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The first weekend of October, which seems AGES ago, we left for a few days in California. We hadn't traveled anywhere at all since 2012, but everything went well until time to come home. Our flight was canceled, unexpectedly extending our stay and landing us in a hotel for a night (paid for by the airline). The next day we spent all day in the airport, getting reimbursed for the room, finding our way to the right terminal, and waiting, waiting, waiting for the flight home to leave. We got home 24 hours later than expected, which wasn't what we wanted, but it all could have been so much worse. Anyway...


The reason we were in the Oakland/Berkeley area was to visit with Smith's family; his brother (who made delicious meals) and sister-in-law (who took us to a dress rehearsal of the San Francisco Symphony), and his niece Rahel and her wife Caroline.

The weather in California was amazing (80˚), so much better than the coldness back home. Rahel and Caroline took us to an Urban Garden Festival, which they knew Smith would love, and to an amazing grocery store called the Berkeley Bowl. You might think it is a funny place to take tourists, but Smith and I were in grocery store heaven!


That evening, we had dinner in their sukkah, because we were visiting during the celebration of Sukkot, a Jewish holiday much like a harvest festival. They built their little "booth" out of wood slats and draped it with fabric streamers. It was my first time celebrating the holiday, a festival about which I knew very little. 

Most of Octobers pictures are of the season, the leaves, the dying gardens, Halloween, etc., but I did get a couple of my various hobbies and even a selfie! See that blurry photo on what would have been the 11th of the month? That is the one day I forgot to take a picture. I had been doing a good job of taking a daily photo and to skip a day was upsetting, but, when I looked at my photos there was one, just one photo for the day. I have no idea what it is, other than blurry, but it worked out for me! A bad photo is still a photo. 


That sukkah looks like a wonderful place to enjoy dinner! Sounds like a fun trip when you take out the traveling home difficulties. Good for you on the daily photos!!

I love all the beautiful blue skies in your October photos, the fall flowers and foliage, and even the blurry one! I like how it invites inquiry and we can make it into almost anything.

I've been to the Berkeley Bowl -- also as a tourist/photography destination!! It is AMAZING. I especially love seeing your beautiful smile. ;)

Your trip looks like a lot of fun. Sorry you were faced with so many difficulties, but glad you got to go and enjoy.

How fun (except for the travel problems)!

Looks like October was tip top...good thing you're retired and you had the extra day!!!

What an incredible month you had, despite the delays going home! And, how special to celebrate Sukkot while you were there!

What a GREAT trip! Delays happen sometimes . . . I'm glad y'all rolled with them so easily. (Never fun.) I love seeing the bright blue skies in your pictures. XO

Your trip looks amazing - and I hope everyone is still OK in spite of all the fires! Love your mosaic - the pops of color from your knitting (of course - I love that shade of red) and the diversity of place and time. It tells a very interesting story, for sure!

Great collage...and the "missed"day is probably going to be very vivid in your mind...the details not the fact that you forgot it. Sorry you had a delay at the end but glad you had such a great trip.

We ALWAYS check out at least one grocery store when we are in another county. It is a glimpse into people's lives.

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