward to welcoming MORE LIGHT every day now. XO

I met you once, briefly, at a Park City retreat, but I have enjoyed your posts for longer than that. Thank you for continuing to blog! Love seeing your photos of the mountains.

Ps. And I have to ask, what brand of sharp pointy needles are those?

Oh my...I'm so far behind ...can't believe the Solstice is over and we're gaining daylight...ah, as the world turns. Enjoyed this post very much.

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