One, Two, Three

Not Quite Eye Candy

38177670685_43a633d5c9_oA storm is coming and the air is being mixed, the quality a little more healthy each day. We could have snow on Saturday. A.tiny.bit. A very tiny bit in the valley and a little more in the bereft mountains. Some resorts have had to close and this storm may not hold enough snow to change dilemma. If you look straight up the sky is blue, but grayer towards the horizon. I can see my mountain, but not the Oquirrh Mountains across the valley, as they are still shrouded by a haze. The sun is still diffuse and the air a little on the yellow side. Improvement is welcome!

Happy Weekend!



Happy Weekend, Margene. I hope the snows return soon! XO

Sending hope for clearer air, snow in the valley and even more on your mountain, and continuing improvement!

More snow would definitely be welcome! Let’s do our snow dance lol!

Sending good thoughts for SNOW! ...although I have to say, your photo looks like Eye Candy to me :-)

My fingers are crossed for improvement and snow!

I am sending good vibes for air improvement. May this be the shortest inversion you have ever had!

Hoping for clearing skies -- and snow. (Can that go together????)

That is a lovely, atmospheric painting!

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