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Tis Wednesday and I am Unraveled

Deep Breathing


As I opened my computer this morning I found there were no blog posts in "draft" form and, even worse, few pictures of the weekend on my camera. So, I went out in  my nightgown to snap a picture of Happy Buddha in his fresh snow coat. He is not fazed.  

The weekend was quiet, except for the mini snow storm, which IS news, but I am saddened by the very real news  that ____ will be here to shrink Bears Ears National Monument, created only a year ago, and Grand Staircase Escalante which was created more than a decade ago. Every day feels more a horror story. I am fazed, but I think of Happy Buddha and work to find balance. 


I love your snowy Buddha! Thanks for making the extra effort and taking his picture for us.

So sad about the horror stories. Can we spell impeachment?

I appreciate you taking the photo of snowy Buddha as he will be a reminder to me to keep breathing. With these horrendous tax plans, shrinking national natural areas, the CFPB, every day is a new and worsening horror story with _____.

Love your snow clad Buddha and so very saddened by this administration's efforts to slash and burn all the efforts made to preserve our wild and sacred spaces.

My Garden Buddah is envious (well . . . that's probably the wrong term for a Buddha . . . just sayin ) of your Garden Buddah's fresh snow cover. XO

I can't even with ________. Just can't.

I ready about that as well. Grand Staircase Escalante is a beautiful place to visit. And you are so right...every damn day. :-(

There is a statue of Gandhi in my neighborhood and he is also unfazed when it snows. At least once (maybe twice) someone has done a knitwear bombing of him in the cold weather with a sign that anyone who needs the warm gear should feel free to help themselves to a scarf, hat, or mittens. I think Gandhi would approve.

(And we're also horrified by the news about national parks in Utah. So remarkably frustrating...)

I love the Grand Staircase Escalante and Bears Ears. I wonder where and when the horror will stop.

Just when I think things can't get worse, I read about ____'s latest . So glad you have a snowy garden buddha to bring a sense of calm.

I am hoping that the removal of ______ and team will happen before there is nothing left of US. And, I am with you and Buddha, remain calm in all circumstances.

Everyday, it seems, we awaken to a new nightmare as we watch everything good about our country being dismantled piece by piece. Thank you for the reminder to breathe and remain calm.

No words for what happened in my beloved previous state of Utah. I need to find a happy peace pole does not seem to be enough, although finding a happy Buddha in Indiana May be a challenge too. Thank you for sharing yours.

All of a sudden it's colder than heck here (more like normal), but I've yet to see snow -- whether in person or in the forecast!

These are sad and frustrating times. Thanks for sharing your Happy Buddha!

Yeah, I've done much the same. Thanks for making the effort to post more. I love it!

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