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Cold Mountain


The mornings have been in the low 20s, the days in the high 30s. Days of the "dreaded" inversion are on the doorstep. Soon, this will become the disappearing mountain, as the clear air is eaten up with the smog and fog. Until that happens I am enjoying the sun, even through the filter of inversion, it still warms the skin and feels good on my face. I'm absorbing vitamin D as much as possible! 

Thank you the comments and links about the amaryllis and cactus. After reading through all the information I've come to the conclusion the problem with the cactus is light. I will start covering it at 9:00pm to give it total darkness until morning. The place it sits is cool enough through the night and light enough during the day, but lights are always on around it. We'll see if that works! Thank you for your help!!


I hope the dreaded inversion stays away!!!

Great solution for your cactus. Also try a pebble tray under the cactus pot. Add a bit of water part way to add some humidity. The pot should sit on the pebbles well above the water. Enjoy your sunny days!

Norman sits in the front door and absorbs sun rays almost every day the sun shines...at least you have a lovely picture to look at during immersion time. I'll look forward to seeing how your cactus experiment comes along.

Sending you good wishes for some snow, some sunshine, no inversion, some developing buds on your cactus, and always a beautiful view of your cold mountain!

Wish I could send you our snow and the cold, clear blue skies!

I love super cold so this would be perfect weather :)

I'm sorry the inversion is coming . . . may it be short-lived.
(Your mountain never fails to awe!)

I am working to put a hex on your inversion. I hope it turns out to be minor this year and leaves quickly. And I hope your plants bring you unexpected blooms to cheer your holiday. Yes, keep soaking up that sun as long as you can. And keep enjoying those views! What a beautiful thing to wake up to every day.

Boo for the inversion! I am with Kym, may it be short-lived!

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