Good-bye November!
Deep Breathing


I love December and all that it brings :) lovely colors you've captured!

It looks almost like a watercolor painting . . .
Happy Saturday, Margene! XO

Views of the Utah sky and your mountain are always changing, but always lovely!

I just love (and envy) the sunrise/sunset views you have...[sigh]. Can never get enough! So glad you share them. A huge thanks. Hope you're having a lovely Saturday!

Your sky is just so pretty. Hope the dreaded inversion stays away!

So pretty, Margene - I LOVE your view!

UH-OH, inversion? I hope not, but I know it hits you this time of year. It's a beautiful picture!

Winter sunsets can be so beautiful in their own soft pastel-y sort of way. Great photo!

Beautiful! Keep those pictures coming! :-)

Beautiful skies, thank you so much for sharing them!

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