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About a year ago I decided to join the Lion's Community Center as it was across the street from my office and not far from our hone. At first I walked the track a few times a week, but when my knees started giving me trouble I looked into swim aerobic classes. When I was still working I could only make it to class once a week, but after retirement I started taking a second, and then a third. Now I go at least 3 times a week and sometime more. The classes are at 8:30, which gives me the rest of the day to do as I need (or wish).


Amaryllis watch has been successful! A nice big bud has coming through in the big box of two The second amaryllis has leave shoots and I think there is the hint of a bud. The Fancy-smancy, bulb which is in my office, has a single leaf growing at a rate that could win the world record for slowness. Kym warmed me fancy bulbs are SLOW and she is right. 


This is my #2017bestnine from Instagram. Everyone of the pictures is brought to you by My Retirement! All the smiles, the time to hike, the weekend getaway to the Shakespeare Festival and Alta, the sweater beginnings, and even time to garden, are all because time is my own. I couldn't love retirement more. 

Joining Carole for 3TT. Check out what everyone else is doing, too! 


Three wonderful things, and I especially love the smiles, nature, and knitting you've shared with us. Keep up the great work (of enjoying retirement to the fullest)!

Three things that I feel about this: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!

Retirement suits you, my friend, and I'm so very glad.

You wear retirement so very well! XO

Yay for retirement!

YAY for new workout routines (and the time to do it!) ... and even MORE YAYS for retirement! You look so happy :-)

Your post makes me look forward to my retirement (just 8 more years)!

Oh, YES!!! To ALL of it!!! Your pool looks so wonderful -- open and inviting and full of energy. No wonder you get there so often for your classes. :-) Retirement certainly suits you to a T, Margene. (And I can't wait to see the fancy-schmancy bloom on that amaryllis!) XO

Thanks for showing me a glimpse of your world, Margene. Finding a workout routine that works for you is priceless. I'm glad that you have found one that can start your day. It is particularly freeing to get it done early in the day. You will be rewarded with some great blooms after the holidays, and that's ok. It will be perfect timing to cheer you up in the doldrums of winter. And you do look SO HAPPY! What a smile! Happy Friday!

so so so glad you are going more frequently, good for you! I am thrilled that so far my personal training meetings are really good for me and I'm feeling better than ever before!

Congratulations on retirement! Long-time reader, rare to never commenter. I made the switch February and could not be happier!

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