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Today is the first day of NaBloPoMo that I don't know what to post. Since I am not working I LOVE not being attached to a computer and making  sit to write might be a challenge. I love my away from the screen life. But, in the spirit of staying in the club of NaBlo I decided to just do it. 

Watching ~ I'm not much of a TV watcher and we go to few movies, but last night we ran across Alias Grace on Netflix and watched the first episode. I read the book 20 years ago (!) and the atmospheric story came right back to me. What a great book it was. I'm looking forward to watching the rest of the series. 


Reading ~ I read books, I listen to books, and I also read magazines (sometimes). There is so much to read in this house it's sometimes daunting. Most of what I read is deep and difficult. I like to learn about experiences and motivations outside my comfort zone, but, on occasion, I also like something a little lighter. However, lighter often means not well written and I just can't do silly dialog or unrealized characters. Lately, I've been struggling to find a book I can stick with. Podcasts to the rescue! 

Knitting ~ I am SO excited about my knitting. I've a sweater and a shawl on the needles and both are great projects. I'm happy to knit on either one at any time. The shawl pattern is this years TTLM, which is now called Fugue in Mosaic Miner. Both Mary and Kym finished their shawls and each turned out beautifully. I'm only on clue 2, 6 months late, but never say never. 

Listening to ~ Whatever is on the radio. I remain a KRCL fan through thick and thin. When I'm not listening to the radio I have a stack of CD (mostly jazz) and one of my favorite things to listen to is silence. 


Eating & Drinking~ Mexican food! Cheryl, Larry, Smith and I went to Red Iguana to see their newly installed majestic pet (top picture). Cheryl and I had margaritas, Larry and Smith had beer (of course!). 

Delighted by ~ My sweater! Sunday night I blocked it (only the yoke), then Monday, after it was dry, I tried it on and found it to be a perfect fit! 

Feeling Cautiously Optimistic ~I've just returned from the doctor who said the knee problem is likely a meniscus tear. MRI will be scheduled, with probable surgery after that. The good news is I have only a tiny bit of arthritis and a good prognosis for a quick recovery. Here's hoping the doc is right. He's a jolly good fellow and I liked him. 


Glad to hear there's a likely good prognosis for the knee. Pain is so hard to live with!

I think giant red iguanas, Alias Grace, knitting and good knee news are perfect things to post about! (Really, I enjoy anything you write about.)

My fingers are crossed for a good prognosis too! And, I love that you have to make yourself sit down at the PC!

I have been considering Alias Grace on Netflix. If you say it is good, I may indulge.

I started watching Alias Grace, and atmospheric is a perfect word to describe it. The jury is still out for me on this series. I am enjoying it, but it is wandering around a lot. I, too, love silence, and I find I don't get enough of it at times. I never get tired of it, really. Oh, I hope the knee "fixing", whatever it turns out to be goes well and quick! I'm glad you like the doctor. It is more important than most people realize.

I've known a few to breeze right through meniscus'll do terrific if it's necessary. I love the colors on that shawl! (And for amusement purposes...Dan told me last night SLC was his eventual goal as a residence in the next couple of years!)

For not having anything to write about, I think you did a fine job! My girlfriend Lauren had both knees done (one in Feb and one in March) and was back to the park with me in no time - you're going to do great! ...and think of all the time you'll have for reading, knitting and margaritas :-)

My friend Jo-Ann has to have meniscus surgery on her knee later this month. I hope yours is a simple and easy fix! I love that new giant iguana and you know I love the food there, too!

I love that you are doing a month of blogging. I used to do this, but heck, I can't even finish 7 days of posting pictures..ha! I can't wait to see your sweater!!

Love listening to what you are doing, and I miss you and it squeezed my heart to see Cheryl too. Would love to see that sweater.

for not having much to write about you had a lot to write about :) I cannot wait to watch Alias Grace after I finish reading the book. You are so happy in retirement - that is AWESOME! Less screen time does lead to more happiness if you ask me.

I love that "pet"! And the great photo of you & Cheryl!
(catching up!)

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