November 30 - The End
Pastel Sky

Good-bye November!

38752556301_7f823547bc_o-2There are a couple of things I learned (relearned) from posting every day of November. I CAN find things to blog, but it takes a lot of time to write a post, especially when you have a detailed story to tell.  And, one more thing I learned was I like being here in Blogland and I like the connection of the community. There will be no more daily posts, but I will not abandon my place. I started blogging in March 0f 2004, which seems ages ago, and truly, it WAS ages ago. Talk about a journey, I'm so happy to be here. Thank you so much, friends. 

Hello December!!


I love your November photos, especially the amaryllis and your wreath! I've also loved reading your posts, and am glad you are sticking around. I'm happy you're here, and Happy December!

I'm glad you are here too! Love the leaf photo and your sky shots - beautiful.

Yay! I'm very happy to hear that you'll be sticking around!

I'm glad the blog will continue!

Yay! I loved so much your November posts. I am glad you are sticking around!

It was a pleasure to read your posts, and I'm glad you may be posting more often. Have a great December!

I'd be heartbroken if you stopped blogging and I really enjoyed reading a post from you every day in November. Maybe you can find a schedule that works well for you so that you can blog some but also enjoy lots of unscheduled time!

Hi - Thankful and grateful for your month of posts. Been a reader for years and truly enjoy your lovely spirit. Enjoyed your journey of Japanese Embroidery especially as I work for a Japanese bank and find myself intrigued by their culture and attention to the smallest detail. Please keep blogging. It was fun reading the daily posts in November. Plus you inspired me to try the sweater you are making!

It was been a pleasure to visit with you and share your sunshine and blue skies.

It's been so wonderful to hear your voice again, Margene! XOXO

Ditto! Ditto! And I am so happy that we'll get to see more spectacular sky views, too!

It was a REAL TREAT to see you pop up in my feed reader for 31 (or was it 32?) straight days!!

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