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November 5 - Changes


The long, golden autumn has given way to chilly northern winds,  darkening clouds, and the threat of rain (or snow). Winter arrives just as DST leaves. I took this picture of Salt Lake City as Smith was driving along I-215 on the way to favorite community radio station to pick up our "thank you gift" t-shirt. If you look closely you can see the Utah State Capitol (left side) and a "U" on the mountain just above the University of Utah. Along the drive we also saw a low arching rainbow and, at the other end of the valley, at the same time, sunlight streaming through the clouds. When driving our freeways one has an expansive view of the Salt Lake Valley. 

Today I am making a pact with myself to take full advantage of the extra hours of daytime freedom and to soak up as much sunlight as is possible. The one wrench thrown into this desire is a knee gone bad. My "good knee" has given out, and it is excruciatingly painful.  Tuesday I have a doctors appointment and I have no idea what he'll find, what he'll think, or what's in store. Wish me luck. 


Luck, indeed!

Thanks for the picture - I've never seen Salt Lake City.

Sending lots of good thoughts for pain relief, and a quick and easy fix to your knee problem. Hopefully some RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) will help before you see the doctor.

So sorry to hear about your knee!

The views from I-15 and 215 are so fabulous - so many times I've wished I could take a photo. Maybe they need to build some viewpoint stops!

Go see Dr. Andrew Cooper asap. He is an amazing Dr. TOSH told me I needed a knee replacement. I didn't. He is also replacing meniscus and is one of the first Dr. Doing this. It's amazing the new work they are doing these days. Good luck.

I always wish you luck, Margene, always. I hope you find relief soon, and in the meantime do enjoy the sunshine when you can.

Good luck at the doctor's. I hope they find something easily fixable!

Best of luck with the knee. Not nice of it to get you down when you're trying to get out and about.

Just came back a week ago from a 10 day visit to UT --mostly down across the south, but we flew in and out of SLC and so drove quite a few miles on I-15. I took a fair number of photos of the vistas--so different than back east and ever changing. I have been to SLC on business a number of times, but my husband had never been there before. He sure did love the 80 mph speed limit on some of those big open roads. Nice to drive it---legally. :)

May the doctor have a quick fix for you knee and that you are soon pain-free! That photo is so beautiful, but I hope that the rain does not give way to snow!

I always love to see the Salt Lake skyline against the mountains! Just a gorgeous shot, Margene! I'm so sorry about your knee. I HATE it when my good knee has problems! It just isn't fair. I hope you can spend some time resting your knee . . . while your read or knit or stitch. Sending healing juju your way. XOXO

I’m sending good thoughts and easy remedies your way! XO

Thank you for sharing the skyline - such a different view than what we usually see! and all my good, strong thoughts going with you today. Hugs!

I know that view! I hope you get good news from the doctor tomorrow.

Oooh, good luck @ the doc's! I hope it's a prescription to rest (and knit/read, etc.).

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