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November 9 - 3TT

I'm stealing the 3TT Title from Vicki because I thought it clever! Today I'm joining Carole and gang because it's Thursday. 


1. Today is actually the day I have nothing whatsoever planned to say (or do). I got up and out of the house early today as I take a water exercise class three days a week at the community pool. The early class is small and much less noisy  because few chatters in the group (and few kids are up at the hour). We're there to get it done and get on with our day.

2.This is the prettiest leaf I've been able to find this fall. Most of the leaves are off the trees (our grounds crew is happy about that) and the Christmas lights are almost up. I just listed two of the best reasons for living in a condo (snow removal and lawn care or two more). 

3. Today is a quiet day with no obligations or plans. My first order of business is to call the doctor and see if I can get that MRI scheduled. The next thing is going to be reading for awhile and then I might splurge and get a manicure. I never paint my nails and usually go for nice plain buff shine. The nails have grown to dragon lady length and I'm more of a short as possible girl. 

Happy Thursday, everyone! 


I hope you've gone for that manicure! And I know I've got a condo life in my future one day for exactly the reasons you've stated!

It's so nice to see a pretty leaf! Ours are mainly brown and disappointing this year, but you've inspired me to go out and look for at least one lovely specimen. I want to live next to you and Patty in the condo complex; we would have a great time!

That leaf is gorgeous, did you paint it?

Beautiful leaf! And, I hope your MRI was scheduled! I love "nothing to do" days!

I had a manicure yesterday, it's such a nice luxury!

I wish I could paint as beautifuly as you! I only use the Waterlogue app for my painting.🙂


oh I love the watercolor leaf - what a great idea! I do hope you got the MRI scheduled. and took care of those nails :-)

Oh, the joy of an unscheduled day - ahhhhh. I hope it was full of serendipity and joy!

Happy Thursday! (A day late.) I'm envious.

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