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Watching...all three of the amaryllis grow, their buds coming through at varies stages. The spendy bulb has only a tip of a very red bud, but the other two are pushing through and there may be blossoms during the gray days of mid-January when they are most important. 

Reading...this interview on NPR with Jason Isbell and Amanda Shire (his wife) which is well worth your time to read. It's called Naming the Beast and they speak up on subjects many people shy from or ignore altogether. They are brave and talented and use their dual voice to share their thoughts. There are two videos included in the interview that showcase both musicians. 


Knitting...with friends! The best time to knit is when you're with friends. And, sleeve(s)!! My sweater is growing--always slowly--but happily, for me, growing! 

Listening to...Not Christmas music. My current favorite is Lotta Sea Lice by Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile. The pair are good friends and the both love to play with words and phrases. Their music is poignant, at times, and humorous at others. NPR had them on as guest DJs on All Songs Considered. They share their inspirations and songs from the album. I'm a big fan of NPR music, as I hear a broad range of genres and hear what's new in music. 


Drinking...with friends. The best time to drink is when you're with friends. Fisher is a new (old) local beer and Larry brought Smith a couple of quart cans as a gift. That's Cheryl, photobombing the photo of their three beers and my lowly glass of wine. I've never been more envious of beer drinkers. take a watercolour class from Liz Steel. I may not be much of an artist, but I will have fun learning the process. I like her style and her step by step instructions. Working outdoors, on the go sounds fun, too. Since our winter is going to be mild (and snowless) I may as well. Most of the needed supplies are in hand and I'm planning to get them organize and start work on the first three steps of class before the January 10th start day. 

Itching to...get outdoors and walk, but my knee needs surgery, which can't happen until I see my cardiologist on January 11th. When I get the all clear, I'll see the ortho and (fingers crossed) get the knee working, pain free, again. 


Celebrating...3 years of Postcrossing (and 900 postcards!)!


Delighted by…Santa caught in the tree! I'm not sure he will get free in time for Christmas! 


You have a lot going on! This is a fun post.

You should go rescue poor Santa. Think of the children!

what fun you have going on right before the holidays. I have some family arriving Friday evening and then it will be a full house. Busy!!

Well, you are a busy gal! It looks like you are having fun, and that's all the counts. Keep it up, Margene. The SOLSTICE is tomorrow!

I think I'm going to take that watercolor class, too!
Knitting and drinking are both best done with friends. Although, knitting alone is also fine!
Postcrossing??? I'll have to check this out.

Thanks for the link to the watercolor class, I'm going to check that out! Enjoy your knitting and drinking and music listening!

I LOVE watercolor -- and I'm so glad you're going to take a course! (Although most of my efforts are disappointing, every once in a while I hit something out of the park. . . ) I just love this post, Margene. So much Good Stuff going on!!! XOXO

Oh, watercolor! I can't wait to see what you do with that! Kym is right. SO MUCH GOOD STUFF! And, I say keep Santa right where he is! XO

There are gluten-free beers out there. Never tried them, but maybe decent tasting? Glad to see all three amaryllis bulbs are showing signs of life in bud form and not just leaves! Mine from last year are on notice. Have a pot of three gifted to me this month that have bud tips showing.

Looking forward to sitting down tonight and reading that interview. Your bulbs look good...I've got two is a rock star...the other...singing back-up! :-)

You currently have loads of great stuff going on! I think those amaryllis are going to be blooming well into winter, you'll soon have a sweater, I love that Jason Isbell & Amanda Shire piece, and now I'm going to check out Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile. I'm sorry about surgery, but glad that you'll be out there walking again, pain-free.

Hooray, we will be classmates! I am taking that Liz Steel class too. I don't know much about watercolor so I'm hoping it will help me become more intentional rather than randomly being happy with what happens.

I have a couple of amaryllis from last year that are just beginning to show some life -- even Junah spotted the tip of a new leaf yesterday! Rusty brought home a new one that he'd been given, so we may have some bright red "sunshine" in January, too! I'm so excited for you about your watercolor class! Hoping you get the all clear and that knee issue resolved soon!! xoxo

What a fun post! so many good things. Thanks for the NPR links. I think I need to go get an amaryllis - hey are so lovely and relatively easy to grow. And the bright spot mid-winter. Here's hoping you get the go-ahead for your needed knee surgery soon. Best of luck.

Love the links, Margene (especially to Liz Steel - new to me, but oh my, LOVE!) and all the fun things ... but wow! it does seem weird to not see snow in that bottom photo. I'm guessing that's what got Santa stuck :-)

Thanks for the link to the watercolor class. Would love to take it, but will be out of the country when the first two lessons occur, so maybe I can get on board the next time she offers it. Taking a WC class is on my bucket list of things to do post-retirement (which begins at the end of the next week-YES!).

Hope the knee issues can be dealt with sooner rather than later. Having spent three years resolving ankle/tendon pre/post surgery issues, I am very familiar with how much impact being mobile has on your health--both mental and physical. Good luck.

1. I need an amaryllis. B. Best of luck with your knee? Are you planning on a surgical fix? My husband had both knees replaced last winter (not at the same time) and is very happy with the result. iii. Happy Christmas!

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