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Friday was a good mail day, although with my Postcrossing addiction, almost every day is a good mail day. This postcard arrived from Russia, a Russian bear in a (what must be) hand knit sweater, with the added plus that the sender had written a very nice note on the back. We're all all about connecting to the world at large. This postcard, along with another I received, was nice on its own, but a great package also arrived.


Cara had decided to do a little destashing, via her Instagram account, and I was the lucky recipient of this pretty yarn. I had to have it as it is self-stripping and I've missed my self-stripping sock addiction. I had to wind up the yarn immediately as my sock drawer is still losing more than it's gaining. Sock knitting must continue as often as possible. Stripes are easy (with Carole's Picot Edge pattern) and pretty yarn is always a plus. This is called Electric Slide by White Birch Fiber Arts. 


You were right about my need to be patient when it comes to an amaryllis blossoming. The fancy-smancy amaryllis has growth! Can you see the little tip of a leaf coming up? Kym said that fancier bulbs can take longer than the "store-bought" bulbs.  All three amaryllis are now sending forth shoots. Time will tell if that includes blossoms. 

And, thank you for your help and suggestions on the Christmas cactus. Your comments and links were very helpful as I learned about its needs and I may have narrowed down the problem. Since I bought the cactus in full bloom last year at Christmas time, I'm fairly sure it is a "Thanksgiving" cactus. All its needs seem to be met (water, cool nights, light, but one thing is lacking and that is the darkness it seems to require. I will try covering it and see if that stimulates flowering. There is always next year, but the cactus grows and looks beautiful, nonetheless, and I will keep hope. 


Oh, that bear-in-a-sweater postcard is adorable!! I love his accordion, too. Here's hoping for some lovely amaryllis & cactus blooms!

That post card is so cute! And, I love how it matches your stripey sock yarn!

You'll need to call those your Russian Bear socks, since the colors match the postcard so well. How funny to get them on the same day!

I think our fancy plant has also finally started to throw a shoot. And those socks are going to be awesome!

What fun to get a postcard from Russia! The plants are fun too.

Super cute postcard! I got some yarn from Cara's destash, too, and I'm ready to start socks for the new year!

I like how things seem to all be humming along pretty well in your world! Positive connections with Russia, beautiful yarn, amaryllis that are moving along, and a possible cactus bloom solution are all good things, and I hope positivity continues in your life!

I love that sock yarn! Such great colors! And HURRAY for the amaryllis!!! Slow and steady. (I'll bet it's a stunner when it blooms.) (I got a lovely Postcrossing card from Russia on Saturday.) XO

That is definitely special mail when the postcard matches the yarn :-) and your amaryllis has now overtaken mine (all three bulbs!)

Congrats on winning the sock yarn - yes! I can see why you had to have it. Love the bear and his amaryllis from last year bit the dust..maybe this year, I'll get another one and try again...

Yay for some flower power growth! That post card is frameable if you ask me. Beautiful!!

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